Review| Scam? Is said to be a unique way to make money online. But is it so?? I will give you guys yet another honest Review. Is it a Scam? You can certainly READ and make your own decision on after reading this. I always say This is my review and give you all the necessary information for you to make your decision if you should join or not to join so… Keep Reading.


Recommended– Absolutely

Ratings– 5 Stars

Product– Amplified affiliate Marketing System.

Product Creator– Micheal Mansell.

What Is” is the first of its kind I’ve ever seen online and believed you me I’ve seen a lot. This is a combined affiliate marketing system that actually merge two (2) platforms together. and Royaltie which was known as Multiplex Systems.

Amplified Profits actually take the products from Easy1Up and merge them into Royaltie which has all the Capture/landing pages & editor, email campaigns, Social Marketing, Contacts/subscribers, Groups, Online Ads, Teams and an affiliate programs as well.

Is actually placing Easy1Up products directly into Royalttie that amplifies your profits by having all these merge into one.

Royaltie is like ClickMagic, ClickFunnels, Aweber/GetResponse, and has a social Marketing feature where you can actually post directly to Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. Complete online marketing presence fully automated and powered by AI.

With all the features in Royaltie, products from Easy1Up and a high traffic Rotator, your Profits is highly amplified giving it the name AmplifiedProfit.

It is basically amplifying the products from rather than just having the product alone additional marketing tools like Social Marketing, email Marketing, analytics, CRM and more were added through Royaltie thus really amplifying your profits. Review| Scam?

How Does AmplifiedProfits Really Works?

Can This Work For You?

Absolutely! this can certainly work for you, it is very newbie friendly and easy to set up for anyone. You can get the system all set up for you as well for a small fee.

You have to join two (2) platforms, and Royaltie as well, Easy1Up has many levels, you can purchase any level you like, see my review on Easy1Up to see those levels. Purchasing reselling rights for these products and receiving based on your purchase….so you buy a $25 package and someone purchases a $1000 package, someone that you refer.

You will only get $25 since you haven’t purchased the reselling rights for the other products that were purchased by the person you referred. I hope you get the drift here. Your bonus goes up based on the level you’ve purchased at Easy1Up which is placing your link in a traffic Rotator making sales for you.

This has nothing to do with Easy1Up or Royaltie, but now all to do with Amplified Profits itself and its creator Micheal Mansell which is the owner of this high-quality Traffic Rotator driving traffic to your link.

This is a paid Rotator receiving traffic from Facebook, Bing, Google Ads and many more,

your links will be placed in the rotator for FREE but you can choose to have more placement in the rotator by ordering those extra placements.

So after Joining Easy1Up and Royaltie, Yes you must buy a package from Easy1Up starting from $25-$2000 one time fee and yes Royaltie has a Fee of $87-$327/mo.

You then Join The AMP PRO Group within Royaltie where you will find all the Content, DFY Capture/landing pages, email campaigns and more in the AMP Group even chat. Very easy to set up or as I stated you can get it all done for you.

Royaltie uses artificial Intelligence that will recommend the most interesting articles, videos, quizzes and more for your live blog – effortlessly building your brand as an expert in your field.

Every day their artificial intelligence (AI) engine will suggest relevant, professional social media content to engage your audience and keep them interested in your business.

Royalite has many more features which is the reason your profits is being amplified using products from Easy1up amplifying them in Royaltie making all cheaper and marketing for you behind the screen with AI finding blogs and postings for you base on your niche or interest you choose when you registered Review| Scam?
This Is A Simple Schematic of How The System Works

So What Is The Price?

Amplified Profit really has no price, you pay for the two platforms that I’ve stated earlier ( & Royaltie) but then you have additional privilege to the AMP PRO team, Traffic and more.

Royaltie has an affiliate program and Easy1Up has a unique referral system that really makes you money. Easy1Up have the best and latest modern educational training you need to succeed online. Easy1Up starting from $25-$2000 one time fee and yes Royaltie has a Fee of $87-$327/mo.

Scam Or legit?

This Is certainly no scam, I have done extensive researches on Amplified Profits and find it all to be legit, you can certainly check this for yourself through other reviews out there, don’t just take my word I sometime like people to verify my reviews double checking just as I do. It will also raise level of trust when you read my other reviews.

This is not just a platform but a combination of two platforms that actually make marketing way easier for you take some of the guesswork out with AI.

When set up and running you can easily make a minimum of $5000 a Month, should you go for the high package from Easy1Up you profit will even be bigger.

You collect your money directly from people purchased from you or your referral link, Remember you already purchased the resell rights so the money goes directly to you, however you prefer it, weather is by cheque, PayPal, wire transfer and just simply how you want to receive it.

Pros & Cons


1) Everything under one Roof.

2) Ready made Done for you emails/video campaign.

3) Ready made Done for you landing/capture pages.

4) High Support from AMP team.

5) Paid high quality Training courses, not no sham crash course put together.

6) Don’t have to wait on payment from any company other than if you’re an affiliate for Royaltie, receive your payment directly from whoever you refer.


1) Take too long to answer support tickets at times, and that is at Easy1up not the AMP team, it sometimes takes up to 24 hours and I hate waiting that long, some may feel the same, some might think that is not too long.

2) Admin fee… You have to pay an admin fee to Easy1Up, if you upgrade you pay that fee every time you do, but if you buy the highest level you pay that fee one time, I never understand it too clearly but it is what it is.


Who’s the Users?.

Users can be from newbie straight up to so-called guru, there are lots of “UPDATED COURSES” that all can benefit from. so it is not a matter of who can be a member or who are the members of Amplified profits, is that anyone can actually join and be successful with this regardless of when you started working online.



In closing this review I must say I have given you all the necessary information on Amplified Profits, you can now make a decision if you should Join or not, I stated earlier don’t just take my word there are other reviews out there that you can check as well.

I’m a member and I give you my unbiased review and dare you to check others. I give my reviews base on facts, not friction or to sell some product that I will never use, obviously I can’t be in every good program, it will be too overwhelming with little time to concentrate on any, but I will not recommend any program as good and I personally will not get involved in that program!

This is a high ticket program I’m not ashamed or afraid to say I’ve dumped some programs that make me next to nothing or little when the month come and dive all into AmplifiedProfit and trust me its working much better for me, I jump all in now one sale is $1000 USD for me as against some little measly pit tons that I was collecting in some affiliate programs.

Joining Easy1Up with Royaltie is a game-winner for AmplifiedProfits

It is said that Some are making much on a monthly basis as much as $30,000, I ain’t going to lie, I ain’t making that much just yet, but I’m hoping to get there by getting more referrals. The sky’s the limit with this, the more you refer to the program the more you will make on auto, money keeps passing up to you while the Rotator rotates with your link separately making additional sales for you.

Amplified Profits set up all the funnel, emails campaigns and traffic for you, marketing outside the system is additional sales for you since the system do all the marketing for you, grab all the leads for you, while you sit back and wait collect your money, ain’t waiting on Friday or month end for payment from any company.

I definitely recommend joining Amplified Profit its really worth it, I certainly will give it 5 out of 5 stars…… If you have any questions about Amplified profit or Easy1Up, feel free to place all your questios in the comments box below I will sure get right back to you joining in the discussion and answering your questions as well.


10 thoughts on “ Review| Scam?”

  1. Hello, thank you for the thorough review of the Amplified Profits. I have never heard of this platform and I am glad to have found your review as part of my job is reviewing different programs. 

    What I like about this program is that it is a high ticket program. 

    Let’s see what I can do with it. As far as I understood you have to pay to be able to join right? 


  2. Great review Earl,

    I find the traffic rotator part very intriguing, I’ve never seen any programs that does actually do that for us, very exciting! Do you think it’s available for anyone all over the world to join, or are there country restrictions? Just to make sure I get it right, Amplified Profits is free but Royaltie and Easy1Up are the multiplex combo that we have to pay for right?

  3. Hi Earl, may I know how different is this from the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I came to know? Am I right to say that Amplified Profits is focusing more on email marketing but I read your post that it also has AI elements built-in which I find it really cool. Will joining Wealthy Affiliate and joining Amplified Profits complement each other or should we be joining one or the other? I wonder if it is possible for you to do a comparison, if not already available? 

    • Its can complement each other because of the (AI) do the targeting and Market for you, WA can’t do this, and yes it involve email marketing but social marketing as well. I will add a comparison chart 

  4. It sounds great that it is not just a platform but a combination of two platforms. Integrating always makes things more simple and easy. I have tried to make money online for some time and always  try to find a better way. 

    Thanks for your sharing. I’ll spend some time to know more about it.

  5. I joined E1U at the 2K level; however, solo ads have not worked very well for me.

    I have accumulated over 500 email optin addresses from programs I promoted.
    Can these emails be added to the autoresponder within the system.

    • I don’t advise to add them to an autoresponder that they didn’t sign up for, however, you can still email them and get them in your auto-responder by offering them a GIFT, most of them will sign up for that GIFT and you can then promote other products to them.

      so you might be able to get something out of them with other products. hope that was helpful.


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