How To Make Money On Websites.| Here is How-Start Now

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Have you ever heard or know how to make money on websites? Is there really any real opportunity to do so online?

I always seek various avenues on this wonderful platform I’m on, and try to share which every avenue found with fellow members, and in many cases apply very much to newbies as well.

I would say opportunity for all, which will be more fitting.

In this article I will show an avenue where you can make money selling websites online at “Wealthy Affiliate” and how to accomplish such in the shortest possible way.

Never wanna be too long in my articles, just in a few you will be able to see another avenue to make money online. Here we go-

Website-What Is

Just to be clear, I’m only giving this definition for newbies, since everyone who works online knows what is a website.

A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, .com, .org, .co, typically produced by a single person, organization, or companies and such like, all information viewing online is from a website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. are all websites.

Where can you sell your website?

Anyone– Lets start with anyone can buy a site from you, people are starting businesses every day and looking for a website. If you a member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can offer this services. Think about it.

A business now starting up might not have much to populate a site just yet, these are the people you can target if you do not have much experience in website building.How to make money on Websites, here is how

But if you have experience in that field, you can target the big companies, making the big box.

Flippa– This is a platform where people bid on your site or business, this is usually is not for new sites, this is for sites that was already in small businesses, and is more suitable for startup businesses and projects. Flippa is that place.

Suitable for prices under 25,000

BizBuySell– This is just as flippa but is for the larger businesses that definitely sells for more.

There are many Platforms, that allows business owners to post listings similar to classified ads

BizBuySell is just one of the largest market place. This also is for smaller sites, but more than Flippa.

Suitable for prices over 25,000 under 100,000.

DigitalExits This is where the professionals handle the business for you, like a broker, Making all the negotiations, structuring the deal right through to the final sale.

They can negotiate sale for you ranging from 100,000 up to millions depending on site and value obviously. You can simple say this is for the big dogs.– This is an Investment Bank, oh well this is for the bigger dogs, since this is for the larger deals that is over 20,000,000, wow, business has to be making over 5,000,000 a year in order for you to get a price in that range.

Whats The Worth| How Much Can I Get?

A website worth is base on its rankings and how much it can make, mind you, the websites that worth the big box, is websites that was being worked on for years, trusted by search engines, making the real cheddar (money), if you’re now entering this business this part is really not for you.

How to make money on Websites, here is howThere are many start up businesses that just needs a simple website, that you can charge a fix price to build, with simple stuff added, with things like contact info, about, images, related to their business. 

Offering upsell to the buyer to do updates & maintenance to that site, additional stuff that the might need.

Prices for websites ranges from Free, to Millions, I say free cause Wealthy Affiliate Do offer free sites, but as much where you can sell, you will have to have a premium membership to do this business.


Where Can I get Sites To Sell | Can I?

Absolutely you can!! JOINING HERE at Wealthy Affiliate Gives you the opportunity to sell websites, yes they do.

Wealthy Affiliate is own by 2 amazing guys Kyle & Carson, that place lots focus on members success, the support is immaculate and comparable to none. not only them but there is a large community the share their expertise and experience on this platform.

No questions to big to ask, response in a short time, you will never be stock on any topic.

Not only you get sites you can sell, but you get free domain name and Hosting for the sites in any niche.

You join for free where you will be given not one but two free websites, you can sell one, or go premium where you have multiple websites to sell, it is as easy as that, you used 2 0r 3 for you business, then what to do with the rest? Think about it.

Catch sales for these available sites and make a side bock for your self. first try to target the business who do not have a websites, Show them how business can be much better for them it the have a website where people can go to for information.

How to make money on Websites, here is how

Might just be a site for information, you can just be adding info. for them, sometimes once a Week or Month, How easy is that?

Tell them how you can update and maintain for them, you know to do this too at WA. training is available if not.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you comprehensive training, giving you simple instructions and guidelines on how  you can build your own site with Domain & Hosting, give them an all inclusive price that is unbeatable.

But Wait!!! That is not all, Keep Reading Below....See how easy this is and how much more is on the plate to offer.

How To Accomplish| Getting Started

It it very easy to get started, I don’t need to lament on this, you’ll be surprise to see how easy it in a few, with this VIDEO showing you how to do such, you will see owners, have a tour of the platform and a full over view and insights of what its all about.

Free wordPress Site
Welcome Page &Walk Through Video of Wealthy Affiliate

You must upgrade to have multiple sites available to you, in this Chart you will see all you get for free, including a free Keyword research Tool, plus all you will get when you upgrade to premium, you will have free sites, but if you’re getting in the business of selling, you have to upgrade to premium to be able to do so.

how to make money on websites, here is how

No credit cards is require for this, nothing to lose, take a look around, have a sneak peak, just check out this opportunity that you may have been missing, I know you wouldn’t regret it if you give it a try.


Building A Website In 30 Seconds| How To

This always freek me out, at first I was like!! build what website in 30 seconds! but then when I actually had the experience, I just had to accept and bless, covering down my disbelieves.

For this reason I like to show how to build this site in 30 seconds or less, for some, seeing is believing, so take a look at this VIDEO how one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle) Build out a website literally in no time.

How To Make Money On Websites.| Here is How-Start Now
WordPress site build in 30 sec. (VIDEO PROOF)

You still don’t believed? JOIN HERE and have your own experience like I did, covering up your disbelieves.


I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate since its a power platform that offer no else offer on their platform, for this I try to share What I think is a opportunity to make an extra income while waiting to make an affiliate sale.

Learn how to build a successful online, through simple means, without breaking the bank. Click on the Banner Below to get a special offer now.

How To Make Money On Websites.| Here is How-Start Now

I thought about it, Walk up the street and get 5 costumers out of 10 people I approach, I couldn’t believe it, I almost get a heart attack….. well my heart was able to sustain the attack… and I live to tell the tails 🙂 I right away do some research, I had to write an article about this. 

It was just a thought that manifested into a business!!! awesome for me, sharing it with you.

This business might just be next for you, that is under your feet that you’re just stepping on daily being ignorant of it. I hope this will open fellow WA members eyes, and also bring new people to this, like I said this might be something you can do, while waiting on an affiliate sale.

This can be a passive income if you have about 15 site that you collect on monthly for updating, or just sell a one price package.

I really hope this was very helpful to somebody, I look forward for your comments and feedback on this article generally. Share you’re views on it, I will happily answer any questions you may have on this article as well.



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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Websites.| Here is How-Start Now”

  1. There is so much to learn about web based business. I have just started building my website. I am not at the point of thinking about selling it, but your post has me thinking about it. I bookmarked your post for future reference I am interested in the list of where to sell sites. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start if you want to build websites and you don;t have much experience. 

    • Well you don’t have to sell yours just yet, but you can sell the others to people who now now starting a business, you wouldn’t have much to do, you’re going for the low hanging fruit.

  2. What do you think is the best thing to do if you are trying to have a website for cash flow, make one or buy one off of flippa so that you can turn it into more profit later? In other words is it easier to take something that is your creation and make it into profit or something that is already setup?

    • In some case, some buy to sell back, we know for sure those sites that sell for much money, is sites that making money, most people buy those sites already in business, the’re already filled with content and all the necessary needs, I build my own from scratch. 

      You can take you chances and try buying, if you have to invest like that. there is a lot to consider when buying, like- Sales, Yearly profits, Business growth trends, How are you getting new customers and so much more.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Thank you so msuch for this Article. It gave a deeper and much more clearer insight on how to use website to make money. I am indeed grateful that I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate platform. I really like the Keyword research too that helps to direct our attention apart from the comprehednsive video training that are available. That a wedsite can even be built in 30 seconds is amazing. Thank You WA.

  4. There are many ways to make money online but currently I am focusing on Affiliate Marketing just because I want to sharpen my SEO skills and then move on to the entrepreneur skills. Plus, the start up cost is so cheap! I cannot think of the best investment for myself than joining WA. Give it a try folks, it is free and the information and the community are amazing. 

  5. This is excellent information! I am so glad I found your article. i will definitely take note of what I learn here, like sites where you can sell your websites. Not that I am planning on selling my websites, but still, you never know, right? 😉 I can imagine why websites that have been on the web for years are the ones that sell. They have more time, and the website owners have more experience, on top of that the website has already achieved good sales and is making great revenue. it makes sense to sell it to a high bidder. 

    Thanks for this info! 

    • Yes we may not be at WA for the purpose of selling websites, but is something that can be capitalize on. when you go premium what do you do with all those sites? it just sit there and harbor website dust, clean off and sell.

  6. Thank you for this informative and inspirational post.

    The opportunities to make money on websites are indeed immense.  And we fully agree that the Wealthy Affiliate program is second to none in this space.

    We are likewise a member and are enjoying all the benefits that a member can leverage. You have outlined them all in our insightful article above. It is really something for anyone to enjoy, learn a lot and in the process put him/herself in a position to succeed in an online business.

  7. If anyone wants to grow his business, a website is a must. Nowadays the website represents a business. Are you agree with me? This article is very contemporary and informative for those people who want to make money online by the website. And I suggest everyone that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms for those people who want to learn and earn money online. So this platform can be called learning and earning platform in a word.

    I appreciate this platform from my heart. Everyone can try this platform. Don’t get me wrong.

    Thanks for your excellent article.


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