Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.

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“GoDaddy” happens to be one of the best online Hosting Company, but how much do you know about “GoDaddy Website Hosting”?

Deciding on where your business, company or organization website should be hosting, you need to know the best hosting services in order to make the best decision and saving your business from down time, resulting in lost of revenue.

Knowing the best place to host your site is important to your business.

GoDaddy has been in competitions with many others hosting companies, such as WordPress and others, and has many services on offer, which you will see right here in this review.

Without wasting you precious time, I will give you my review on GoDaddy Website Hosting Company, with it’s features, plans and prices, pros and cons, alternative and more.


Founder– Bob Person

Founded in– 1998

Address– Scotdale Arizona. USA

Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.Godaddy Website Hosting| What Is-

GoDaddy – is A Web hosting provider, certificate authority and domain registrar. As of 2016, GoDaddy is the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world. Founded in 1998 by Bob Parsons, GoDaddy offers a huge variety of products for website authoring and maintenance, as well as application hosting. It provides several options from sharing a server with many sites for a few dollars per month to entire servers dedicated to one customer.

As of March 2019, GoDaddy has approximately 18.5 million customers and over 9,000 employees worldwide. The company is known for it’s advertising on TV and in the newspapers. It has been involved in several controversies related to censorship.

Prices To Join | Know If You can Afford It?

GoDaddy has 4 levels, No credit card require until after the first month, These are the levels and UK prices when billed annually.

  • Basic– 6.99/mo,
  • Standard– 9.99/mo
  • Premium– 14.99/mo
  • Ecommerce– 19.99/mo

Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.


  1. Secure your website (SSL.
  2. Connect custom domain.
  3. Mobile accessible site.
  4. Edition wherever you are.
  5. PayPal button.
  6. Improve your online visibility (SEO).
  7. Guidance and Analysis.
  8. Godaddy Insights.
  9. Custom Action Plans.
  10. InSight Ratings
  11. Social Media & Email Marketing
  12. 24/7 Support

All of features you get with all the plans, there are some additional features you only received at the Ecommerce level.

Additional features at Ecommerce level is-

  1. Configure flexible shipping options.
  2. Sell products directly through the Online Store.
  3. Manage discounts and promotions.
  4. Add and edit product listings.
  5. Manage discounts and promotions.

Types Of Hosting 

  1. Share Hosting– this is a private space on a single server, this type of hosting good for who now starting business online.
  2. Manage WordPress Hosting– WordPress is the most popular used by bloggers, online Marketers etc. this is best for Affiliate Marketers, and yes bloggers as well.
  3. Manage VPS Hosting- Virtual Private Server plan has the power of dedicated server, suitable for loads of traffic, suitable for the high end developers, organization and companies.
  4. Dedicated Server Plans- Honestly that is for the big real big companies like amazon. this has the ultimate performance security and control.

Security Feature By Godaddy

GoDaddy has it’s own security features which is great since hackers always online looking to steal your prize information.

They do have Web Application Firewall, safe guard against Distributed Denial of Service, not to mention Content Delivery Network, website security that take charge in blocking malware and malevolent traffic from interfering with your website.

Email Data is encrypted using SSL certificate and bit blocker technology. Something I’ve never seen is, This is all Hosting on Microsoft’s Data Centers, giving you the same services as Microsoft  office 365 users.

Since the company transitioned to Microsoft office 365 for it email services, it is now able to have Microsoft high % up-time pledge.

Godaddy Support| Is It Great?

GoDaddy has a 27/7 support and a live chat to render any assistance you may need, to know you’re on a platform maximum support make you feel so much more comfortable on that said platform.

They also provide you with a local phone number, where you can call support staff to assist with any difficulties in any language.

Haven’t said that, sometimes agents does be busy dealing with other customers I presume.

Besides that I will give GoDaddy 9 out of 10 for Support.

Godaddy Site Builder-

Site builder at GoDaddy is call GoCentral, This is an easy drag and drop responsive design editor, That is easy to use, easy walk through for newbies with no tech skills.

Just select your template and simply drag and drop, using text and images with a drag and a drop, no coding, getting you up and running in less than an hour.

Domains & Email

GoDaddy sells domains and different email plans as well, which carries different prices base on storage, in the chart below you can see the comparison with the sizes as in space.

Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.


Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.

Purchase a domain and email address to match before building a website on the same platform, mind you! these domains and email address has price attach to it base on which level you purchase.

The same for the email which depends on how much space you need. The more space you need obviously is the more it will cost.

Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.

“Ecomerce” Platform

E-comerce is also a part of GoDaddy’s business- they have upgraded from the old shopping cart to an easy to build and use E-comerce platform, offering many more features including SEO tools, unlimited products listings and more.

In this level you can-

  • Add and edit product listings
  • Configure flexible shipping options
  • Sell products directly through the Online Store
  • Manage discounts and promotions


  1. GoDaddy provide you with unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Easy to use platform
  3. 24/7 customer support
  4. Email integrated into Microsoft apps.
  5. Easy site builder on platform.


  1. Zero Cloud Hosting.
  2. No SSL security for basic plans.
  3. No SSL for Deluxe plans.
  4. Downtime Issues Sometimes.
  5. GoDaddy supported limiting of internet access in 2011, It was the SOPA AND PIPA bills.

Conclusion-Final Take-

In my reviews I give you all the information giving you the option to have your own review and make your own decisions, In this case where Hosting is concern.

Although GoDaddy had all these options and services, if you put all together for the best services as to have advantage in front of my other competitors, Then to me it’s a little costly.

In my honest review I would give GoDaddy 7 out of a total of 10 for all it prices and services they offer.

Best Hosting Alternative-Must Read

There is an awesome alternative that gives you top-notch Websites, Hosting, Domain name, Keyword Research Tool, Support, training and much more.

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Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.

There is “NO” other platform online that has what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for FREE and the many more if you upgrade for very little as $19, a special offer that’s on now, you really don’t wanna miss

In this chart you will be able to see all on offer for free and all you will unlock should upgrade to premium.

Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.

There is no better alternative online if you’re looking to be at the very top with the other sites, dependability and support is paramount at (WA), large community believing in your success helping you with their success and experience.

Again there is no other platform you can actually post questions to members that take time to stop what their doing to help you succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place for any aspiring entrepreneur working online or beginners who intended to work online.

Now I’m finish! please let me know after you finish reading, if you have any questions, love to hear your feed back as well, I will sure get back to you as soon as possible.




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9 thoughts on “Godaddy Website Hosting Review| Know Facts & Alternative.”

  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Godaddy which is a company I’ve heard about since the early 2000s. I’ve actually used them before when I was in college, very inexpensive and the websites ran smoothly without any issues for the 2 years that I’ve used them for.

    Currently I’m using Wealthy Affiliate and I’m on the yearly plan which only costs me about $25 a month. However, if someone isn’t looking for affiliate marketing training and they’re just looking for website hosting, would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Godaddy?

    • I certainly will! at wealthy Affiliate you can, you can transfer you domain, and you can use your site for anything, WA is for anyone in any niche. Thanks for asking.

  2. Thank you for such a deep review of godaddy  I did not know that they are offering such a big amount of features in their memberships. It looks like they like to take care of their customers, providing 24/7 what is not obvious by many providers with similar services. Indeed I have to agree with you that it is all a bit pricey and indeed that WA is offering the unbeatable. What you are getting once you are purchasing the membership you have all of the tools needed to run a successful business online for the price which is very affordable. I hope more people will discover the power of WA and I am sure that reviews like yours are giving this chance an enormous boost. Best luck with your online entrepreneurship. 

  3. I have heard a lot of GoDaddy and only yesterday I spoke to someone who was using that platform. He mentioned that it was ok, but that he needed something better. 

    Your review of GoDaddy is very thorough and it gives me a good idea if what it entails. In my opinion, it looks like a great platform, but not having SSL security is  a big con …

    I also signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, and I can honestly say that the hosting is superb. They also offer SSL security. I absolutely agree with you that there is no other platform online that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Very true!

  4. Hi, Thanks for taking time to bring out the facts about go daddy website hosting to enable new entrepreneurs program their success efficiently. I happened to have viewed godaddy offers and it cant be compared with Wealthy affiliate offers because Wealthy affiliate has better prices and also offers you training and community support on various skills to make money online and hosting for extra 25 websites. THANKS for this review.

  5. Your review on Godaddy website hosting is awesome for everyone. I found it is very useful for beginners to know. While beginning my journey in internet world I tried lot of web hosting sites but at the end I found wealthy affiliate. It is my best platform to setup and run a successful business online. I love this platform due to its training and support system. Price is very affordable.

  6. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Godaddy website hosting and find it very helpful for beginners. After doing many hosting comparison I found wealthy affiliate is the top and best hosting in this online world. Price is very affordable if we are really going to develop our own branded business. Everything is available to run a successful business online. Thanks for your sweet review.


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