Tips On Email Marketing.

Having your own opt in list is essential if you want to succeed on the internet. Here are some Tips On Email Marketing.  Its common knowledge that email marketing is one of the most reliable ways of generating consistent free targeted traffic for your website.

Once you have your own responsive opt in list it can open up a variety of different opportunities, such as selling advertising space and setting up joint ventures with other list owners.

The first thing you need to do is collect email addresses from your visitors and you can do this by offering a free report or starting a newsletter using an auto responder, allowing you to set up a series of messages that will be sent out automatically on your behalf on a time frame you specify.

Its important to choose the most reliable auto responder at the start because it can be very stressful and time-consuming to transfer your opt in list from one place to another.

For best results you should not use a free auto responder service because advertisements will be added to all your outgoing emails. You will have no control over which ads are shown and this will distract your subscribers and dramatically reduce the response rates to your emails.

You can either pay a monthly fee and use a third party hosted auto responder service like Aweber or Get Response, or you can pay a one time fee and install an auto responder script like Auto Response Plus on your domain.

The problem with auto responder scripts is that the number of subscribers you can store will be limited depending on how much disk space you have with your hosting plan, and you will also need to back up your list on a regular basis in case a problem occurs and all of the information is lost.

Its much easier and safer to use a third party hosted auto responder service because you will not have to worry about installing a script and your subscribers will be stored securely on a dedicated server with no limits.

Its essential that you focus on one specific topic for your opt in list as this will dramatically increase your response rates. You need to create a landing page consisting of a short sales letter that encourages visitors to subscribe, and a subscription form that allows visitors to enter their name and email address. You should also offer some quality bonus gifts to increase your conversion rates.

Double opt in lists are becoming more popular because they provide extra security as subscribers must confirm their email address, but many people will forget to complete this confirmation which results in fewer active subscribers so you may prefer to use the single opt in feature.

Once you have set up your landing page and follow up messages you will need to start sending visitors to your website. Submitting content to article directories and writing press releases are the most effective ways of generating unlimited free targeted traffic.

List Building- Free Stuff

Tips On Email Marketing.

We’ve all hear about, read about or even been subjected to some of the amazing ‘free’ offers on the web. You know the kind where they offer an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean – all you have to do is click the link. You can get caught in an endless maze of offers and promises. In the end you click away from the site because you realize you rarely get anything for free and this tactic requires recruiting and an ultimate purchase from someone and then the endless stream of emails begin to arrive.

This tactic has had an amazing impact on list building. Entrepreneurs have found thousands of unsuspecting subscribers through the use of this tactic. While we may not like the offer of a free lunch that really carries a significant price tag, there is a way for the average online business to use gifts to build their lists.

If you make sure the ‘FREE’ section indicates there is no cost or obligation you will likely receive several requests for whatever free product sample you are offering and you have added names to your list in a way that may be more cost effective than other means.

This same concept is being used effectively when customers wish to access exclusive information. If you can provide a compelling body of information in the form of a report of ebook you might make it available to site membership. The proviso would be that the membership is free. Many will sign up for the information and assist you in your list building objectives.

The same concept can be applied to downloads of specific site only information, screen savers, video and audio. Each of these sign ups can further your ability to grow your list for additional marketing strategies.

In spite of the fact that consumers have been burned by ‘free’ gifts there are still many who are willing to see if there really are gifts to be had. When you can prove that there really is value in exchange for their contact information they may find a level of trust that has them coming back for more.

The client always wants to know his or her needs are being taken seriously, be sure to treat those customers with the respect they deserve. The results may amaze and astound.

Is Your Email Marketing Working?

This is a question which is on the mind of all business owners who participate in an email marketing campaign for the purposes of promoting their business. In fact questions regarding the effectiveness of any type of marketing endeavor should be asked regularly to ensure the marketing efforts are producing the desired results.

Asking these questions on a regular basis and continually evaluating the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign will help to ensure the email marketing campaign is working well and remains effective whenever changes are made to the marketing strategy.

This article will highlight why it is so important to evaluate your email marketing strategy often and will also provide a few tips for evaluating your email marketing strategy.

Evaluating Your Email Marketing Strategy

Evaluating your email marketing strategy on a regular basis is very important because failure to do so may result in your efforts being essentially a waste of time. Email marketing may be a cost effective way to advertise your business but there is some time, money and energy involved in planning and executing an email marketing campaign.

If the campaign is ineffective and nothing is done to attempt to make the email marketing campaign more effective your business is wasting resources by continuing to invest in this type of marketing strategy when it is not generating profit for your business or even interest in your products or services.

Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your Email Marketing Strategy

It is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy but it is even more important to set goals before you begin the process of evaluating your marketing efforts. This is important because without these goals it can be difficult to determine whether the email marketing efforts are effective. For example your goal may be to increase the number of sales you make per month.

Evaluating whether you are generating more sales each month is a fairly simple process. However, if your goal is to generate more interest in your products you would use website traffic as opposed to sales to evaluate the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.

Once you have determined how you intend to evaluate you progress you should be able to easily determine the effectiveness of your current email marketing strategy as long as this is the only marketing you are currently doing. This is because if you have more than one marketing strategy in use at once you cannot be sure which strategy is driving customers to make purchases or visit your website.

When you decide to evaluate your email marketing strategy according to specific goals you should take care to ensure you are not currently running other types of marketing in conjunction with your email marketing effort. This will help to prevent confusion about which type of marketing is producing the desired effect.

It will also help to prevent business owners from mistakenly believing email marketing is producing a desired effect when it is actually another marketing strategy which is helping to product the desired effect.

Customer Surveys

Tips On Email Marketing.

Customer surveys are very important for evaluating the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Asking customers how they heard about your products or services is an excellent way to determine whether many of your customers are being enticed to make a purchase based on your email marketing efforts.

Additionally, these surveys can be used to obtain more detailed information about the email recipient’s reaction to the email marketing campaign. Customers can provide valuable feedback about topics such as the layout and appearance of the email to the ease of readability of the content included in the email.

All of this information can help a business owner determine how to design future emails to achieve a desired effect. Armed with this information the business owner can design subsequent emails which incorporate many of the qualities previous customers found to be useful and avoid qualities which were viewed as useless in the past.


I continue to believe that email marketing do work, who say it does’t just lack of the correct knowledge, even the big companies still collect you email addresses and do market to you ain’t it? so what about you marketing to a list of your own? In all the research I do, I still find that email marketing works if its applied correctly.

Any question you may have just leave those in the comment box below, I will certainly be back with your answers ASAP.


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