Internet Marketing & Search Engine Relationship

Internet Marketing and Search Engine actually go together and all who think that SEO is dead then you need to retake a hard look at what has given you that Idea. In plain and simple words, The tool the “GOOGLE” used to crawl your website check for SEO optimization, So…. how it dead? We also know you can have a beautiful website with no one really going to it, do you know why? Your SEO is on the floor.

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What Is SEO Really?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engine results page. In other words, SEO involves making certain changes to your website design and content that makes your site more attractive to a search engine. So I ask again or tell me how SEO can be dead? Never did and never will be

There are hundreds of thousands of jobless individuals who want to get out of their current situation but are unable to do so. Before they entered the world of unemployment, they were not worrying about their expenditures. They expected monthly salaries that they can use to pay for their expenditures. Aside from their regular monthly salaries, they are also entitled to several benefits such as health care, group accident insurance, financial incentives, holiday bonuses, and others. Thus, their life during their employment years is just like living in a world of security in terms of convenient living.

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But the world that they are now into is different compared as to when they are still employed. After losing their respective jobs (due to streamlining of their employee ranks or the company is experiencing financial difficulties, and then come to Covid), they have been stripped of their monthly salaries and additional benefits.

Their basic needs are just provided, given the availability of sufficient funds. Medical and educational necessities of their children are now beyond their reach simply because they cannot afford it. They lose all of their credit cards because they have no money to pay for their interest. In other words, they are now at the helm of poverty brought by unemployment.

Despite their current situation, most of them are determined to get out of such a situation. All available job vacancies posted through local classified ads or Internet are sorted out, hoping for any possibility of getting employed from any of these vacancies. However, you cannot deny the fact that getting employed is nearly impossible to achieve. With thousands of applicants fighting for a single job vacancy, what is the probability that you will be hired? That is nearly impossible, so to speak.

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Relationship

So What Do They Do To Service?

They go to their browser looking for jobs online, Yes, Since the Pandemic of which we all had been affected, many have taken to the internet looking for jobs as well, here is where SEO take a play too, base on what their searching for they can end up on your site if your SEO is done correctly.

What these jobless individuals did realize is that there is still an alternative wherein they can get out from their unemployed status. They can earn enough or more for their families, and even get beyond the earnings of a corporate executive. Yes, they certainly can. That is nearly impossible, you will say. But with Internet marketing, it is always a possibility.

Suppose you are quite familiar with Internet marketing. In that case, you will be able to read and hear success stories about individuals who have been denied of getting employed. Yet, with the knowledge of Internet marketing together with their determination to get out of their unemployed status, they have succeeded and now earning more for themselves and their families. For these successful online entrepreneurs, Internet marketing is a blessing for them.

Despite the huge opportunity that Internet marketing provides to individuals who are courageous enough to take the risk, there are still individuals who fail to earn through their online business. It is because of their lack of necessary knowledge about Internet marketing attributes, particularly about the importance of search engine rankings.

What is search engine ranking? How important is it to the success of an Internet marketer’s career?

Every time online shoppers look for any product or service that they need or Internet users search for any useful information that can be utilized for any purposes, they tend to use search engines. If you are familiar with Google, Yahoo, or MSN, these are just some examples of search engines. The results displayed on search engine inquiries that are made is important to online shoppers and Internet users in finding any information, product, or services that they need.

Since Internet marketing is an online-based business opportunity, search engine ranking is one of the attributes that you need to consider. You need to build a clientele base that will patronize the products and services that you are offering for sale on the Internet. Such clientele base will come from the majority of online shoppers and Internet users over the Web; thus, you need to attract them to visit your site and purchase your products or services. This is what you called the conversion of web traffic into loyal clientele base.

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SEO give you The Ability To Attract Organic TrafficInternet Marketing & Search Engine Relationship

You will be able to attract traffic to your site through high search engine rankings. Your Internet marketing website must be on the top pages of every related search engine result that will be made out of every related inquiry. Remember that Internet users prefer the websites that are “highlighted” or placed on top search engine result pages. If your site appears on top pages of any search engine (not just one but several search engines), you will be able to attract more traffic to your website and convert them into loyal and long-term clients.

There are other things to consider when relating Internet marketing to search engine. However, it would help if you remembered one of the basics of Internet marketing-search engine provides you with the opportunity to succeed in your online career. Making you a lot more sales in the process.


After all that I’ve explained to you in this article, Do some of you still feel that SEO is dead? I really don’t think so. Sometimes I write an article without even looking for keywords which also helps with SEO, and it may still rank fast, not because SEO dead. However, because I wrote it with SEO in mind which causes the search engines to be still able to find that article base on keywords, I didn’t check for and other steps I took to optimize my article making it SEO ready. learn some more about SEO Techniques here

Now any questions you may have on this article, feel free to place those questions in the chatbox, I will be back to join in the discussion and answer all your questions ASAP.



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  1. The relationship between internet marketing aj d search engine  engine is almost interwoven as the other cannot be without the other.  Interestingly, what has been shared here is simply good and I really fancy it all. Thanks so much for the detailed information on the relationship that search engine shares with internet marketing and the need to ficus energy on getting the recognition by search engines

  2. I’m really fascinated to see your article on the relationship between internet marketing and search engines. If you are truly an internet marketer then of course you need to have good knowledge of SEO. Because you can’t be an internet marketer without doing SEO. SEO will easily spread your business to a targeted audience which will help you get organic traffic for free. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share in my social media group about the relationship between internet marketing and SEO if you agree with me.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this article, it is a very insightful one and it has been a very big me, I believe as online business owners, we need to always find time to read through articles that are beneficial to us just like this one. Knowing about SEO would help you improve how your website is actually ranked by search engines. Thanks

  4. SEO is essential for every online based business. According to this article, SEO is needed by anyone who has an online business or is planning to have one, it’s not dead as the two goes together. As long as the internet marketing business exists,SEO will also be existing. Thank you for sharing this information with us here

  5. In some simple words, SEO actually stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is to optimize your website to enable it search-friendly. Thus getting bigger rankings in search engine results. Actually SEO means your website gets higher ranking in search engine organic results.

    Why we require SEO?
    It assist us to increase the ranking of your website in search engine results
    It generates unpaid(free) traffic on your website. Individuals easily get to visit your website because of search engine results. Automatically lead generation will occur at the process and it will enable more individuals in buying your products and services.

  6. You are so right, I believe that having a good knowledge of internet marketing and seo will put you on the road to having much success. I must spend more time seeking to understanding the two. Thanks for sharing!

  7. SEO sure isn’t dead this year! It will always be important, even if it changes shape and value in ranking one’s website. It will always be something to strive for and more importantly is providing value to your readers, which in itself will help generate organic traffic.


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