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Being in the Internet Marketing Business, I learn that Keywords are essential to your content in your pages and posts. To get rank and index on Google, Keywords are one of the most important things. I’m going to share with you On this page, new and amazing FREE keyword Research tool Name Jaaxy.

Since I’m a Certified Online Entrepreneur (COE), I like to share and give my own personal reviews on different products and services, in my own unique way, after doing some research and being the owner of some.

Being online and seeing many scams, even being a victim of some, whenever I find something good and beneficial, I always try to share that product or services with others that work online to make it easier for them.

Key research tool

About Jaaxy-

First, let me start by saying this is a FREE keyword research tool to help find useful keywords to put in your Blogs/Posts. Since I’ve found this FREE keyword research tool, I find myself using it all the time. If you’re not using a keyword tool right now, you cannot utilize the internet to your fullest potential.

Finding keywords with high traffic and low competition is equivalent to using a laser beam. Explicitly focusing a narrow “beam” to attain the most desired benefits.

Jaaxy is an online tool that researches keywords. Keywords are a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a web page. Keywords basically sum up what a web page is about.

Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com

Jaaxy helps you find keywords that will get ranked higher in Google or other search engines, many others, so you can get more visitors going to your website. Having a great keyword can help you get ranked on the first page of a search engine.

Being on the first 5 pages in Google is great because it drives the most traffic to your website, which leads to revenue, Which in theory makes your site the most possibly seen sight online for that particular keyword or keyword phrase.

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds using Jaaxy.

Because it’s is the easiest access, as most people don’t click past page 3 on web searches. It’s best to strive for the first page; this is where the Jaaxy FREE keyword research tool comes in.

Benefits from Jaaxy-

Jaaxy is FREE free to join, where you have a limit of 30 keyword types of research. Who doesn’t like FREE? I do. I signed up FREE, researched my keywords, and used them for a blog article index in google within hours.

You can go premium, unlock many more features, like seeing where your keywords rank on google.

After joining Jaaxy, you can access the Jaaxy Affiliate program, where you can refer people to Jaaxy from your website or blog and earn money for your referrals.

Keyword Quality Indicator -(KQI) Green is good; Yellow is okay, Red is bad. This is Red and is not a good choice to be targeting. It gives you results for your keyword and closely similar keywords below the one keyword you typed.

(SEO) A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the better, lower score worse. 1-100. It gets a score of one, which is terrible.

Average Monthly Traffic – As you can see, it gets around 190,000+ searches a month.

Availability of Domains that are related to the keyword. The standards, .com, .net. and .org are not available to purchase.

You can easily get the Standards at (WA) platform.

Quoted Search Results – (QSR) The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact Keyword. You want this number to be under 300.

Expected Traffic if you get on the first page rankings – Out of the 192,811 traffic you can expect to get if you are ranked on page one to receive 32,000+ traffic.


Within Jaaxy, you have access to a brainstorm feature that will allow you to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends TODAY. Having this insight will lead you to incredible new opportunities and the ability to stay in tune across many different niches.

Uncover Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Looking for lucrative affiliate opportunities? Search, find and analyze affiliate programs utilizing the Affiliate Program search function that has a database of over 15,000 affiliate programs. Uncovering new affiliate programs and new opportunities have never been this straightforward.

Jaaxy SiteRank

You can efficiently set up campaigns to track rankings for your websites within Jaaxy SiteRank. You can choose the frequency in which you track your website rankings, and it is completely hands-free. As your website rankings go up or down, you will be notified within the platform, and you will be able to use your historical ranking trends to master SEO.

Alphabet Soup

Sometimes when you are doing research, it isn’t easy. We have taken one of the most powerful research techniques and automated it. Take any search term or phrase and quickly build an alphabetized list or search phrase variants from it. You will literally have 100’s of awesome keywords that you can then use for your SEO or PPC campaigns from one search.

Regular Users Of Jazzy are-What Is Best FREE keyword research tool?

  • Bloggers
  • Website Owner
  • Niche Stalkers
  • Freelance Writers
  • Website Flippers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Anyone looking to increase traffic to a website.

Enter Keywords Below to perform a search. Get your own results.

Training and Support-

The training and support you will receive from Jaaxy.com are amazing. Your questions will be answered in a timely fashion by the Jaaxy support team. Jazzy is own by Kyle & Carson.

The same owners of Wealthy Affiliate and offer the same great training and support.
You are not left in the dark, it’s easy to use, and thorough training will get you going fast.
That is why these guys get high ratings for what they do…

Also, they have detailed videos with training that will answer a lot of your questions and get you steering your ship to profits and web traffic. And I always say that traffic leads to revenue.


Join for FREE > $0.00 (30 free searches). Try it for yourself.

Premium> $19.00 a month I Highly recommend this to unlock most of the features on this platform.

Enterprise> $49.00 a month

My conclusion on Jazzy-

What Is Best FREE keyword research tool?

Starting with this FREE Keyword Research Tool is the obvious way to go if you’re looking to have a thriving online business. As I mentioned above, how important it is to have this in your arsenal. It will definitely give you a competitive edge over the other competitors, “JOINING JAAZY” is something you’ll never regret.

I’m a Certified Online Entrepreneur (COE) at Wealthy Affiliate, where I received training from owners themselves. As I said, these guys are the best at what they do, and that is why their online business is still receiving 5 stars and doesn’t fall anywhere under scams or have some single star. So I urge you to take a FREE trial and come up with your own decision about “JAZZY.”

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Try searching for some keywords, write some content, use keywords blog post to your website. You will be surprised at how fast it will index in Google, Bing, or Yahoo; I’m sure you would love it.

Jazzy is how you find keywords for your website. JOIN HERE

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below; I look for to those questions or comments. I’ll be more than willing to answer your question and read your comments.


Certified Online Entrepreneur

11 thoughts on “What Is Best FREE keyword research tool?- Jaaxy Is”

  1. Thanks for doing a review of this excellent keyword research tool that is free. I’m going to give it a try right now as my blog needs more posts on it which are keyword favored. 

    I have heard a lot about low hanging keywords, how good is this free keyword search tool at finding low hanging keywords? The reason I ask is that the niche I’m in is very overcrowded, I need some keywords to stand out.

    • Good question! the thing about Jaaxy is that it give you rating and stats for low hanging keywords too, in brain storming and coming up with you own Idea, you definitely can have keywords that very low in QSR.  (sites you competing with for those keywords) and still get a fair amount of traffic, that’s the beauty about Jaaxy, finding both high and low keywords. let me know if you have any further question, thanks again for your question.

  2. Hello there, With Jaxxy a great keyword researcher can rank fast with almost no effort. Someone who didn’t do their homework can spend months or years working on a project that never takes off.

    It’s not a stretch to say that keyword research is the backbone that websites are built on nowadays. And you shouldn’t be using inferior tools or else your competition will blow you out of the water. but I want to know is there any other way that jaxxy can be of help to beginners?

    • Yeah! what they do is for beginners,  eg- key word research is the first that we all know about, but what about the domain platform that you can have domain for the related keywords? that is good for newbies as well.

      Thanks for asking that question, I will update my blog, just for people like you that may have that question. 

  3. I’ve come to realize the vital importance of keyword research to an internet marketing business. Every internet marketer would be doing his/her business a disservice by not carrying out proper keyword research. I have to admit though, it’s surprising to find that jaaxy can be tried out for free. It is truly remarkable given its enormous benefits. Thanks for sharing 

  4. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. after starting my blog some two years ago i had problems driving traffic to my site but jaaxy has helped me a lot and i have learnt more about it here. thank you very much for this post

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