Multiple Income Streams Online.

Multiple income Streams Online is the way to go by diversifying your service or products. No one should have only one source of passive income online but multiple sources. In this article I will give you some valuable tip and knowledge how this can be accomplish with some simple steps.

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E-books, affiliate marketing, audio products and advertising are ways to create a passive income from the Internet. A lot of people focus on only one of these products, and by doing so, make a healthy stream of passive income, never thinking that anything could go wrong. But what if something does? Your online business could hit some hard times close down, or your customers can decide to take go elsewhere. Creating a multiple stream of passive income insures one’s security


How does one go about creating multiple streams of passive income? How about taking a product you have already produced and diversifying it. If you already have already written an e-book think about making an audio product from it.

If your e-book is a “How to book” that could quality you as an expert. As such, offer your services to other business that is in need of a consultant. Offer to advertise for them on your website.

Expert Site

An expert site is just another term for a membership site. If you are an expert in your field, set up a website that caters to novices who are willing to pay a fee for your expertise.

However, one can’t just call him or herself an expert and have people willing to pay them for their services. Although, there are probably some instances of that happening, but to create multiple streams of passive income one must have a product or business they have already established. The experience one has gotten from running an online business or selling a product will establish them as an expert.


Advertising is a good way to create multiple streams of income. A person can advertise google adwords on their website. They can also set up a website specifically geared to advertising for other companies. Yes, once you can run ads for yourself you’ll be surprise to know you can do for others, Once you start doing it you will be surprise at yourself.

There are various ways to attract traffic. Free downloads, free e-zines or free newsletters will ensue that people will throng to your website. Once you have a decent amount of traffic on your site, you can sell banner space, pop-ups or pop-unders to advertisers. This can become a lucrative income source once you know how to generate and maintain traffic on your site.


What is a reseller? A reseller, resells other people’s services and by doing so earn themselves an ongoing residual income. For example, a person sells their services as a Webmaster, your job would be to repackage their services and sell them to other businesses. Therefore, when they get work you get paid, it is simple as that.

Online Auction Business

One way to generate additional passive income is to start an online auction business. There is also an option of starting your own eBay online. The difference between establishing another eBay online and your own individualize online auction business is that you can cater to specific items. For example, if you know about antique clocks then that could be your online auction business focus. Or maybe you know a lot about antique cookware or works of art. It all depends on where your interest lay.

Time Is Important, Make It Count

When creating multiple streams of income it is important that a person does not spread themselves too thin. Staying focus is the key, which is why it is so important to have at least one or two products, which you are diversified. It also makes it easier because one already has a product and does not have to take the time to find one.

You don’t want to be running all over the place saying you’re looking for multiple income, you need not spread yourself where you have time for everything and no time to finish nothing, do it in a way where it can be easily handle.

Something You’re Passionate About

Don’t diversify just to diversify, have some interest in what you do. If you don’t any interest in what you are doing a person can easily get bored, which can cause them to make mistakes, which can cost them money. Passion in anything is rare but without it one can get lazy and static. this is why is best to have those multiple income in the same niche you’re in, hoping is something you certainly love

Make Your Website Pay In Millions

Although opportunities were rare and far in between during the pre cyber era, Internet has transformed the entire scenario of making money. All you need is inclination, just like thousands of other smart people across the world. And when I say Millions I really don’t mean overnight, I meant over time certainly

Hey, wait! You think this is another sales gimmick? It’s alright. Most of those who made their billions on the Internet began with the same mindset. But now they are coming forth with their statements…of how they made it big using this simple FREE platform call Wealthy Affiliate. You get Hosting, SSL Website, your online business starting for FREE

Still just have to surf through the net and you will simply wonder at their entrepreneurial skills and their brave decision to take the first step, jumping off of that fence, and being  Brave, because the initial step often takes a lot of courage and getting started.

Especially when the mindset is attuned to be wary of any offer, no matter how simplistic the concept is or however sure shot its success is.
However, there is not one but innumerable opportunity for those involved in e-commerce to make money on the web. Some of these are listed below:

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs or MLM is just a way for businesses to distribute their products. Rather than using the customary distribution process that moves from manufacturer to wholesaler and then onto a retailer and finally to the end customer, MLM companies use a network of independent marketers to move the products directly from the manufacturer to the end customer. You can use this prevalent concept to promote your own product or service on the net. Trust me, this chain can really make a difference.

Selling Info Products

Your company’s core competency could be of real help to select people across the globe. You can transform this into an information product in the form of e-book or ezine, which will guide others in a step-by-step manner. Either you can charge for your information or better still, create a database using information about those who wish to download your product for free. This database can fetch you a decent amount.

Selling Dependable service

The the best part of Internet is the ability to reach out to millions across the world. If you are a service provider, it could be possible for you to provide this service to someone in the different time zone. For instance, a copywriting studio or a designing studio can work online. There are various sites, which offer such opportunities. Check out for details.

Micro Site

Scores of web businesses sell products on their websites that are directly or indirectly linked with their primary business. You too can identify such products and strike a deal with the manufacturers for selling them on your web store. Even a little percentage in commission can go a long way when the product finds enough buyers. Masters in e-commerce recommend the above tools since users have honed them over the years, to the best of their advantage. Use them and make your website pay

Conclusion In-Closing

There are many benefits to creating multiple streams of income like more money, security, if a problem happens with one line of income you have several to fall back on. If you already have a stream of passive stream income from the internet coming in that is good, but take the time to see if you can generate that into multiple streams, which will be even better. Over time you’ll be surprise at how much you can be making.



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  1. Making money from the internet of actually very good because most it these businesses are usually easy to handle and that comfort that comes with it is always there. However, as the v case may be, we all want a good business for which that money can be made and you have listed some cool options. Affiliate marketing is always my first pick. 

  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article. I’ve gone through and I must say I really did enjoy it as it contained valuable information and well stated facts. I agree with you that it’s not advisable to have just one way of getting income, passive income from different sources is actually the best. The list of paying jobs you dropped is awesome but for me, the best has to be affiliate marketing. It’s a very lucrative job and an educative one as well. Thank you very much 

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains useful informations one can hold on to. Personally i already have a stream of passive stream income from the internet, i would try and make this multiple streams so i can earn more, thanks 

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