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There are many of Free word-Press “Website” offers out there online!!! But do they really offer a free Website with Domain, Hosting, Website Back up, Training, Keyword Search Tool and more?

I’m quite certain No they don’t! and I can put my head on a block for this, Should you find this anywhere, Please!!! I beg you let me know.

In as little as 5 mins. I will show you where you can accomplish a Free word-press Website, and have a blog about yourself in as little as half of an hour or less. keep reading

Free wordPress Site

WordPress| What Is

WordPress website is a content management system and blogging platform written in PHP paired with a MySQL, Maria Db, or SQLite database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

WordPress was originally created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other types of web content including more traditional   forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems and online stores.

WordPress is used by more than 70 million, and still counting, mainly used by bloggers, but are generally used by companies, business, organizations, etc.

Why WordPress?

  1. WordPress is a free software easy to download and installed and modified in your own unique way to suit your business or needs.
  2. How WordPress is so convenient now, you don’t need to have maximum skills to use WordPress, it easy and simple for newbies now entering the Online marketing space.
  3. WordPress uses plug-ins that are like app to your sit, where you can customize to you own likeness, and add additional advanced features to you site.
  4. Themes and plug-ins that’s compatible and used by WordPress make it easy for you to customize your site.
  5. WordPress comes with a built-in updates management system. This allows you to update your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard, if you know to read you know to use WordPress.

These are just five reasons why you should WordPress websites for your businesses or where ever it may apply.

Free WordPress site

It’s known that WordPress is SEO Friendly as well, written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup, makes Google and other search engines rank WordPress sites, higher than others sites that is not WordPress.

But wait!!  You need Domain, Hosting for that website, not to worry. Continue to read this article, and you can take action immediately, with a free WordPress site and all the you need to publish online.

Where Should I Create free WordPress Site!

Wow! its beginning to get exiting now, this always excites me since being  working online ain’t easy in terms of finding a legit platform that give you so many offers for free and delivers with maximum support.

Wealthy Affiliate is that place to be, They offer you free website, domain, hosting and so much more for free, you’ll be happy you fell on this article, where you were inform about this great place and offers.

Wealthy Affiliate is own by 2 successful Marketers Kyle and Carson, they have a thriving business online and would love to see the success of others, their support is untouchable by any other CEO.

I said before I can place my head on a block for these guys, you don’t have to take my word, although I would love you to, do your own researches, and make your own analysis, I dare you to.

Here a a video giving you a tour of Wealthy Affiliate,, introduction of the owners in pic and a full overview of their platform. You also get some insights of what you will be doing to accomplish you free WordPress Site in just a few.

Free wordPress Site
Welcome Page &Walk Through Video of Wealthy Affiliate

How To Build Your Website in 30 sec.

Its so easy to get this up and running you would believe it, that is why I’m going to leave a video, since seeing is believing in most cases except to magic, and this ain’t no magic, its real, have a look.

Watch How Kyle show in this short video how to accomplish and set up you free WordPress site in 30 seconds.

30 sec to build website

Do Wealthy Affiliate Have Other FREE Offers?

Absolutely Yes! You will wanna take advantage of this too, there are other offers that none other can compare, where else do you get get to Build you own site with Domain and hosting hosting, Free WordPress site builder, 1 one 1 coaching, 24/7 support, where everyone works in a collective, family like way?….Still looking for that place all now.

Don’t let me waste time in telling you about what you’ll get for free, Here  a chart below that clearly shows what you’ll get for free, and how much more you can get if you upgrade to the other level if needed.

Free WoprdPress Site

JOIN HERE, there is a special offer for you, received these free offers, and just have a look around, nothing to loose no credits cards information require.


I always like to share to good and the very bad, I don’t like the in between, being that can go in any direction, I love and always proud to share the good, since that the helpful to others whom I always love helping.

Enlightening someone to the bad is also helpful, that is the main focus in my articles, to help in meaningful ways.Free wordPress Site

Choosing the very good or bad, makes it easier for me to convince my readers, without them wavering too much, helping them in making better decisions online.

If it’s bad, its bad and if is good, its very good, then it is more easier to convince, right? dose that make any sense? It does for me.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very good, or I should say one of the best platform to get FREE WordPress site, with domain and hosting and much more.

At Wealthy Affiliate| You can have not only one but two sites, It can be business marketing Website, Affiliate Marketing Website, Email marketing websites, and just any site that is suitable to your business or anywhere a websites may be needed.

Doesn’t have to be a business, people goes to websites for information they need that you may have, information on websites reaches more people across the globe, you can get your information out there.

Create your Free WordPress site with amazing free WordPress-Themes At Wealthy Affiliate, and succeed Online.

If there is any questions you may wanna ask, feel free to do so, love to hear you feed back and questions, be sure I will answer you in a timely manner.



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19 thoughts on “Free WordPress Website| How To Get & Build A Free WordPress Site.”

  1. Hey Earl! Thanks for this info. I know many people get intimidated when working with websites – but you do NOT have to know how to code or be some sort of engineer to be successful making a website. I know that firsthand! My only struggle with WordPress has been knowing which theme to choose because there are SO many great ones. Any thoughts?

    • I’m with you on this, there are so many great themes, and not all works correctly, some works different with plug-ins since all don’t be tested immediately after WordPress upgrade their version.

      What I do, is test them as to see which one works best, look best and apply it.

  2. Thanks for a very thorough and easy to follow article on how to set up a free WordPress website. This is something that many people expect everyone knows how to do, but unless you have done it and have made mistakes to find out what does and does not work, having such a guide is extremely useful.

    Do you think it is better to use the WordPress platform or use an alternate platform and a WordPress theme? I have heard good and bad about both, so I am wavering as to the direction to go in on this. The platform that you have highlighted certainly seems easy enough to work with. I will give it a try as it is free to start with. Thanks. 

    • You got that right! I prefer WordPress, since you have to find the right  WordPress theme to work with that platform, not all will work. most WordPress theme are tested with WordPress, don’t really know how much test is being with those other platform. 

  3. In all my search for a free website platform, I’ve never come across any that offers hosting, keyword research, training. This is absolutely mind boggling. If I didn’t know any better, I’d sum this up as another hype that has been built specifically to rip off unsuspecting folks. This has been truly helpful. Thanks for the enlightenment 

  4. Hi, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about 5 to 6 months. In the beginning I found WordPress to be very confusing and after using it for many months I now feel more comfortable with it. It is a excellent platform that is pretty intuitive. It just takes some time to learn it.

  5. Thanks for the thorough and informative article Earl  Wealthy Affiliate looks like quite a place.  You’re right about others that offer free websites that don’t offer hosting and keyword research tools.  What a deal.  I can get two free websites?  Wow!  That’s awesome!  As I look at the price schedule, it seems it is also very reasonably priced if I decide to go with the premium plan.  Keep up the good work.  

  6. Hey just want to say that you have done a great job here.  I actually found WA by sheer mistake I was not looking for it so I nearly missed an opportunity (I would never have known, but it still would have a been a shame!).

    You have done a greater job for you interested readers and there are lots out there who are considering a good way to get started in AM.

    To anyone who is reading this I would say do not hesitate friends go back up to the links and get yourself signed up for the FREE trial……why wouldn’t ya!


    Hamish 🧐

  7. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on free website building and find it very useful for everyone. Your step by step guide on free word press hosting with wealthy affiliate is awesome for everyone. I recently hosted my website with wealthy affiliate and it is working great for me. I love the community support here on wealthy affiliate as a live chat. Everyone is willing to help you. Thanks for putting your efforts to write such useful article.

  8. I know about Wealthy Affiliate and a lot of reviews I have read about them are recommending the platform. I only see a very few negative reviews that are unjustifiable. I have built WordPress website using the conventional way of doing it before and website is definitely my favourite CMS. Using the Wealthy Affiliate method is totally simple compared to the conventional way of building a WordPress website. This is really cool considering the fact that everything needed for the website to boom (from training to support and the rest) are all in one place and readily available too.

    PS: After joining Wealthy Affiliate, are there any other stuffs needed for a website? If yes, what’s the approximate cost?

  9. Your step by step tips are very helpful. You are doing everything in good way. Choosing the very good or bad, makes it easier for me to convince my readers, without them wavering too much, helping them in making better decisions online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very good, or I should say one of the best platform to get FREE WordPress site, with domain and hosting and much more.Now I am working on my website.

  10. I love this article because it shows me all of the tips to build a successful WordPress website. I think that to build a successful WordPress website you need to be very good at writing a lot of words in a short time with good keyword density. The layout needs to be nice and organized with only important stuff at the top.

  11. Your site looks good and is easy to navigate. The only thing I did not like is the heading with the computers taking up most of the page to the extent that what ever you selected was not know until you scrolled down. It may because I had my screen set on 110 size.

    Visit my site to see what I am talking about.

    I wish you great success!!!


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