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“” Is a platform I had joined in 2017, with the intention of using it to give eBooks to my customers, and building my list in the process as well.

As everything else everyone like to have things the easy way, In doing so we take all kinds of shortcut, trying to win the race, even if you have to ride a bicycle while the other walk towards the tape! Yeah that’s true guys. Who Don’t like it easy?

After Buying this product, I realize this isn’t exactly what I was looking for to give, or to build my list. Wanna know Why? Scroll a little further down and you will see my complete review on this Cloud Base Software “Instantprofitlab” and exactly all you need to know before buying.

Table Of Contents-

  1. OvervieweBooks. instant profit lab
  2. What Is
  3. How It Works
  4. Prices
  5. Pro & cons
  6. Features
  7. Scam?
  8. Honest Conclusion


Seller- Glynn Kosky & Rod Beckwith

Product- Instant Product Lab

Launch- June 2017


Product Type- Software

Price- $37 Front End That Is

Recommended?– Check Below

What is Instant Profit Lab?| know Here

In the most Simplest term! Instant Profit Lab is a cloud base soft wear, the easily allows you to create eBooks without even lifting a whole leg, Yep, Believe it or not, eBooks with Blazing wonderful covers, That usually be completed in letterally seconds, may be a little over if you new.

But once you get the drift on the platform, you can do this in seconds.

How does it work-

You simply place your keyword in the browser of Instant Profit Lab. Select your search options, and click search. The Software then peruse the internet for articles related to that keyword searched, after saving those articles, you can then select which article you’re going to use.

Instant Profit Lab then have this thing they call the best spinner, which then spin the content, changing it into a content with different words with the same meaning like synonyms.

Basically taking others content making it your own, like a thief in the night I see it.

eBook take a whole lot of time to create in order to get it right, perfect for making money, then some unknown you just taking it and using a spinner, trying to sell the same content some else wrote.


Instant Profit Lab has 3 levels IPL LITE, IPL PRO, and then has two other levels, IPL GOLD LITE & IPL GOLD PRO of which there are all upsells, but you don’t have to upbuy. I know you get it.

IPL LITE– $37.95-

  • Lifetime Access To Instant Product Lab
  • Newbie Friendly One-Click Product Creation
  • Newbie Friendly Simple Lead Generation Process
  • Create Digital Information Products In Under 60 Seconds
  • Lite Version Allows You To Create TEN Digital Products Per Month
  • Access To Over 250,000 Articles To Use In Your Review| Know About This Software.
  • No Need To Pay Copywriters Ever Again
  • No Need To Pay For Expensive Design Work
  • No Need For AnyMore Expensive Tools or Softwares
  • Your Digital Products Hosted On OUR Server For LIFE
  • YOUR Affiliate Links STUFFED Inside Your Finished Product
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • NO Website Required
  • Chance To Get FREE Viral Traffic With Your Digital Product
  • List Building On Steroids! – Just Send Traffic!
  • Gain Instant Online Authority With Your Digital Product
  • Make Money With Your Digital Product
  • Access To Our Image Library For eCovers
  • 24/7 Access To The Instant Product Lab
  • Lifetime 365 Customer Support From Their US Base Support Team.


IPL PRO$47.95 (All You Get In IPL LITE +)

  • Create UNLIMITED Digital Products For LIFE
  • Access To Our DELUX Image Library For Ecovers
  • ZERO Monthly Fees For (JULY Special ONLY!) That’s Gone Already


  • Lifetime Access To IPG Gold Edition
  • Newbie Friendly One-Click Product Creation
  • Newbie Friendly Simple Lead Generation Process
  • Create TEN Digital Products Per Month
  • Create TEN Ecovers Per Month
  • Create TEN Landing Pages Per Month
  • Create TEN Thank You/Download Pages Per Month
  • Ultimate All-In-One Solution To Generate Leads & Sales
  • Everything 100% Hosted On OUR SERVER
  • YOUR Affiliate Links STUFFED Inside Your Finished Products
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • NO Website Required
  • Chance To Get FREE Viral Traffic With Your Digital Product

IPL GOLD PRO– $47.00 (All You Get In IPL GOLD LITE +)

  • Create UNLIMITED Digital Products For LIFE
  • Create UNLIMITED Ecovers For LIFE
  • Create UNLIMITED Landing Pages For LIFE
  • Create UNLIMITED Thank You/Download Pages For LIFE
  • ZERO Monthly Fees (June Special ONLY!)

I must say there is a reduction in price for the gold now, to what it was before, see below what was the price and what it is now.


  1. It’s 100% newbie-friendly, hosted securely in the cloud so there’s nothing to install, and it’s extremely easy-to-use
  2. You can still used to build your Review| Know About This Software.
  3. Done for you E book covers
  4. Training to get software is pretty easy, it easy to use anyhow.


  1. Plagiarizing- Stealing and publication of another content.
  2. Lousy Support. Tickets sometimes take hours for a response.


  • Get traffic by creating books and sharing them on PDF sites like Slideshare
  • Boost your opt-ins by creating simple giveaway reports in just 60 seconds
  • Create simple books and give them away with your affiliate links inside for EASY profits
  • Repurpose existing content you already have to quickly create multiple books in just minutes
  • Create a unique e book in 60 seconds with a few clicks of your mouse… no more grueling writing or expensive designers that take forever…
  • Automatically adds your affiliate link through the e book, it creates in multiple places making you fast and easy profits
  • You don’t even need a website to profit with Instant Product Lab… Host the e book on our secure cloud servers to make it easy to share…
  • Create high-quality e covers that look stunning with the click of your mouse… (no one will realize how little time you put into this!)
  • Instant Product Lab will even create a custom landing page that’s hosted on our secure servers… and more.

Scam or Not?

I honestly wouldn’t call it a scam, it’s a real thieving product, it does exactly what it said, so I cannot call it a scam. The price was very high, it has since came down a couple of Months after launching.

Closing-Remarks & Ratings-

I really don’t like cloud base after having experience with them, some actually go dead, like obsolete after a few Months…. Instant Profit Lab just happens to be around for a while.

And people are still buying and spinning I guest! As I had stated earlier, I bought it for the purpose of building my list, after purchasing, and going into the member’s area.

I then realize that is plagiarism, so you have to state clear that it was written by someone, Instead of trying to make it your own.

Would I recommend Instant Profit Lab to someone to make money online? Absolutely “NOT”, would I recommend it for list building? “YES”, But you have to clearly state who it is from. I Rated Instant profit Lab at 1 star.

It is so much work to do to create you own eBook, sometimes take you Months, Then you create this software to just take all the had work out of creating one of your own, riding on the back of others Strength, time and efforts.

Before doing that is best you pay for your content, For me if you can’t write learn to, it will save you a lot, you don’t have to be an author!

If you know to spell and you know to write, then you can write your own article, saving yourself some cash and even getting your self much better, If you work Online as a Marketer and don’t know how to write content, you definitely deh bad. Review| Know About This Software.

Get a FREE Domain name Website, Hosting and a Keyword Research Tool by JOINING HERE at Wealthy Affiliate, and start with comprehensive training, showing you how to write your own content.

You will be able to write your own content, placing them on search engines first pages. Put valuable and meaningful content that would be helpful to someone.

Thank you much for reading this article, please be sure to leave your comments and questions in the box below, I wouldn’t hesitate to return your answers.




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30 thoughts on “ Review| Know About This Software.”

  1. Hi there and thanks for your article.

    I deeply appreciate that you give an honest opinion!  So often people just try to sell us on products without giving the whole story.  

    I am very curious to know.  You say the covers are really amazing.  Do you know if there is an option to only do the covers through them, not the content?  And if so, is that more affordable?

    I hope your business does really well.

    • Not for me! to get those you have to upgrade in order to unlock done for you covers.

      Thanks for asking and your comment.

  2. I had no idea that people took other people’s content and just changed some words to make it new. I would have been expelled from college for doing that! I agree with your review – that just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Integrity is everything in business.  Thank you for an honest review. 

  3. Earl great review on Instantproduct lab. This reminds me of a product review I have on my page called Sqribble.  Sqribble is a ebook creator as well. I don’t believe they steal other people’s work though.  I know the value of having a lead magnet to build your list, that is why I bought it. Do you still use the product?

    • Yeah I do! but I clearly states who its from, and yes hon, it is someone else content, but you can give someone eBook.

      I have eBook from another platform that i’m an agent for, you will see my links and even a photo, but again clearly states who wrote it.

      But to spin it to make it yours it stealing. Thanks for your kind comments.

  4. I’ve heard of Instant Product Lab before, but didn’t know anything about it until now. Around the beginning of your review, I was a little excited as you said it was a product geared towards helping you create ebooks. Creating my own ebook is a big goal of mine and something I want to do someday. After reading further into the article of how Instant Product Lab works, I immediately became skeptical because I do not like the idea of taking other peoples articles or books online and then spinning it to create your own. You initially said this was used as a product giveaway for your list. Has anyone you know either from your list or somewhere else, tried it out before and had success with it?

    • I had think the same way at first as I stated, but I don’t promote it, I don’t even use it to make eBooks any more, when I use to give eBooks, I had to state who’s content it was when giving it away, I now use it in a defferent way,  cause I had a one time payment when It was launch, so I can still use it when I’m doing research, Remember these are real people’s content that is online. 

      Thanks for your comment

  5. Hi,Earl .
    Thanks for sharing your unbiased reviews on Instant product lab software. The product seems to be so lucrative for the beginners in the stating of article, and as I completed reading it , I  got the whole idea clear. I would definitely not like to steal content of others, spin and reproduce it. It does not make sense. Thanks for making the ground clear. Please suggest, how you proceed to write eBook for your business? Is there any other software to create the Cover – as it is what people are attracted in first instance.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • I don’t create, got enough work already to write content for my site, but I’m an agent, have the right to do what I like with it, have my links as well.

  6. I am scared to use this product. From what I read in your review, it basically steals other people’s content and modifies it? Business should not be done that way because you can’t provide any new value using their product. To be successful, you always have to provide new value. Does your number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, teach people how to provide new value to people?

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have collected various types of books from this website which is why the software books are so good and I enjoy reading.And this software has some of my favorite books that I have not yet collected and I have a great desire to collect these books and I love reading books.And your software is a must for those like me who love reading books because they can easily get their favorite books from here.After you read the article you will find out about this software and after sharing the book from here will share new experiences with you.

    • Yes it is certainly good for that, you can find lots of books in any niche, you can read and educate yourself with them too, but to make a sustainable income from that is a no no.. 

      When we do researches is read we read ain’t it? So when doing researches it still can be used.

      Thank you for that comment.

  8. Thanks for the review of Instantproductlab

    I have been trying for a few days to join in Instantproductlab. but I don’t have much idea about this platform. I was confused about whether it would be okay to join this company. but thanks to you It Helped me to know about this platform. because you describe it very well. You highlighted all the points of Instantproductlab and sharing your experience with us. Thanks, Finally, I decided to join this platform. Your article really helps me a lot and also those people who want to join this platform.

    Once again thank you so much.

  9. Hi,  This is really a nice article. I have enjoyed it.

    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing this post with us. I read your article and I found your article interesting. 

    You have posted about instant product lab software. It is really a nice product. It has a lot of advantages. It is generally used for making an ebook. I have used the product and found it good.

    The price of your software is high. Do you have low price software? Does it have any trial version? Do you update your software every year? I think the product is a good choice for anyone. Thanks for the post.

    • I had a one time price when It had launch in 2017, I do not know it it upgrades on auto, but I don’t.

      Thanks for asking and your comment.

  10. If the software is changing some words, phrases and over all order of the information within the article, how is the considered plagiarizing? I’m sure many articles are currently produced this way. Can you help me set up a system for building lists? What are some of the ways you drive track to your lead captures pages to build your lists?

    • When the spinner finish spining! I can surely tell you if is my content or not, they can spin as long as it like< I will still know if its mine.

      The spinner give you 2 options with 2 added articles, one of them make absolutely no sence, and the other is a lot of words you have to replace with synonyms. Its still someone content, read it and then rewrite it in your own words, how hard is that?

      We all do researches for different topics, that we have to explaing in our own words making it unique.

      Giving eBooks! try that to build you list, if you can provide traffic, give them some valuable clicks after signing up, You actually offering these goodies to them for them to join your list.

  11. I used to be a fan of PLR products and although Instant Product Lab can’t be considered a PLR product as it is a tool where you are the one creating your own product, it works like a PLR! I bet the end result will be not nice with your work looking like robotic and the words wouldn’t make sense. But I’m impressed by the fighting spirit of the creators of this software they wouldn’t give up thinking of new ways or new tools to sell to the market. There are always people looking for a tool like this, especially the busy ones who wouldn’t bother to just write their own content.

    By the way, do you have an alternative for this tool? Something that would not get you into plagiarism trouble?

    And by the way, KUDOS to you for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member of that site which is a very good site in training online marketers and hosting websites that seldom go down. Great!

  12. Hi.Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m glad I found this review. After reading this article, I came to know about the Instantproductlab. I think it’s not good because it steals and publication the content of others. and The price is very high. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I think Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Research Tool is much more effective and helpful for our Keyword research. Thanks for sharing this review. I must say that your article is very helpful and informative. I have a question. I think it’s a thieving product, so why we can not call it a scam? Thanks

    • Well the products steals content. but it also do exactly as it said, they didn’t hide it and try to get your money.

      Thanks for that question.

  13. seeing the name instantprofitlab gives a bad remark because it is almost impossible to just make such profits instantly. a colleague of mine engage in this platform and he regretted it. i would rather invest my time and resources into something else to bring positive returns. thank you for this article. it is helpful

    • Bless Benny, thats the whole Idea! “help” Yeah it doesn’t feel like you’re doing something right.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Your guide is very helpful. While reading I know that the product seems to be so lucrative for the beginners in the stating of article, and as I completed reading it , I got the whole idea clear. I would definitely not like to steal content of others, spin and reproduce it. It does not make sense. Thanks for making the ground clear.

  15. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us . Business should not be done that way because you can’t provide any new value using their product. To be successful, you always have to provide new value. Does your number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, teach people how to provide new value to people?

    • You’re much welcome, I recommend you write your own content, or let a proffessional do it. If you don’t know and keep trying, you will get better, so for me, write your own or start learning,
      Thanks for asking.


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