RSS Feeds Performance & Tips

Tips for Helping Your RSS Feed Perform!

In some ways RSS is very similar to HTML, the language commonly used to create websites. Just as with HTML, webmasters using traditional search engine optimization tactics when creating an RSS feed will find that their RSS feed receives additional exposure and interest.

Here are some “RSS feed performances and  tips” all online marketers should know of when coming to RSS feed, you’ll realize you’ve been missing out just as I was, continue to read as I explain further down in this article.

Simple steps to optimize an RSS feed for search engines:

1.)The title should contain important search terms.

To state the obvious, the title should be relevant and not misleading, while still emphasizing keywords. Ultimately, the title should entice the reader to read on, not mislead them.

2. Display RSS feeds.

Most webmasters display their feeds as content on their website. When displaying a feed be sure to use PHP, ASP or HTML so that search engines will spider the contents of the feed displayed. If using a template to display feeds, use header tags to define the appearance of the Channel Title and Item Titles. Many search engines weight header tags with more importance. See Displaying RSS Feeds for additional information –

3.) Internal & external Links.

Within a feed you should always use the full path of any links, keeping in mind that other sites may syndicate the contents of the RSS feed. Links that are not local to the site should launch a new browser. While this is not specific to search engines it will help keep visitors on your site.

4.) Link text should emphasize keywords.
It is no longer a deep, dark secret that the text used for incoming links will help a site contextually define the keywords that the site appears for in the search engines. Keeping that in mind, be sure to use keywords in any link text that points back to your website.

5.) My Yahoo and My.MSN.
This is surprisingly simple to do but often overlooked by publishers and webmasters. The fastest way to have an RSS feed spidered by Yahoo or MSN is to include the feed on a personal or my.MSN home page. Simply create an account on the respective search engines and customize the home page to include your RSS feed. This is done by adding content and listing the URL to the RSS feed. Typically, within 24-48 hours the feed’s contents will be spidered and indexed by Yahoo and MSN.

6.) Theme feeds.
Feeds should be themed. This will help with themed links back to a publisher’s website from anyone syndicates the feed’s content.

7. ) Link popularity.
Increase link popularity by submitting the RSS feed, blog or podcast to the appropriate directories. The following directories allow submissions of specific kinds of RSS feeds. Be sure to follow the guidelines of each site and choose categories wisely.

Submit Podcasts – Feeds Performance & Tips

Submit RSS feeds –

Submit Blogs –

8.) RSS feed descriptions.
RSS feed descriptions are generally summaries or introductions to other content. Often, feed creators will provide additional information on an HTML site, enticing the reader to click through for the full information if it is a topic that is of interest to them. Provide enough teaser copy that the reader can easily discern if the contents are something that is important to them.

9.) Subscribe to feeds.
This might seem obvious, but a surprisingly large number of publishers do not subscribe to their own feed. This is a great way to visualize what your customers see, and experiment with formatting and integrating HTML into feeds.

10.) Image ads.
Add your corporate logo to your RSS feed. Create a brand and enforce that brand by including the image in the RSS feed. The image will enhance your corporate identity and dress up the look of your feed by adding your corporate logo.

11.) Alphabetical rank.
Many feed readers list feeds alphabetically in the reader. Feed channels that begin with A will naturally appear in the top of the feed list in most feed readers. If you wish to appear in the top of list of feeds that a reader has subscribed to, keep this tip in mind.

12.) Meaningful Links
Each item in your feed should contain a unique URL associated with it. This will direct users to associated information. Many find using target URLs with the “#” symbol in the link to identify specific content useful.

Most marketers have a love-hate relationship with search engines. Search engines have the ability to make even the most confident webmaster feel powerless. Let’s face it – all of us have felt the wrath of the search engine powers-that-be at one time or another, and while it may be difficult to know what line was crossed or how we fell out of favor, following some basic guidelines will be helpful in optimizing feeds for search engines.

RSS Feeds Performance & Tips

RSS: The Amazing Profit Potential

All marketers are the e-mail delivery problem, hoping that just somehow our messages are going to reach our customers and subscribers this time and then hoping that they’re going to open them, instead of mistaking them for spam.

The reality usually hits us hard. While e-mail is still the primary and most important internet marketing tool, we need to start using other complimentary tools to get our content delivered.

Most important among them is RSS (Real Simple Syndication), which gets your content directly in front of your readers, without having to face any filters along the way. And it’s easy and even free to use…

The marketing and profit potential of RSS is, simply said, quite amazing. It’s not just good for blogs, and it’s certainly much more than just another

And it’s just reaching the tipping point. There are still only a few RSS publishers and RSS usage is growing every day. This is your best chance to get on the wave…
To get you started, here’s a quick overview of what RSS can do for your internet business…

Getting Your Content DeliveredRSS Feeds Performance & Tips

AOL blocks about 75% of the 2 billion e-mail messages they receive daily, and on the average, over 64,7% of all the business e-mail you send is not even opened, let alone read. These two facts are destroying your internet business. But fortunately, RSS has a solution.

It gets your content delivered directly in front of your subscribers, prospects and customers, whenever you want and how often you want.

In essence, it means that 100% of your marketing messages are delivered to your RSS subscribers, and that’s 100% of possibilities to make the sale and improve the relationship.

Improving SEO Rankings

Traffic is the life-blood of every internet business, and RSS makes improving search engine rankings a breeze.

Combined with special web sites, called blog sites (advanced blogs), RSS has been demonstrated to bring total newcomers to the market to #1 search positions for their selected keywords, and that without any costs whatsoever.

And it’s easy. All it takes is publishing an RSS feed, submitting it to the right places, keeping it updated and using some other little known but easy techniques.

Generating New & Fresh Traffic

But the traditional search engines are not everything that RSS offers.

There are now more than 100 search engines and directories that specialize in aggregating content from RSS feeds. Getting in to them is easy, and each of them will provide you with new traffic

Getting Your Content Published On Other Websites

The traffic doesn’t stop here. RSS makes it easy to publish your content on other web sites, which creates additional exposure and more importantly, brings you new targeted customers.

Discovering New Business Opportunities

But it’s really all about the new business opportunities that didn’t even exist before RSS became popular. Most of these haven’t even been discovered by the majority of marketers yet. We’re talking about new and effective ways of getting new content to your readers, content that will make them buy.

Just think in terms of easily delivering daily or even hourly content updates, coupons, customized product updates, audio content (podcasting), video content (video casting), white papers and free reports, and so

Getting More Subscribers

Because RSS is so fundamentally different from e-mail, getting more subscribers is easy as 1-2-3. The profit potential is quite amazing: just imagine converting more than 50% more of your visitors in to e-zine subscribers… And much more…

And the list doesn’t stop here by a long shot. RSS feeds also make for an excellent affiliate marketing tool and help you get the most out of your affiliates, and so on. With this many profits generating possibilities, the even greater benefit is that most marketers haven’t even touched them yet.

You can be one of the first, today. Any Questions you may have leave it in the comments box below, will return answers and joining the discussion ASAP.



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