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Hey guys- I’m an online entrepreneur that came across a whole lot of blogs on many different topics. Some make sense to me, and some, I finish reading the whole blog and still trying to figure out what it is really about, some of these blogs are blogs that people get paid for and some is free.

You can start a blog for free with your own blog website and hosting for free, and then you can make money writing blogs, If you’re an aspiring writer, that can make a little extra.

In this article, I will tell you the main pillars of how to start blogging, what blogging requires, steps to blogging and setting up correctly, picking a domain and more about blog and blogging that I know will be helpful for you.

I don’t try to complicate things; I write to people just how I speak to them. In this way, I’m able to explain my self naturally.

What Is A Blog?

Start blog for FREEA blog is a discussion or informational website published on the world wide web, basically, a journal that is available on the web, this can be on any topic one chooses to write about, and publish online for all to see.

Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject or topic, ranging from politics, health, product & services, sports and many more. A typical blog combines text, digital images, and links to other blogs or products that are related to the same blog.

Readers’ ability to leave publicly viewable comments and interact with other words is an important contribution to many blogs’ popularity.

Most blogs are primarily textual, although it’s known that video and pics are best to have on your blogs since people seem to gravitate to pick video more than text.

Blogs can be used as instructional resources. These blogs are referred to as edublog, this another type of blogging, that feature concise posts.

How To Start Blog For Free?

How to start a blog for free sounds like!!! What you were talking about? but yes you can create blogs free, start for free and make money writing blogs. There are a few things you must start with for a blog or if you want to start blogging, just like starting a business online, you need two basic things.

  1. Domain
  2. Website

It would help if you had a domain with a name that is related to the topic you writing or what your website is about, this way its looks more professional, good blog names are unique and descriptive, so your audience will immediately know what exactly your blog is about, using your character also has an added benefit, not only your name is associated with your blog.

Having your own name as an extension of your domain name should be your potential real estate, which means you’re preventing someone else from registering a domain with your name.

In most cases you have to find a place to buy a domain, once you find an available domain, you then have to pick a plan, for hosting it, and then you still have to get a website, before starting to produce blogs.

How to start blogging for money

Wealthy Affiliate Is a platform that you start your blog for FREE, Own by Kyle & Carson, Successful Marketers that has a thriving online business, that has 5 stars reviews, they teach (training) you how to start blogging for free, give you free website & tool, open building and hosting. A whole more they have to offer for free. They basically teach you how to start a business online and to be successful, if you take action.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start since you don’t have to take out your credit card, you create an account and start training immediately.

If you’re looking for SEO rankings on search engines for your blog, then Wealthy Affiliate have the best keyword tool for SEO, Jaazy has the best keyword tool that is incorporated with Wealthy Affiliate.

Google and other search engines recognize keywords, the words people put into their browser searching for numerous things. This Keyword Tool tells you, all you need to know about that or those particular word or words. This all for free.

The chart below shows all you get for free. You can upgrade if you choose to as to unlock more features.

Start blogging for free

Can you make money from blogging?

The answer to that is, absolutely! People write blogs all the time for money; there are many websites out there that pay for content on their websites, yes it is a growing business, advertisement is placed on blog that people get paid for. The main thing for a blog is good content, content that people would want to read, if people don’t read your blogs, you wouldn’t make a penny.

Marketing your blog correctly is important as well to be successful, there are many good bloggers out there and competing with other good bloggers, so you need to promote your blog properly, Let say you now started, you first have to put it out there for the world to see, it may not be perfect, but you can always go back and tweak it at any time, ask for comments and feedback, this helps you perfect your blog, check others blog and engage.

Learn from others blogs as well, join online forums that are related to your blog topic and share at those forums, post to your social media platforms, keep updating and placing new blogs on your site, once you do these things, over a period of time you will gain followers, then you can think about making money from writing blog articles.

Make money BloggingOnce you have lots of visitors going to your site, advertisers will pay to have their ads shown on your site, that you can be paid for, there is Google AdSense program you can join at

You will be given a code to add to your blog after setting up your account; This code will automatically display advertisements on your blog from companies who are part of Google’s advertising network.

You may see ads from small companies related to your topic, or you may see ads from large companies that are completely unrelated to your case, advertisers bid to an advertisement on your blog.

Google collects the money from the advertisers and then cuts you a cheque for those advertised on your blog. There are a few other places listed below that you can get paid for your blog.

  • Writers weekly- Writer’s Weekly is an old school site; you can learn a few valuable tips.
  • Craigslist- Craigslist is the biggest online classifieds site and a good source of freelance writing jobs.
  • Media bistro- Media Bistro is a big portal for anyone who works in the content industry. That includes online media, writers, editors, producers, etc. This is where the big media players will post jobs.
  • Poe War- Poe War is a top-rated resource site and blog for freelance writers.
  • Authority Blogger Forum- Authority Blogger is a forum community founded by pro blogging Chris Garnette; There is a helpful community of bloggers helping each other write better blogs.


Do’s & Don’t of Blogging-


  1. Use surveys and polls to help you understand your readers.
  2. Write in an engaging voice, as if you’re having a conversation.Start free Blog
  3. Do Pay attention to the design of your blog; first impressions are everlasting.
  4. Registering your own domain.
  5. Create visual content.
  6. Do read other people’s blogs and engage, you’ll learn a lot from them.


  1. Don’t be too promotional (try to sell something every time).
  2. Don’t involve in plagiarism (using others Content).
  3. Don’t write purely for search engines, keep people at heart, you’ll be able to relate better as a person.
  4. Never leave comments and feedback unanswered for long periods.
  5. Never comment badly on others blog, engage mean entirely with constructive criticism.
  6. Don’t use other people’s stuff without permission and credit.

My Take- Conclusion

Blogging is a fantastic way to help promote and market any business, services or product when your blog is published online; you place links to other products on services mainly on your topic, your blog is always or should always be used for informational purposes, you can direct them to other links that will give further information on what you’re offering.

Start blog for FreeThere are many reasons you should start writing a blog for money, let say you have another business, or promote other products, you can see the put those links on your blog and position your business as an authority figure.

Blogging will remain one of the best content marketing and will remain for years to come, so getting into blogging is a win-win situation.

Since it is easy and FREE to start as I explain, you have no reason not to start with your first blog.

JOIN HERE @ Wealthy Affiliate, you get your blog for free, but you can make money writing blogs, yes you can make money from writing blog articles, and even has the opportunity to start any other online business.

Any other information you may need about blogging or wanna start a blog for free, please do not hesitate to shoot me your questions, comments, and feedback I’ll be more than willing to respond to you promptly.




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