Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page!

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Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page, is something you really may wanna think about. Alright, first off, my apologies if I seem to be hyping and hyperboling about FB Maxed in the title above. However, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think any amount of hype and hyperbole is going to justify the immediate impact that using this astounding system is going to have on your facebook Page and getting more “likes” from the people that visit it. I mean, think about it.

Complete. Website.

Now, just to give you an idea of what this means. Your facebook Page now can have:

HTML5 videos.

•Photo galleries

•Multiple pages on one facebook Page

•PHP email contact forms

•Lead capture opt-ins

•Sales pages, Landing pages, Reveal Splash pages

Yes. All of those on your facebook Page. Business has never been easier to do on facebook, seriously.

Alright, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. When I first got my copy for review purposes, I thought to myself, well, this is a pretty sleek looking package, but of course one should never judge a book by its cover. There are always 3 things that I look for when determining whether a new product is worth my purchase and time: its results, its ease of delivery, and its support service.

Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page!


FBMaxed pretty much delivers what it promises. What really got the whole product rocking is the three solid, customizable templates that is included with the system that makes editing the websites a breeze.

The templates can be roughly grouped together as a video template that allows you to showcase videos on your facebook Page, an icons’ template that has icons’ on the front page that allow people to click to different pages (plus inclusion for videos), and a very easy to customize basic colors’ template that is easy on the eyes and highly adaptable to suit your needs.

Now, all of this won’t actually look good on facebook Page because you are limited to just being 800 pixels “tall”. Well, guess what, FBMaxed actually has coding that completely bypasses this restriction!

There’s no scroll bars for limitation, you are actually building right into the facebook Page itself! So the end result is a really comfortably spaced-out, pleasing and jam-packed of information facebook Page that you can change on the fly to suit whatever you want!

What about the addition of a special reveal splash page to prevent people who haven’t “liked” your page from seeing your actual page? It’s pure genius. Basically FBMaxed teaches you how to do include two separate websites into one single facebook Page.

I got to give props to the creators of FBMaxed, this is a genius marketing tactic. To me, it serves to act as a teaser page to tempt people to click the “like” button, and boy, does it do it well because it has all the functionalities of a complete website! I’m not talking a simple teaser image with some texts page, I’m talking the whole nine yards teaser website complete with videos and opt-ins!

Ease Of Delivery

Aside from setting up a FREE hosting account and getting an HTML editor and FTP program (which granted most of us Internet marketers should have by now), the system has no other costs really to think of. It’s a set-it-up-and-it’s-done deal. Hosting accounts are cheap to get and there are free HTML editors and FTP programs out there.

So there aren’t any other “additional costs” to speak of for this product. Also, the complete system to implement itself is pretty easy to do. The instructions are clear and concise, and there are many images presented to better clarify the instructions. I find the images and graphics very helpful in speeding things along. All in all, it took me less than two hours to get everything rolling and going. Thumbs up!

Support Service

The FB Maxed team promised that they will provide webinars every few days to their buyers to guide them through the system. Well, they certainly did not fail here. In fact, they excelled! I attended some of the webinars and I find the team to be really helpful and friendly with all of the questions and queries posted by the users.

They seem to know the ins and outs of the entire system and that helps a lot if you have highly technical questions that needed answering. I never needed to worry about missing anything because all of the webinars are converted into downloadable videos so I can always get back to them later.

Oh, and for the days when there’s no webinar but I had questions that needed answering? They also have email support for that too. Their replies are always prompt and clear. All in all, outstanding support service. Kudos to the FBMaxed team!

Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page!

What’s Going on with Facebook Marketing Right Now?

Facebook marketing is the new trend that is sweeping the world right now. With more than half a billion active users of this website, it has become more than just a social networking website. Today, this is an entire market that online entrepreneurs are tapping into for seeking their business profits.

However, even within the arena of Facebook marketing, there has been a sea of change recently. People are using newer and different methods of bringing their products out into the open through this social networking portal, and this is only facilitated more because of applications such as FB Maxed 2011.

These applications give people several options to effectively showcase their businesses to their group of people on Facebook and even attract other people from their target niche to their business profiles.

One of the recent trends that entrepreneurs are involved in right now is posting their business websites on their Facebook profiles. This was not possible until lately, but now by using new iMarket features, applications like FB Maxed are making that possible. You can post your website on your Facebook profile now, and make it interactive as well.

This applies to web pages of considerable lengths. The entire web page is taken in and displayed on the profile. People are able to embed videos and add some ecommerce features as well.

The biggest potential of Facebook is that people can build networks. For business persons, it means that they can build their list of leads, which they can look upon as prospects for furthering their business. Now, these new Facebook profile pages that allow websites also allow all those opt-in features that help people to build their lists.

You can convert all your Facebook visitors into a potential lead database that you can promote your product to if you so wanted.

Earlier, with the Facebook Markup Language that was used, there were several restrictions on how Facebook could be used by entrepreneurs. Recently, this markup language has taken a backseat and people are using new options like HTML5, which is giving a new leash to the limits that people can use their Facebook profiles to.

It is a wonderful world of opportunities that has been created. At present, more than 50% of the people who shop online regularly have Facebook profiles. Hence, it is only but logical that entrepreneurs use this platform to give the boost to their business that they are looking for. Recent trends indicate that entrepreneurs are not allowing any such opportunity pass.Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page!

Conclusion-In Closing

FB Maxed delivers. It combines the best of what both iFrames and HTML5 can do for you on facebook and packages it into a complete system with three templates that’s easy to use and highly customizable. There’s very little theory and frills involved and it’s a lot of hands on, no-nonsense approach. Even the more technical parts are made easy to understand and do with the help of big, clear images. Excellent support service and a very smooth ease of delivery, no hidden costs to speak of, no up-sells or cross-sells.

Any questions just let me know in the comments box below, I will certainly be back with your answers ASAP.




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  1. Thank you Earl for such a great review. I have just started with my own online website, with the goal of monetizing my site through affiliate marketing. I am slowly learning that getting traffic to my site through rich content is everything but I feel like using social media may be useful. I shut down my facebook account a few years ago and have been very hesitant to re-activate.

    At the moment, I am using pinterest only and I am not sure if is working out like it should. Just to be clear, in order to advertise on Facebook, it is paid advertising right? I am not anywhere near earning revenue right now to utilize paid advertising, but maybe just getting my FB account set up for now may be a great idea.

    I appreciate your honest review and will definitely consider FB.

    • You can promote without paying as well, create a page for your business, and have a follow link to that page from your website.

      You can promote in a smart way, while you Get traffic from Pinterest, you do not get much buyers depending on what niche you’re in or promoting. Don’t Forget mostly women on Pinterest, more women stuff sells from that traffic.

      Thanks for your comments

  2. Thanks this looks very compelling and to be honest the one thing causes me some suspicion is that you don’t seem to list any down points, so wondering if there is a wee bit rose coloured spectacles  going on.

    The other thing I am note clear about is do I have the ability to manipulate these option from IOS as I use my iPad Pro for everything.

    I am definitely going to check this out thanks


    • If you do it right there aren’t any down points, There are many down points when people try to cheat the algorithm and rules. Check it out you may be surprise as I was.

      Thank for your comments

  3. Thanks for the information and the timing is perfect for me. I really love the way you explained more about FB maxed. I intend on recommending my friends to come view your post. I feel these is a valuable content in terms of marketing on Facebook. Thanks a lot for the info

  4. Thanks a lot for this article Earl! Knowing that there’s something like FB Maxed gives a lot of hope to us entrepreneurs. What makes this whole thing more intriguing for me is the fact that there are three templates that are easy to use and highly customizable. I think I should get on this right away, You’ve been of great help Earl… thanks a lot.

  5. This a pretty nice article made on Customizable System That Converts Your Old Facebook Page, and I must say that I never did see this before now and looking at the review presented above am well convinced that its a pretty nice system and it will help create an awesome view on fB pages…. You did à nice job here…thanks


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