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Blessed Love & Thank You, For Visiting My Site. just launch a software on JVzoo, by the name “Sendiio“…When ever a new product is launched or about to, there are many reviews on that product and in most cases these are affiliates promoting that product.

So do they say if its a scam or not? No they don’t, cause their looking for sales of-course. so the give you all the fluff, then try to have you click on that link and purchase.

Think about it!! How honest will be that review? If I’m selling something, I can’t bad talk it, or no sales for me, right?

Let me state clearly I’m not promoting this for sales, I’m just giving you my clear cut review of this software base on my own research.

So If you’re reading this, then you’re reading the right review from a neutral person, which is the best person to received a review from, and not from somebody that is not trying to sell this product, so thanks for being here again.

After giving, you all the details, you can make your own decision, if you should buy this product or not.

Here is this article I’ll share what is, How does it work, pro’s and con’s, Features, price and more along with my conclusion, never wanna keep you too long as always.

Over View-

Name- Sendiio.

Owner- Joshua Zamora.

Product type- Software.


Price- $65:33 & $70:28 front end.

Launch- 21 February. 2020

Recommendation- Check Below.

What Is Sendiio? Clear Cut Review | Scam?| Know now!


Sendiio is a cloud base software that acts as an autoresponder, combining email, SMS and Facebook messenger marketing channels, all on one platform.

The platform is used to send mails with one click the goes to all of these channels form one dashboard.

This is the FIRST and ONLY time a powerful combination of the 3 MOST profitable marketing platforms has ever been done!

It is said that FaceBook delivers 100% inbox, text messaging actually do the same with about 95% and email marketing still works. So hek!!!

You may wanna give it a try, make that decision after Scrolling down and reading more of this. As to how it works, will be the next step just below.

How Does It Work| See How

Sendiio has a simple 3 step formula after paying your one time fee, to be up and running-

  1. Import your list.
  2. Schedule and send your campaigns.
  3. Start Generating Profits.

The Software is said to be newbie friendly, so its very easy to set up and get rolling in a matter of Minuits. Clear Cut Review | Scam?| Know now!

Some of the features are-

  • Create UNLIMITED Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Text Message Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Facebook Messenger Campaigns
  • Easily Import UNLIMITED Emails AND Phone Numbers
  • Create Unlimited Optin Forms.
  • Connect Unlimited Domain names.

Those are the main Important features of this software

Price For Sendiio.

Then are 2 front end prices of this software and there is few upsells behind. upsell is not a must buy, but what do they say? it always enhance the software making it fully equip with all the features, and all that is needed to make the software work to it fullest potentials, so here is the front end and back end (upsells). price below.


Main product is $65.33 & $70.28, then the upsells.

Personal Edition- $65.33

  1. Limited to 3000 email leads and 3000 phone numbers
  2. Create up to 50 lists for email and text subscribers
  3. Connect up to 5 FB pages
  4. Build & create up to 10 opt-in forms and follow up sequences
  5. …and more

Agency Edition- $70.28

  1. Collect unlimited email leads and phone numbers
  2. Created unlimited number of lists for email and text subscribers
  3. Connect unlimited number of FB pages
  4. Build & create an unlimited number of opt-in forms a

As I said there are some upsell, and these are the upsells. There is certainly no “FREE” trial, have your credit cards ready should you be interested in this software

  1. Upsell (1) Sendiio Academy Training- $67 OTO
  2. Upsell (2) Sendiio Elite Package. this has a monthly price of- $67 or $57
  3. Upsell (3) VA Licence- $97 OTO
  4. Upsell (4) Sendiio Boster- $67 OTO

Here is a look at the bonuses included when you purchase Sendiio:

  • BONUS #1: Agency Access
  • BONUS #2: Twitter Autoresponder Update
  • BONUS #3: Ringless Voicemail Drops
  • BONUS #4: LIVE 90 Minute Training Session
  • BONUS #5: Private 20% Discount Code

Sendiio Is Suitable For who?

Sendiio is suitable for anyone who has a email list, large amount of facebook friends, and contacts generally, And looking to promote a business or product. these are the regular users of this software.

    • Affiliate Marketers
    • Online Clear Cut Review | Scam?| Know now!
    • Digital Product Vendors
    • eCommerce stores
    • Local Marketers


      • Easy to use for newbies, no tech skills require.
      • Training to use the software, and additional.
      • No monthly fees.
      • Sending with one click, with not too much to do.
      • Good for mail marketing.


    • Do not intergrate with the best autoresponders like Getresponse, aWeber or other top responders, MailJet, SendGrid and Amazon SES. are the only autoresponder you can intergrate with.
    • You must take out you credit card and make a purchase from the get go.
    • Sale page has too much fluff, with upsells I never like.
    • Count down timer, never like that, 6 hours left, then tomorrow, time is still not up, got some feeling the pressure to buy quickly. That is not true, you will be able to buy next week.

Scam or Not

I really don’t believe or think that Sendiio is a scam and owners are out there scamming, since there are many other products produce by Joshua Zamora, and always launch on JVzoo, however I do not know the perform-ability of this product, and cannot make high recommendations as such.

In Closing & My Take

I really don’t like cloud base software honestly, Sometime they do work good and then in a lot of cases they just don’t work, this software was branded before, this is just a upgraded version with some features for users.

I find there is lot of products is just re-branding under some different name but does the same thing, like socipixar and autosoci, has a little difference but similar with same owner.

In my clear cut review, I would give Sendiio a 7 out of 10 basically because atleast your phone and faceBook deliverability is sure, I’m not too sure about the mails, since you still have to open as against your phone or facebook where you’re more likely to open, your cell phone mostly.

Base on the information that I have delivered to you, it is then all up to you as to if you the need this marketing tool or not. I’m not selling this product so this is my honest review on Sendiio.

Go to the site (sales page) where you will see more on this product.

Any questions feel free to drop them in comments below, I would love to hear your feed back on Sendiio, do other researches as to find out more about this product.


I still think that email marketing still help not work, having a responsive list is paramount to an online/affiliate business, I still do send out to my list when promoting and product. Clear Cut Review | Scam?| Know now!

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22 thoughts on “ Clear Cut Review | Scam?| Know now!”

  1. Hello there amazing review you’ve got here, I must confess, the sincerity of this post is second to none. Though I still have my doubts about this sendiio but I if I also wanna give it a try I think I’ll do that by your rating ‘7/10’ because I don’t trust cloud base softwares. 

    I will like to ask, which of the cloud base software will you recommend for marketers?

    • Honestly I said before I really don’t like cloud base software, so I have none to recommend to you. they goes obsolete a lot of times. so I’m just like you, don’t like them.

      Thanks for asking

  2. Hi handsome! I felt this was a good platform. But I decided to research before joining. I’m not a fan either of cloud based software. But I still feel this one could work.

    I’ve decided to give Sendiio a pass and better go with safer options. I’ll check out this other platform you recommended at the end of this post. I assume that this platform is not a cloud based software. Does it have similarities with Sendiio? How is this other platform similar to Sendiio? Thanks!

    • Hi pretty!! Has nothing similar! every-thing different, that is a software, here is build for long term successful online business.

  3. From what I could understand, you’re basically buying a software with upsells of hundreds of dollars but only have a limited amount of accessibility when it comes to managing the amount of marketing options and the methods? That doesn’t feel like an autoresponder to me. It hasn’t been out yet so who am I to judge? I just don’t see it being something I’ll benefit from. 

  4. Hi, Earl,

    Sendiio looks like something I could try. Let me ask you something. Do they offer any trials or do we have to purchase from the get-go? I like the fact that there are no monthly fees, but it would be nice if I could try it out before buying.

    It’s hard to tell yet whether it’s a scam or not since it was launched a few days ago. We’ll have to wait and see what others have to say about it. When a product has been in the market for some time, it’s easier to do this. 

    Thanks for putting this review together. I look forward to reading another review about it.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for your review of this product.  There is a multitude of options for this niche, and they seem to be growing daily.  I guess the main questions would be how upgradeable are they and how long before they are deemed obsolete by newer, stronger and faster programs.  As we already know, software has a limited life span and many think cloud applications are the future. I don’t know.  If it works for you and has a good affiliate program, use it…until it doesn’t.

    • You got that straight, the same reason I don’t like cloud base, they always go obsolete as you stated, the stop work after a time, then its re-branded under a different name that is similar. 

      Thanks for that comment.

  6. Now I know that Sendiio is a cloud base software that acts as an autoresponder, combining email, SMS and Facebook messenger marketing channels, all on one platform. It is good for affiliate marketer like me but still not recommended. I am also doing my business with wealthy affiliate and getting awesome results. I hope my results will also increase after using Sendiio too.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time. I have an e-commerce site. So the Sendio software is very much needed by me. By using it I can further my business. By using it I can do more of my email SMS and Facebook messenger marketing. I read your article and found much valuable information about Sendio software that I greatly benefited from. I will share your website on my social media so that my social media friends can share valuable information from your website.

  8. This is the first time that I have heard of this program and it is also amazing how new programs come out just about every though this may not be a scam from what you have mentioned it’s worth taking a second look at before jumping in. Thanks so much for a great review.

  9. Hello, Thanks for giving light on Sendiio. I have heard of this program and it is also amazing how new programs come out just about every though this may not be a scam from what you have mentioned it’s worth taking a second look at before jumping in. Thanks so much for a great review.

  10. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide and find it very useful for everyone. I have an e-commerce site. So the Sendio software is very much needed by me. By using it I can further grow my business. By using it I can do more of email SMS and Facebook messenger marketing. I read your article and found much valuable information about Sendio. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Very good insights into this product offering Earl. I agree that Josh Zamora doesn’t scam people but there are better products out there than this. I appreciate your review as I was familiar with other of his products but not this one. Thanks.


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