How Freebies Drives Traffic to Your Sites?

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People can’t resist something free, although a lot are now wary about them because there are a lot of viruses and spyware coming along with it. But if you can assure absolutely clean and free stuff, there’s no telling how many people will go to your site for a visit.

Free e-courses are the things you can capitalize on. E-courses could be in the form of one-on-one online instruction or a detailed correspondence with your student. All you really have to do is to make sure that each of your students will learn everything from you and your site as they go along.

There are a lot of Internet newbies every day. You can start with the basic stuff and you can still expect people flowing in. And even though many people know how to surf the internet these days, not all of them has any idea about the deepest secrets of the web when it comes to making money online, saving from the stuff they buy, and even making their own website.

Of course, if you can offer complex lessons like graphical web design, HTML programming, JavaScript, and e-book making, that’s going to be better. For sure, there are a lot of people who want learn all of these. And if they can obtain that knowledge for free, just watch how many other friends your students will bring along to your site just to avail of your wonderful offer.

If you have some good knowledge about a certain concept, it is best that you use that to teach others. There’s no greater learning you can impart with others other than what you currently have. Besides, if you really love that concept you are teaching, the passion will show off to your students.

How Freebies Drives Traffic to Your Sites

You can also try to learn an e-course yourself. The internet is so full of them. Just do a search and you should be able to find all the e-courses that could interest you. Of course, not all of them are going to be free. So you might need to invest some time and money for you to learn. Don’t worry. You’ll get the returns of your investments in time. And it will be in the form of great traffic to your site.

In order to successfully provide e-courses to your site with the aim of increasing traffic, it is important that you build your site in such a way you have an impeccable communication system. Your official email account should always be working, your site should be up almost 100% of the time, and if you can add forums, chat, and other modes of communication, that’s going to be better.

A free e-course is definitely a good way to direct traffic to your site. Just be sure that you promote the e-course in different places, especially in the many well-populated sites. You might need to spend some in advertising. But until you can truly afford some investments, settle for free mileage like advertising in forums, sending newsletters, or promoting the course on free advertising sites.

With the right groundwork, your site should have multitudes of traffic, which you can use for a number of things. The more traffic you have, the better return on your investment will be. And the higher chances that you’ll earn a lot from your visitors.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Away Free Products that Get Traffic-Generating Product Reviews

, especially when they’re positive, can definitely generate traffic for your website. But people will rarely review a product for free. If you don’t have to pay them, you’ll have to give the product to them for free. And unless you’re selling digital info products or any other type of product which doesn’t cost you too much money to produce, you’ll have to be pretty careful choosing which reviewers to approach and how to word your proposal.

Step 1

Determine how many products you can afford to give away for free. Now, even if you can afford to give as many as you want, it’s still better to limit your giveaways to a few every month. Flooding the Internet with raving reviews of your products might give off a fishy smell to your readers and you certainly don?t want to have that happen

Step 2

Be careful when choosing the people you’ll give your products for free and in exchange for reviews. Here are several factors to consider when making this all-important decision.

Professional product reviewers are your primary target when giving away your products for free. But they can’t just be any product reviewer. The best type of reviewer is the one with substantial knowledge, familiarity, and expertise with the product you’re marketing. You cannot expect a food critic to create a valid review on the latest Microsoft OS, can you?

Need The second type of reviewer you?d want to target are those who you believe will benefit from the use of your products and services. If you’ve designed a new online tool for bookkeeping, you should target small business owners, home-based professionals, and others with basic bookkeeping needs. These people are in the position to better appreciate what your product or service has to offer.

Writing Skills, With professional product reviewers, there is no need to worry about their writing skills. But with the second type of reviewer, not all of them would have flair for writing. Give your products to those who do have them or otherwise, they’ll just be put to waste since their reviews won’t be as clear or detailed as you need them to be.

Website? Another important factor to consider is the popularity of their website. Most product reviewers have their own websites and if not that then their own blogs then. Research and see which websites have the highest rankings. It would be better to get as much exposure for each product you give away for free, don’t you think?

Step 3

Now that you know which individuals to approach with your offer, it’s time to create an email regarding your proposal. Your letter must explain your product offer in exchange for a review. Be very clear that the offer does not require them to sing praises of your product. All they have to do is be honest.

Step 4

Explain your requirements. You might have a certain format or word count in mind for product reviews. Inform them of this if so. You might also want to suggest that they focus on discussing the features and benefits of your product or maybe add an anecdote to the review.

Step 5

Lastly, require them to post a short description about you or your business and to include a link to your website.

Giving Away Freebies on Your Site for Better Marketing

The adage goes, The best things in life are free, but on the Internet, free things mean more than just good things. In this age where everything has to be paid for, getting something for free can mean happiness for a customer, a greater web presence for a company, and perhaps profits in the long run.

Some companies might look down on giving away free things, thinking that it cheapens their name and takes away their profits. However, giving away free things has its advantages, which include the following:

If you notice, most of the free things that companies give away will be useful things that have the companies name on them. These things might include key chains, notebooks, ball pens, gift boxes, gift bags, or even umbrellas. But the point is, the free things will have the company name on them.

This can foster name recall much faster than an advertisement on TV that very few people can see in comparison with someone who walks around with a company?s name on something that they own. This person can literally be a walking billboard for the company!

Who does not like free stuff? As long as it’s not a free shot in the arm or a free dose of poison, people actually like freebies, be they as simple as bookmarks or as useful as golf umbrellas. If you are able to meet this need for free things, you might be able to endear yourself faster to customers than by showing an ad on TV that can end up with them getting exasperated that you are interrupting their favorite show.

– Despite popular opinion, free things do not cost a lot. You can carry out bulk orders on different items such as knickknacks or key chains, have your name printed on them, and worry only about items getting damaged during shipment. Bulk orders mean profit for companies that produce these giveaways or freebies, so be sure to haggle and bargain for a lower price on your large orders.

How Freebies Drives Traffic to Your Sites

In the world of the Internet, however, it can be much harder to give away freebies, and simply because you have to spend a lot on shipping things to your customers. There are, however, different ways that you can get free things to them, and still have your name up in lights and noticeable.

– Give your customers a chance to download things for free, such as wallpapers or screensaver. You can place your name on these wallpapers or screensaver, but make sure that these items are attractive enough to be used. That way, your customers not only have pretty desktops, they get constant reminders about you and your company name.

If you want to stretch the desktop idea a bit farther, you can also have software specialists design desktop widgets. These little software programs can sit on a persons desktop and act as clocks, search engines, computer speed monitoring devices, and other things. Place your name across these widgets, and you not only make yourself useful to your client, you have your name on a clients desktop constantly.

If you have a large enough budget, you can mail in free samples to a lucky few, say the first fifty or one hundred clients who visit your site and fill out a survey. The samples are free and you can satisfy your clients. You can have a marketing survey that will give you a glimpse into your market. Turn it into a win-win situation, and you may have greater profits in the future.

These are only a few tips that you might want to follow when you consider what to give for free through your site. If you play into the need for freebies, you not only make your clients happy, you can have a happy bank account too.

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