High Ticket Hijack Review | Scam or Legit

Hey guy, here is another online base software that claim to be a high ticket sales funnel! But Is It really so? In this High Ticket Hijack Review I will give you a comprehensive review of this software and as I always said you can draw your own opinion, know all you need to know before joining this High Ticket Hijack.


Website- highticketickethijacker.com

Owners- Leigh & Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith

Product- Online Base Software (funnels)

Recommended- Absolutely


Have a look at this Video first to see High ticket Hijacker in action.

What Is High Ticket Hijack?

High Ticket Hijack is an online base software that has done for you high ticket funnel and you can also create your own high ticket funnels as well. It’s a cutting-edge software and system proven to build your list and make you 4+ figure commissions per sale, from scratch. Initial setup takes about 30 minutes.

These funnels are predone with high ticket products from Clickbank, Warior+ that carries high commissions, it is pretty simple as that. You can also in-cooperate your own high ticket products too building your own funnels.

How Does High Ticket Hijack Really Works?

Hiticket Hijack has one of the best business model of today that much online fail to realize, I really love this business model since it has proven to bring you trust and sales.

There are pre-done funnels or you can set up your own funnels where training is also provided for you to do so. It only takes a few steps to get up and running fast. There are a 3 pages funnel that consist of a Capture/landing, Webinar and bonus page.

Step 1– Place your affiliate link to what ever product you’re promoting.

Step 2– Place your Autoresponder code for your sign-up form to capture your leads

Step 3– Select your lead Magnet that is congruent to the product you’re offering.

Pretty Simple huh? keep Reading….

You promote your landing page that is offering a valuable bonus/lead magnet for attending a Webinar, It then takes your leads to the webinar page where they will be introduce to product on sale with your affiliate link, should that person decide to purchase you get the commission and we’re talking about High converting products on clickbank and warior+ etc.

If these leads don’t buy on the first go of which most of them will not, you will still be able to send them a series of mails for the same product since you already have them on your list, also you will be able to promote other products to these same leads even if that campaign is finish for the first product they sign up on your list for.

Who Are The Users Of This Software High ticket hijack? Is it newbie Friendly?

Affiliate Marketers- It’s is mainly for affiliate Marketers

Newbies- Easy to use for newbies since its very easy to set up

Online Marketers- Pages are easily edited you can make it into your own placing your own videos and more, you can just use the landing page only if you care to depend on what your actually doing, if is just selling or giving a lead magnets to build your list.

What Are The Prices? Can You Join For Free?

Levels of upgradesUpgrades Features
Basic price of $29.973 Done for you Campaigns
High Ticket Hijack UNLIMITED- $97Basic you can create up to 10campaigns, This allows you to create unlimited funnels.
High Ticket Hijack DFY- $97Basic gives you 3 DFY funnels, this give you 5 more DFY funnels.
High Ticket Hijack TRAFFIC- $97Training On How To Get Traffic to your funnels
High Ticket Hijack 100X TOOLS- $67These are all conversion boosting tools like FB pixels, FB Comments, Chats etc. To enhance your funnels conversion into sales
High Ticket Hijack BONUS BUILDER- $67This is DFY bonus pages set up with high quality bonuses. You do have over 100 lead magnets to choose from with the basic.
High Ticket Hijack LICENSE RIGHTS- $197In the simplest terms this is license to resell this product.
These prices are all one time prices

What Are The features Of High ticket Hijack? Features Are unlocked Base On The Level you upgraded to

  • Full Unrestricted Access To High Ticket Hijack
  • Cloud Based App & A-Z Training Included
  • Newbie-Friendly One-Click Automated Webinar Funnel Creation
  • Multiple Stunning Landing Pages Included
  • Multiple Webinar Viewing Pages Included
  • Full Access To Huge Lead Magnet Database
  • 100% DONE-FOR-YOU Automated High Ticket Offers Ready For You To PROFIT!
  • Unlimited Traffic Strategies Included
  • Your High Ticket Pages Hosted On Servers
  • YOUR Affiliate Links Linked To All Your High Ticket Pages
  • Get FREE Viral Traffic To Your High Ticket Funnels
  • Customer Support From Our US Based Support Team

Pros & Cons


  1. Fastest Way To Build Your Email List
  2. Step-By-Step Quickstart Video Tutorials Included
  3. NO Employees, Designers or Programmers Needed
  4. NO Coding, Graphical or Technical Skills Required
  5. One time payment.


  1. Not the best support
  2. Too much upsells although you don’t really have to upgrade to all these levels.
  3. You still have to request the approval for some of these products, sometime you never get an answer to that request.


First let me say I’m not the owner of reselling rights for this software/ product, so I’m not selling you anything as the purpose of this review. Yes I’m an owner of the software and really thought I should give a review on this software. I never like Cloud base software or app but this one really out beat all that I’ve seen and used.

It’s a point & click software that automates 95% of the process and proven system that taps into the LATEST online buyer trends to maximize your profits in the shortest time. No need to make products, videos or even pay for traffic. Step-by-step over the shoulder training to get you up and running FAST.

I also love the Idea where you build your list as well instead of just the owner getting your leads, so you’re able to sell other products that those leads, Never thought or even knew that you can actually make more money promoting high ticket products, you make one sale and is 10 more of what you were making before, when you think about it is like why promote the small stuff.

I must mention all the lead magnet that is provided is all congruent to these products and are all high quality lead magnets that has real value to your online business.

Without a doubt the High Ticket Hijack really impress me and I would recommend it to anyone even if you’re a complete newbie, as I have stated before I don’t have this to sell but I certainly make money from it and continue to build a rapid list.

If you have any questions about this review, feel free to leave those questions in the comments box below I will get back to you ASAP to answer your question and join in the discussion.


6 thoughts on “High Ticket Hijack Review | Scam or Legit”

  1. Adding affiliate links, focus on the autoresponder, and the lead magnet part, sounds easy! I heard a lot about High Ticket Hijack but I never really understood much until I read your review, definitely doable though I do agree with you the upsells are a bummer. Do you think it’s wise to start with the basic package first and upgrade slowly as I start earning? 

  2. Thank you for this great High Ticket Hijack Review. It seems to be one more legit affiliate program, and suitable for newbies since that’s very important. 

    I would like if they have given some free trial so that everyone is able to test the program for let’s say 7 days.  The payment scale is interesting, as you can decide what you want to get involved with. But also I don’t know why they gave so many options. It would be much better if they created the free trial, first upgrade and second upgrade. It would be cleaner. 

    Support is so important and as per your words, it doesn’t seem to be supportive. 

    I have never heard of this program before, although just maybe I read a review on some other website. The name sounds familiar. 

    Your statement that you are making income using the software is empowering for those who are wanting to give it a try. 

    Thanks for your honesty. 

  3. It must take time for you to study this wonderful software  which I have not heard befor. And you are so kind that prepare the Table Of Contents so that we find what we want fastly. 

    Can I ask for a request? I mean are there any other materials such as videos so that we can know more clear. Thanks.


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