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Did you guys ever heard about this software called ? (Twitter Tool). Many of us love to get social followers on our social media platforms, especially internet marketers, who are looking to advertise different products that they might have on sale, Oh yes, but Have you ever heard about and all of it capabilities?

In this article,  I will give you my honest review on, what it is, price, features, How to grow on twitter with, what can it do for you, and More, I always try not to keep this not too long, since you have more of my reviews and other blogs to read :).

What Is is a social media management App and intelligence platform that changes the way professionals, small business owners, and large companies approach social media. Instead of focusing exclusively on engagement. guides you on a daily basics, on how to engage with followers, gain new followers, and unfollow who do not follow back, keeping your account with active engagement.

It helps you to build meaningful, personal relationships through social media while focusing on your highest-value relationships influencers, supporters, most engaged members,promising new leads.

This helps you to grow engagements, discover new leads and influential followers and build real connections that help you reach your business goals. is one of the best way to get free followers on twitter, it is one of the best twitter tool for engagement.

Features| For You-

  1. Post scheduling
  2. Twitter integration
  3. Analytics
  4. Community engagement tools
  5. Follower management
  6. Instagram, linkedin accounts linked

These are just a few to mention, theirs is more features on that changes your Social media management flow!

There is a are 4 levels (Plans) of membership, 14 day unlimited free trial, here is the chart that show what are the benefits from the different levels, where you can choose which is best for you. Review

What Can Do For Me?


  1. Analyze your posts and see what works – With the Sent Post Analytics page under the Schedule tab, you can see which of your posts across all of your accounts are performing the best, so you can learn for the next ones!
  2. Schedule posts – Easily schedule any tweet, retweet, reply, post, or DM, to Facebook or Twitter. Sharing to multiple profiles at once is easy, and choose from our intelligent Best Time feature or set a Custom Time for your post to go out. With you can plan an entire week of posts in about an hour.
  3. Find leads – Type in keywords that interest you or your business, and will find you new leads to follow and interact with.
  4. Grow your community –’s follow suggestions and unfollow suggestions help you strategically grow your following, and unfollow members that are no longer relevant, so that you can have as many followers as possible, while following as little as possible.
  5. See your Twitter feed, live – In the Streams tab you can see your Twitter feed live, and even see a feed of just your New followers, influencers, supporters or engaged members.
  6. Track your growth – With the Analytics tab, you can see how much you’ve grown over the last week, last month, or more. See how effective you are and how much your engagement has grown.

Geting more followers on Twitter free, and integrating with other social media platforms, is where comes in.


What Is Needed For A Account?

This is simple all you need is- A Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account and an active email account. That’s it!


How to Get Review

When you login to, you’ll be presented with the home dashboard. with all the navigation tabs, that is very easy to use.

Here you can see what actions you need to take to grow your community at a glance. You’ll notice that the dashboard is divided into different sections including Share Top Tweets;

Thank New Followers and Consider to Follow among others. We recommend spending time on your dashboard on a daily basis, to keep growing your community every day, and to keep up on notifications from your community.

Keep in mind that the recommendations we make are just suggestions! It’s up to you to decide whether or not to perform a specific action, like sharing a top tweet or unfollowing someone.

This dashboard is here to save you time and make managing your community easier, by giving you a daily task list of actions to perform and refer to. Pros & Cons-


  • recommends good content to Tweet if you provide the right hashtags or topics to search.
  • makes it really easy to thank each now Twitter follower and to reach out to influencers that you may have neglected.
  • When it works, the ability to write ONE post and apply it to multiple platforms is great. Huge timesaver, and ensures consistency of content across your platforms.
  • The customizability of streams is a cool feature. You can really dial in a dashboard that fits your unique needs, instead of trying to adapt yourself to a default vanilla setup. Whichever content streams both existing and scheduled are important to you can be placed front and center and edited as needed.


  • Be prepared, you’ll receive a lot of emails from They keep you engaged by reminding you to return to your dashboard. But they also will send several emails trying to get you to upgrade.
  • Too much upgrade pop up.
  • Thanks for the retweet” and “Thanks to the high-value members” aren’t tactics I like to use on Twitter.
  • On the free version, you are only allowed 20 actions a day. This goes by in a flash, would have to upgrade to received a few more.


Community management in its current form is outdated and desperately needs to be reinvented. After all without measurable insights, few business owners are willing to invest in social media unless they can prove it impacts their bottom line.

They understand these pain points and designed to help you get the most out of your social media activity, on a day to day basis. some of the tips and daily task you do is-

  • Share top tweets
  • Consider to follow
  • Thank for the retweet
  • Thank New Followers

Many companies are left wondering: How do I turn social media into a business value? Why should I invest in community management? goal is to change that paradigm. And aim to translate the relationships that were built on social media into business goals.

In my review- works, is NO SCAM and highly recommended for businesses.



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Conclusion On

I join and it was of great use for me, it help me to grow my twitter followers and engage with them who engage with me, sometime we have friends on these platforms that do not engage in your content, get rid of these people, get rid of those who don’t follow back. Along with the training I received, I was able to take full advantage of the platform.

I hope this article was of use to you, any questions feel free to ask, drop it in the comments box below, I’ll gladly return you answers.



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  1. Wow! This is massive and if it can truly deliver the very best in getting the followers for me, I guess I’d also opt in for this. The plans are very okay and being g a paranoid person that I am, I feel it would be wise to invest very little so that I can be sure the platform really works. Thanks for sharing though and I’d check it out ASAP. However, the only issue I have is, would this not tamper with my account privacy? Is there a way I can off the constant notification through email too

    • very good question, Yeah you can unsubscribe the mails, but when you’re on the platform there is no escaping.

      Would not mess with account privacy either. thanks for asking those questions

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us .I especially like internet marketers to get social followers on social media platforms has been fortunate to work with this social media management application, and it is the intelligence platform that professional small business owners and big companies are changing their approach to social media. It guides you through the daily basics of how to engage with followers, gain new followers, and keep my account actively engaged. Helped build a personal relationship with social media .It has helped me a lot in reaching the desired goals of my business .

    Lastly, I hope that everyone reading this article will be greatly benefited and will share their new experiences with you soon .

  3. Thanks for sharing this helpful review of Commun . it to help us make well informed purchase decision. Social Media like Twitter is an amazing platform to get an online business rolling and has a potential of taking a business into new heights. One of the major challenges encounter as newbie Social Media Marketer is getting new followers and leads. Hopefully, Commun . it is perfect for this.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was Interesting and Informative. I have got a lot of information about Tool. will help me create meaningful personal relationships through social media while focusing on influencers, supporters, most engaged members, promising new leadership about the highest values. Increasing busyness will help discover new leads and influential followers and create real connections and help me reach my business goals. is one of the best ways to get free followers on Twitter, it’s one of the best Twitter tools for bugging. By using, I can change my saliva and I can succeed. I love reading your article so I will share your article with my friends so that my friends can benefit from reading your article. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thanks again

  5. I have been looking for a Twitter automation tool that fits within my budget and works, so when I saw your review, I decided to have a look and see if this might be the solution I need. “” for Twitter is a new tool that I had not heard of, but it seems to be a well-established platform and is not that expensive. There are a few out there, but many do not have everything I need.

    Although there are some great features with, the one that I really need is not there from what I read. I like to track the statistics about how my posts are performing, and without that just shooting out content is not going to help you improve your conversions. Am I right in thinking that there are no statistics provided with the platform? That is going to make this a non-starter if that is the case! 

    • You got that right, its mainly for growing followers and engagement, and provides  growth summary, as in social reach, your activity, Engagement activity and followers growth. 


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