; Revolution in Internet Searching & Increasing Traffic With Craigslist.

How much do you really know about When it comes to research on the internet, there is no doubt that the most popular search engine is Google. We all use Google on a daily basis, whether its to look up someone, find the best restaurant in town, or find driving directions.

But one problem with Google is that you have to narrow your search to find what you’re specifically looking for – for example, you would need to enter the city and search criteria of the topic you’re researching. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can be a waste of valuable time and energy. Thus, the birth of Craigslist.

Craigslist is a new revolution that provides nearly everything you would want to know about a specific area. Created by Craig Newmark in 1995, was originally developed to serve the San Francisco Bay area. By the year 2000 it had spread to four cities, and by 2006 it covered over 450 cities, domestic and foreign.

If you’ve never heard of Craigslist before, then you have yet to discover the world of information available at your fingertips. Once you try it out, you will probably never go back to any other search engine on the internet. It is very easy to get started on craigslist and can be used by anyone of any computer skill level.

Not only is it an amazing search engine, but its a very useful way of connecting to the people and services of your area as well as many other locations of the world. Craigslist offers valuable information on nearly every major city in the United States. If you’re looking for information outside the country, Craigslist has you covered.

You can find the same great information on over 100 foreign countries and cities. You will discover a wide range of topics, including anything from vehicles for sale in your area to the latest real estate listings, as well as local job vacancies and discussion forums.

Craigslist provides a place to meet for several professions, such as politicians, healthcare workers, and stay at home moms. You can also find discussion groups for singles, religion, and even 1099 and other tax related issues.; Revolution in Internet Searching & Increasing Traffic With Craigslist.

Chances are if you’re looking for a discussion group on a topic you can’t find anywhere else, you can find it on craigslist. Craigslist is a resourceful outlet for anyone relocates to a new area or just to find a specific item for sale or topic to discuss.

Craigslist is totally free to use and requires no registration. In fact, craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster issued a statement that the site has little interest in earning a profit, but that their main objective is to help the users find the information they are looking for.

To explore the endless possibilities, simply visit and click on the city and state of interest. You can even post your own information at no charge. With all of the things you can accomplish by using craigslist, you will find every minute spent on this site to be useful and beneficial.

Craigslist Help: Increase Traffic to Your Site

Who is Craig? He could have been a very ordinary guy living in San Francisco Bay Area, until he came up with one of the most amazing free classifieds and Internet marketing schemes for everyone to use: Craigslist.

Today, there are millions of people who opt to make use of Craigslist to look for homes, jobs, gigs, and even newfound friends. For the business-minded, however, they can utilize the site to promote their products and services and increase traffic going into their website.

Here are 6 things you need to consider once you’re in Craigslist:

1. Delete the old post

Delete the old post before you place the new one. Perhaps you’ve considered about putting up almost the same advertisement simply because you think it isn’t working. Or, better yet, you are putting the same ad into different cities and category. This, however, doesn’t sit well in Craigslist. Thus, if you want to ensure that you get the same amount of traffic for your website, you better delete your previous post first before putting up a similar one. Otherwise, you need to set up another account with different e-mail address. If you know how to tweak your IP, then you can also opt to change your IP address.

2. Don’t place up commercial or auction websites in Craigslist

Don’t place up commercial or auction websites in Craigslist. They’re basically a no-no, and you are likely to be called as spammer not only by moderators but also by the sites users. What you can do, however, is to add an article into Craigslist and include a link going to your website. However, you just have to ensure that the page you’re trying to promote is very much related to the article you’re trying to publish.

3. Add photos and graphics into your post

Add photos and graphics into your post. What better way to promote your business than adding the business logo into each of your Craigslist post. This will depend on the category that you chose, though. If it does allow you, you can instantly upload a picture located in your hard drive. It does help if you know the HTML tag for adding images.

4. Make great offers.

Make great offers. There are far too many categories that you can pick in Craigslist where you can display your various freebies just to invite them to check out your site. You can give out free coupons and gift cards, to name a few. Definitely, everyone will surely be interested in checking out your site, just to see if you have some more fantastic finds and offers to them.

5. Create a business username

Create a business username. You can promote your business website by making it your username. Then try to emphasize it by making yourself an expert in Craigslist. Help as many people as you can. Post a telephone number or your business e-mail address for contact details. Once you do this, they will be interested in knowing you and your business more, and it will be very easy for you to direct them to your site.

6. Read the rules.

Read the rules. This is always a given, no matter which site you are. However, the policies of Craigslist aren’t often specified. If there are some things you aren’t clear about, you can look for different Craigslist FAQs in the Internet. Moreover, you can always send in your questions to the webmasters. You basically don’t want anyone flagging you to remove your ad.; Revolution in Internet Searching & Increasing Traffic With Craigslist.

Using Craigslist to Get More Traffic

Craigslist is a network composed of various online communities. Its main purpose is to provide free advertising on a wide array of topics, and runs the entire gamut from personals to want ads. Craiglist also features several discussion boards and forums where people can leave notices or ask for opinions on various matters.

The site is among the top 50 websites worldwide, and generates its revenue through corporate sponsorship and some paid advertisements. Using craiglist to divert traffic to your website is one free and effective way to increase your presence on the internet.

Placing personal advertisements on Craiglist is free, so this is one of the first things you’ll need to do to get started. Keep in mind that Craiglist caters to a wide variety of interests, so by necessity is separated into several categories. Find the category where your website will fit into best and place your ad there.

It doesn’t quite stop there, however. If all you had to do was slap ads on to make traffic flow to you, life would be so much simpler. However, like any good marketer, you need to make your presence felt and known. Your next stop should be one of the site’s forums. Here, you can get to know various members of Craiglist’s online community.

It is this community that drives Craiglist and makes it the success that it is. Craiglist encourages a sense of interaction between its members, and is as much a social interaction site as it is a free advertising site. When going through the forums don’t be pushy about yourself and your product.

Forum mods are fair but strict, and getting recognition as either a flamer or spammer can spell disaster for you and your site’s reputation. Generally, stay low key at the start and get a good feel of the people you’re with on the forums.

Ask questions politely, venture opinions when necessary, and generally just get known by the community. Don’t even mention that you’re there to promote your site unless people ask about it; they’ll get around to it when they’ve gotten to know you better.

Once you’ve established a good reputation on the forums and have a better feel for the people on them, you can start to swing conversational topics more and more towards your site and what its about.

This will lead people to visit your ad posting, and through it your website. Once they start to do so, you just maintain the momentum you’ve established and you’re good to go.

The chain reaction set up by having a good reputation and establishing good rapport with people is incredibly valuable, as people who like you will help promote your site, bringing in their own friends to visit it as well.

Furthermore, maintaining your own presence on the forums even after you establish an initial “crowd” means that you’ll be meeting even more new people over time, adding even more to your traffic once you get around to setting up good relationships with them.

This may seem a simple enough process to talk about, but is actually incredibly difficult for people to do, especially those weaned on classic “in your face” marketing tactics. This is a sure way to get an electronic door slammed in your face.

The forums, where the people are at on craiglist, is the key to getting your website’s reputation and traffic rate up. It requires people skills, and plenty of diplomacy. If, on the other hand, you’re a born flamer who thrives off being an annoying and loudmouthed, attention hungry boor then this option probably isn’t for you. You might want to consider therapy though.

Any questions on this article feel free to let me know please, I will be right back with you ASAP. Be sure to peruse my site and read other useful articles that might be helpful to you.




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  1. I have always known Craiglist as an advertising company but had not bothered until now to know its full potential.
    First of all, I knew it was exclusively for the USA and I am pleasantly surprised that it works for several cities worldwide.
    It is indeed an ideal platform suitable for one to sell their business, information or services to a large network.

    What is exciting for me is that I am able to use it to promote my products and services while increasing traffic to my website. I will definitely not leave out this opportunity. The 6 points to consider when on this platform will remain at the back of my mind as I also try to join one of their forums.
    Thank you, Earl, for this helpful post.

  2. The use of craig list never really came to my mind and i am glad that you could write an article on this. for every affiliate marketer, traffic is compulsory and with craig list, this can be achieved. your guide to the things that we should consider when using craigs list will really help me. thank you very much.

  3. i have heard a lot about craigs list but i have not had the opportunity to engage it. i also did not know of its great effect to fetching traffic for website. you have explain every aspect of it very well and the details that you have given is really helpful. thank you very much for this post

  4. I have heard so much about this platform but never actually gave it a try. Based on the information you provided in this article, this platform is like a search engine based on your specific location? Also, is it a safe place for everyone? I’m eager to dig into it and see where it takes me and the possibilities I may have when regarding my business.

  5. Wow, I am so surprised, I have heard about Craiglist over the years and always wonder why they called it by that name. I did not know that you could use this list to increase traffic. Thanks so much for the insight you explain it so well.

  6. Hello Earl, What a great job, your explanation is well elaborated. Glancing your website, I can see you have a strong experience in online marketing. If you won’t mind, what advice could you give me as a newbie?

    Presently I’m undergoing Wealthy affiliate training program. I’ve learned a lot for this few time. It a great credible Training platform.

    What are there methods to follow or to implement which will enable me to grow successfully in internet marketing? What do you think about Pinterest ??
    Your help will be highly appreciated.
    Sincerely Sami Pako

    • Sami anything you need help with I’m willing to. just PM me or email me and I will help you.
      As a newbie the first thing I would encourage you to do is build a list, don’t just send people to your affiliate links, but have them sign up to a list and you can promote all your affiliate links to them on your list.
      You site looks pretty well, and with time it will grow to be an authority online.
      Best of luck and wishes.


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