Killer Google AdWords Review| Does Adwords Killer Works?

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Killer Google AdWords is another very popular Adwords guide that hit the market a few years now, This is my honest and critical Killer Google AdWords review, that will tell you exactly what you will find inside – and what you won’t.


Author- Phil Adair- Phil is a fully qualified Google AdWords Professional with satisfied clients Worldwide.

He has been advising businesses professionally in the digital marketing space for over 14 years, helping them succeed with their online strategies and overall online presence.

Phil’s areas of expertise are as follows:Killer Google AdWords Review

* Google AdWords Training

* Search Engine Optimization Training

* Social Media Training

* Landing Pages (Conversion Techniques/Psychology) Training

Product Type– Book.| Now Available in Kindle.

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Price– FREE


Unless you have been living under a Bridge you know that there are dozens of Adwords Guides out there. All of them promise you that you can make you millions.

What I don’t like is that you keep reading the same stuff over and over – sometimes basics that you could get for free on the tutorial pages of Google Adwords.

Other Adwords books that I had previously bought include, Adwords Miracle, Day job killer, The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall. If you add up the price for all of them you know I spent a lot of money.

When I just Started Working online, I did spend money on stuff trying to break the code. In doing this, Yes! I spend some money

So my million dollar question really is: Does Adwords Killer offer any new tricks or strategies that you haven’t seen yet in any other guides or is it just the usual stuff (Split-testing ads, Tight ad-grouping etc.)?

Adwords Killer does cover some of the basics, but the major part of the guide consists of new and innovative tactics that cannot be found in other books. Maybe that’s because the other authors preferred to keep those tricks for themselves – maybe it is because they were not aware of them. I don’t know.

So what does Adwords Killer cover what other Adwords Guides didn’t?

About Negative Keywords

This is one of the highlights of the book. Everybody tells you to include the negative keyword -free in your ads. Adwords Killer goes far beyond that. The author gives you a comprehensive list of negative keywords that have statistically proven to make campaigns unprofitable.

Most of them I had never considered. But once you think about it – it seems so obvious. He also tells you exactly when and how to use negative keywords and how to avoid a common mistake many people make when using negative keyword phrases consisting of more than one word.

Campaign Tuning Is Important

Killer Google AdWords Review

Campaign Tuning means you constantly improve your campaigns to make them better and more profitable over time. This is something that others don’t mention at all – although the very popular Adwords Miracle does tell you a little about campaign tuning but not enough.

Adwords Killer tells you how to use advanced keyword tracking using log files – which only applies if you have your own landing page – and how to know if a campaign has reached its maximum profit potential.

This is something that really made me totally turn around some of my campaigns. One of my campaigns that was losing money before now makes $25 each and every day.

CPC Kill Technique for Campaign Defense

Recently certain Adwords products have started to show you how to nuke or steal other people’s campaigns. Adwords Killer is the first guide to show you how to protect an evil advertiser from stealing your keywords and attacking your campaign. This will become more and more important since too many advertisers out there just try to spot a profitable niche and then just copy your ad.

The CPC Kill Technique tells you exactly how to keep other advertisers out of a niche that you have occupied and that you want to keep it for yourself.

Site Targeting Secrets

This was completely new for me. I must admit that I had always switched off the content network, like most of the other gurus said and focused only on keyword targeting.

This section alone for me was worth the price of Adwords Killer many times over since it tells you exactly how to use the site targeting feature to make a $10 per day campaign into a 50$ per day campaign.

The good thing: As with site targeting there is almost no competition out there yet, so up to this point this is easy money.

Bidding Secrets and Position Preference

Adwords Killer shows you a method to outbid any competitor only spending the minimum amount of cash. More important it shows you how to use the position preference feature from Adwords (rarely used by anyone) to maximize your conversions. Yes.

I knew that it was no good to be in the number one position for a keyword, because you get too many people who click out of curiosity but don’t buy. What surprised me was the exact position your ad should be in to get fewer clicks but much higher conversions.

I would recommend Adwords Killer if you are already a little familiar with Google Adwords and are looking for more powerful tactics to boost your profits or if you currently have some Adwords campaigns running that are unprofitable.

If you are a total newbie, don’t buy this book – if you are already familiar with Adwords – Adwords Killer will turn you into an experienced Adwords advertiser that 99% of other advertisers cannot compete with.Killer Google AdWords Review

Even if you have not too much experienced like I am, Adwords Killer will have some tricks that you didn’t know. Applying only one of them can pay the price of the book many times over.

The use of these advanced tactics is what can separate a winning campaign from a losing one and an affiliate marketer who makes some money from an Adwords Pro who makes a killing.

Honestly I would not want to compete in a niche with another advertiser who uses the tricks laid out in Adwords Killer.

Conclusion- My Take

Since I started to work online, I read and watch a lot of videos and tutorials on working online generally, some is just a waste of time, and some have some real value as far as I’m concern.

This Adwords Killer is worth reading, it certainly has all the necessary tips and strategies for advertising on Google Ads. I somehow find google ads easier than bing, but that is just me, when ever I set up campaigns in google ads, it always gets approved, for bing I have to make sure I take my time, just to get it right.

Along with some other training and Adwords Killer I’m always able to get my ads up and running in no time, I definitely would give this book a heads up, and is definitely “recommended” and can help you in a massive way with your google ads.

Should you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments box below, I will sure get back to you speedily.




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13 thoughts on “Killer Google AdWords Review| Does Adwords Killer Works?”

  1. This is a great post and by far the most valuable part of it is the negative adword piece. Have you employed this yourself? Do you have first hand experience of improving your content through following Adairs’s advice and if so what results did you obtain to convince you that it is as effective as he says.


    • Yes I do!I have applied it along with kyle’s training and has been successful with it. I actually had more problems with bing than google.

      As everyone else feel that their training is the best, you the trainee still has to figure out if its really the best.

      As I stated, I think it have some valuable information.

  2. Pretty awesome article and the best part is that it’s free!  I tried adwords out a couple months ago and it was just to much for me to handle since I really didn’t know what I was doing and really didn’t have the time to research exactly what to do.  I will be bookmarking this page and downloading the PDF because I know I’m going to give it another try.   Thanks for the FREE info!

    • It is a little more expensive that bing, so you sure have to know what you’re doing or you will waste money.

      Kyle always say that with even bing.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have an online business and have been aware of Google Ad Words, but I have not looked into it in depth.  You outline of the important reason to do the research and possibly spend the money is great.  I had no idea that people would attempt to steal my keywords and my concepts. As well, I had thought that the #1 position was obviously the best.  Your article has stimulated me to do more research and check into this as a tool to make my online marketing more effective.

  4. Your guide is awesome on google Adwords. I am new in this internet world and just start building my online business. Now I am trying to update my knowledge. I want to know What is the best in wealthy affiliate about google adwords? I always here from people that wealthy affiliate is best. I hope their training is best. Can you give me some suggestion or tips regarding wealthy affiliate?

  5. Hello, Your review help me a lot to know about Google Adwords. I recently started my online website and now I am planning to use good Adwords. Now I know the importance of Adwords. As well, I had thought that the #1 position was obviously the best.  Your article has stimulated me to do more research and check into this as a tool to make my online marketing more effective.

  6. Personally, I have heard of adverbs but have never used it, thank so much for the breakdown of adverbs. This post gives an in-depth look at how adverbs work letting people know what to expect if they decide to go this way.


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