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Working Online as an Affiliate Marketer, you always do research on the best affiliate products to promote, the ones that has the best ROI. and converts well. JVzoo is one of those affiliate platform where sellers, owners of different product display what they have on sale.

But what do you know about JVzoo and it platform? do you buy products on JVzoo to promote?

Here in this article I will give you my clear and comprehensive review on JVzoo! In just a few Minuits, since I don’t write my articles too long, you will clearly be able to make any decisions with anything related to JVzoo.

Tables of Contents.

  • Overview.
  • What Is JVzoo
  • How it works.
  • Features.
  • Price.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Support
  • Conclusion.
  • Place to Collaborate JVzoo With


Owners– Chad Casselman & Bryan Zimmerman


Product Type– Affiliate Product & Vendor Platform

Price– Free

Name– JVzoo

Address– Oviedo, Florida USA.

What Is JVzoo| Do You Really Know?

The name JVzoo Is the abbreviation for “JOINT VENTURE ZOO” JVzoo is name one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America for 2016 and 2017.JVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside

JVzoo is a marketplace or platform to promote Digital Products, promote and sell under one platform with ease.

JVzoo is a Software as a service that facilitates and automates online Marketing, Sales, and Delivery. The Network give JVzoo members the tools and solution needed to be successful in an online business, regardless to which niche you’re in.

With this Platform and its network, You can partner with people that has expertise in areas you’re weak in, creating perfect partnerships to ensure that you succeed online.


How Does It Works? Know Here-

This platform is quite easy to use, you actually sign up for free, and received an affiliate link or number immediately after signing up.

This number in embedded in all affiliate products you’re about promote on this platform, that number is your permanent JVzoo affiliate number.

also allows you to place your own product on the platform for sale too, where they will received a commission for every sale.

In partnering or networking with other JVzoo members, your product is in the best hands, not to mention this is a site where millions visit every day seeking for meaningful products, including vendors, yes other vendors also sell others products.

So you have a product and other help to sell your product, obviously I don’t have to say they also get a commission on product sold. Remember JV stands for “Joint Venture”.JVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside

Just list you product and it will be available to anyone in the world to buy, JVzoo take care of the Marketing, Sales and delivery for you. Via PayPal and Stripe, and delivering your product immediately after purchase.

This is very hassle free for vendors and generally make everything a breeze for JVzoo members. One account allows you be an affiliate and seller.

JVzoo has endless products you can promote, form some you have to seek permission from owners or creators to promote and sell, all this is being done right from the same platform.


Instant and Delay Affiliate payments– Give your affiliates Instant or delayed payments, while keeping control of refunds.

Instant Sales Funnel Generator– Create funnels for all products with simple drop and click.

Lifetime Cookies– This is a huge feature when come to affiliate recruitment! affiliates appreciates the commission they get from you again and again.

Digital Delivery and Protection JVZoo’s customer portal will instantly deliver your products for you, saving you time and money.

Instant Affiliate Program Setup– Simply list your product and you can instantly start recruiting affiliates. It’s never been easier! Need an extra boost? Purchase our Hot Topics ads to attract affiliatesJVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside

Tracking & Statistics– Everything from clicks, EPC’s, sales, percentages to tracking ID’s can be found right on your JVZoo dashboard.

JV Profit Sharing Instantly pay up to 3 JV partners for each transaction, keeping you from confusing money division.

Payment Processors– Payments are handled through the largest and most trusted payment processors.

Personalize Webinar Intros– Add a personalized video introduction for webinars you promote to skyrocket your conversions!

Instant Sale Notification– Keep an eye on your campaigns with our instant sale notifications. Notices are sent to your email’s inbox each time an affiliate sale is made.

Two-Tier Affiliate Commissions Paid on Select Products– Certain products allow you to recruit affiliates, earning you a commission each time a sale is made by an affiliate you recruited.

Automatic Bonus Delivery– Entice prospects to buy from your affiliate link by offering exclusive bonuses. Our bonus delivery system allows you to upload a bonus product that is automatically delivered with the purchased product.


This is absolutely FREE to join and Promote products, just sign up and get access to JVzoo’s Marketplace and find perfect products to promote to your list, followers, family members too, and that is from the very start.


Support sucks for me, support from JVzoo support disk is kool, but support generally come from Vendors who deals directly with buyers, so there is no need to ever provide customer support for people that purchase from your affiliate links.

which means is many delays you get submitting an issue through an email, that then has to be answer by the vendor. For support, I will give a 5 out of 10, since JVzoo allow these vendors to handle their own stuff. Sometimes having no regard for the purchaser time.

Pros-JVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside

  • Free to Join.
  • Easy approval after listing product for sale.
  • Easy Purchase and check out process.
  • Refunds always honored.
  • High paying commissions on some products


  • I somewhat do not believed that they verified these products, some is just plain rubbish and useless in affiliate Marketing.
  • Hidden up sales! I hate that, you calculate to buy for a dollar, after paying dollar is another few dollars they trying to get you to spend, when decided on a dollar already, they still need to spend another 8.
  • Certain Vendors DO NOT give permission to newbies to promote their product. I once ask for permission to sell a product that was hot and converting, when I had just join, the vendor give me the permission and reverse it after checking and seeing I had just join.
  • Some of the products is just Scam, the go obsolete after a time, especially those cloud base software.
  • Support is from vendors, or the seller that sold you, when seeking support sometime you actually wait until the next day for an answer.

Closing Remarks-

In my closing remarks of this review, JVzoo is not a scam if you might have that question! it is a legit platform I’m sure of since I;m a member of JVzoo and was paid by them promptly many of times without any problems.

However I do not like many of the products, since there not verified, allowing vendors to place nonsense of the said platform for sale, you have to do your own research and in some cases you can’t do any research because the product is now about to launch or just launch.JVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside

The reviews at the time is reviews from those who promoting the product, so you really don’t get the honest review, The seller doesn’t really know about it other than selling it, with same information from sales page that is full of fluff.

Being a member of JVzoo, If I like a product I always wait to see honest review or the product perform ability, before buying.

Since at that time you don’t have an honest review for the real buyers that already had experience with it, and know exactly how it works.

Out of a 5 Stars I would Give JVzoo 4 in this review, for the simple reason you can get scam on the platform from wasteful products that some vendors sells.

Place To Collaborate JVzoo With-

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18 thoughts on “JVzoo Review | Exposed Details Inside”

  1. I have received emails before about Jvzoo and have wondered what it was and what they do. Your article explained perfectly what it is, how it works, and how anyone can benefit from it and for that, I thank you. I love the fact that it is free to signup and you’re immediately assigned an affiliate id so you can start earning money. The fact that you can partner or network with other members there to help promote some of the products there make Jvzoo and excellent affiliate network to be a part of. Have you seen a lot of success with it or know someone who has made some decent income through Jvzoo?

    • Yes I sold a few things, not no big success, I like having value and helping meaningful, I would never promote a scam, or some product that is not good.

      There are some that are really successful there and sells a lot, like Micheal Cheney and others. there is a certain group of marketers there the ensure others product sells, I mean among themselves.

      But yes some do prosper there.

      Thanks for asking

  2. Thanks Earl for sharing that. I am still in the beginning stages of my own blog and was wondering what point you feel is the best to start affiliate marketing. Do the people at JVZoo review your website before approving you to be an affiliate? I am still in the very early phase but this sounds a lot like what I am looking for.

    • No Star! some mainly check your records there as to if you ever sell anything, cause if they feel you can’t sell the vendor not JVzoo don’t approve for you to sell. 

      No they don’t check website, some people do affiliate Marketing and don’t even have a website, some just build landing and squeeze pages, at leadleap or one of them, and promote without a site.

      And yes you can start Affiliate marketing from jump street, right now you are an affiliate at WA, you have an affiliate link to promote already.

      Good question, thanks for asking and your comments.

  3. Hey, great review on JVzoo which is a platform I just joined as an affiliate marketer. I find that many of their products are kind of crap and like you said some are even scams, but there are some hidden gems in there you just have to dig around. I’d say if you’re in the online business, health, or self improvement niche then JVzoo could have some really good opportunities for you.

  4. Earl thanks for posting this review but I have to confess to being a wee bit confused.  The balance of your comments are quite negative in regard to the overall experience. You specifically mention that both support and consistency of products cause you major concerns and yet to you finish your review with 4/5 Star rating.

    This is interesting because you seems to be basing that 4 on the fact that it is not a scam and that integrity in regard to prompt and honest payment is the biggest point scorer for you.

    I would be concerned about the customer experience judging by your narrative.  On your narrative, which is good, I would score them a 2 and I would not be persuaded to do business with them.

    Do you have a response to this?

    Thanks for posting.

    Hamish 🧐

    • Well I always say! I give the info and what I think, base on the info you may have a different opinion, which is kool.

      I clearly state what they have to offer and the mess up part about them as well. I give them 3 since there are very helpful to a lot of people that is really selling on that platform, I also sold product of which I’m an agency for. 

      In that case their excellent! But they lost two stars for not reviewing products that is being sold there and some are just plain scams or just work for a time, but some is doing well there, vendors that is. 

      Hope that clear up the confusion.

      Thank you much for your comments and asking a question as well.

  5. This is a great review. Good content here. I stumbled across this site and am glad to know all this helpful information about JVZoo. It seems like a good platform based on your description. However, the cons are the things that I will have to take into account when planning to check out the platform.

    Excellent content here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Helllo there! This is one of the best review I’ve encountered about ‘Joint  Ventures Zoo’ on the internet as it carefully explains everything about it. I find it helpful for me as a newbie. 

    I’ll like to ask this question; Pls what is the percentage for referral earns or is it not provided in the company’s claim?

    • Different product with different creators give different % in commissions, for some products you get up to 50% commission.

      Thanks for asking. 

  7. Hi Earl

    Thank you for sharing your review of JVZoo. To check that I have understood correctly, you do recommend that affiliates join JVzoo but suggest we are cautious with which products we promote?

    How would you go about selecting which products within JVzoo are legit? I think I would prefer to know that JVzoo themselves ensure that the products are good solid products, it makes me a little nervous that they seem not to do that.


    • Good Question! What I do is if i’m interested in any product, I would wait until I can get some positive feedback first with out rushing to buy. As I stated you don’t get the best reviews when the product just launch, since is sellers reviews, you normally received at first.
      Thanks for asking that intelligent question.

  8. Even though this program may not be a scam when you look at the pros vs the cons a red flag goes up. So many of these programs are not as hype as they make it seems and we should proceed with precaution. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. Thanks for your thoughts on JV Zoo Earl. I use them at times but have to agree with some of your “cons” as some of the programs they offer are not that high quality at all. But for a free platform they do a decent job. All the Best.


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