Udimi.com Review| 2020 Udimi Review Inside


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Hey Guys! Have you ever heard about Udimi.com? Where do you build your list from, and how do you build your list? Do you use solo’s to build you list with quality buyers? Are you trying to generate quality traffic to your site that can get you sales?

These are questions I asked, since this is to information I will be providing you with, in this “Udimi.com review”, To help you make the best decisions if your answer is yes to all of to above questions.

Keep reading below. You will need this information that might be helpful and meaningful for your Online business.

Here in this Honest 2020 review, I will certainly let you know all about Udimi.com and all that is on offer on this platform, giving you to necessary knowledge, should you decide to join, also helping you to decide if to even join or not.

I never wanna keep you guys too long, so I’ll keep it short, Google doesn’t need me to explain this with 5000 words, I’ll give you much-needed information on Udimi.com in 1200 words or fewer, 10 mins. Read. 🙂

Don’t feel like reading? scroll down on this page to watch a walk through VIDEO of Affiliate Obsession of how its being done by him, exactly how it should be.

Tables of Contents-


What is-

How it works-

Price for Clicks-


Regular Users-

Pros & Cons-

Legit or Scam-



Site- https://udimi.com

Owner- Dimitry

Product- Solo Emails

Price- FREE Registration–Prime $14’94 Monthly.

Phone- +5078365503

Address- P. O Box 0823-03411 Panama City, PA

Recommended?– Yes

Udimi.com Review| 2020 Udimi Review Inside

What Is Udimi.com-

Udimi.com is a manage advertising platform or Market place, that connects sellers and buyers. With a Guaranteed fair deal for both parties. Giving everyone a level playing field.

This platform allow users to sell solo mails from their list, where you will provide them with your link. Udimi then drive traffic to your link, and protecting you against fraud and spam in to process too. You can build your list or start one. Get sales or potential buyers on your list as well.

How Does Udimi Works-

Once you’ve sign-up for your free account and verified you mail address, you’re already up and running, ready to do business immediately. You’ll received $5 discount immediately for your ads. 

  1. Provide Udimi.com with your link.
  2. Choose a seller.
  3. You then place your order in you cart.
  4. Provide necessary information on payment method, and complete payment.
  5. The seller then has to accept your request, of which you can choose to revoke if take too long or for some other reason.
  6. That seller also has a specific time to start you delivery. And a specific time to deliver as well.
  7. They then drive traffic to provided link, with stats providing information on how much traffic you received, How much was filtered, and how much was useless. You can change your link anytime you choose to.

But before buying, there is a few things you should know before doing any business, or buying your traffic on udimi.com.

  1. Choosing Sellers You have an option to choose from which seller you want to buy from on this platform which has many Sellers competing for you business. don’t just choose a random seller, you’re not a random buyer! but one who need to have to full value for your money.
  2. Check Stats The good thing is that you can actually check their stats as to how much % of sales were made from their list, how thumbs up & down, from to quality of their traffic to have provided. Make a wise decision on those stats.
  3. Split Test LinksDepends on how much traffic you have bought, You can actually change your link, split testing which one you’re getting more engagement from, maximizing to use of your hard earn dollar.
  4. Niche You actually define which niche you would like your traffic to come from, in selecting your solo deals, you should choose your niche, in doing so, you narrow down to what you’re really looking for, For instance! you don’t want traffic from a list that is interested in health, and you promoting Crypto. I guess you get my driff now! or do you? Choose this list that is related to your niche or what you’re promoting.

Price For Clicks-

Udimi charges $0.35 to $0.95 per click. Now we all know that paid traffic is always better than free traffic, although we leverage free traffic as well.

What I find is that those sellers who ask for more $ per click, gets more sales in some cases, Sellers that ask for little gets more negative reviews.

You can still find a seller with good deals that will give you sales too, all in all you have to make a judgment base on to stats, importantly sales and price of to seller.

There is no fix prices since each seller set their own prices, base on what they think is to value of their list. Some really do have buyers list, people that are hungry to buy something online for their online business.

Features- You Must Know

Analytics Udimi Have a tracking system that filter your traffic, increasing value to your traffic. And giving you a full overview of your traffic provided.

Landing Page- Udimi.com offer you to services of building landing pages as well.

Prime- Once you upgrade to prime, your traffic then have better quality filtering more of your traffic for the best results. some of to features unlock with prime is-

  • Advance filtering
  • Enhance, Priority Support
  • Double your affiliate earnings
  • Discount and freebies
  • Access to Email Validator
  • Optin tracking feature upgrade
  • Profile badge
  • Historical data
  • New features

Forum Udimi.com has a forum, where people offer Ideas, ask questions, even find new sellers introducing themselves to potential buyers as well.

Add Text- You can actually add text to you link, instead of just to link, you can have a text, this will be much more appealing than a bare link.

Messaging You can private message to seller, in some cases he may have a discount deal for you.

Orders- You’re always able to check back you previous orders, you’re able or may need to check back results and stats from pass orders made.

Affiliate Program- This platform also have a kool affiliate program where  you earn 15%, the kool thing is, you can just reinvest in traffic.

Regular Users Of Udimi-

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Bloggers
  3. Online/internet Marketers
  4. Newbies
  5. Anyone who looking to build a list or needs traffic to their site, may be sales too.

Pros-Udimi.com Review| 2020 Udimi Review Inside

  • Very easy to use, suitable for newbies.
  • Filter all to bad traffic, no bots can work here.
  • All sellers over deliver, potentially getting sales in to extra that was delivered.
  • The ability to track your traffic and see where its coming from is a plus for me.
  • Viewing seller stats is also a plus, so you know who to buy from, and in future have your own stats on sellers, so if you got sales from a seller, don’t change if you need more traffic, keep working that list until it stop providing value to you. (sign-ups & sales) I’m sure is what you need.
  • Buyers are allowed to rate sellers to bought from, which then add to their stats for other buyers to see, helping them (buyers) decide on who to buy from.
  • You don’t have to worry as if is PPC at Bing or being disapproved like Google Ads


Udimi.com Review| 2020 Udimi Review Inside

  • Upgrading to prime filters more of your traffic, giving it more quality, which tell you that your traffic can be better filtered in to first place, that’s a no no.
  • Sales on traffic bought is not guaranteed, even if to seller made you or others sales before, it all depends on what you have to offer, and promoting it to correct audience.

Scam or Legit?

Udimi.com is absolutely not a scam, in fact is in of the best place to buy solo from, mind you to sellers have to keep upgrading list, unverified stats provided showed, How sellers list was built.

You actually deal with sellers directly, and they don’t disappear after delivering your traffic, you’re able to give a review after traffic is delivered, you can actually make it bad for him or her, if you’re’re not satisfied with to traffic you’ve received, by giving he or she a bad review and tombs down.

Remember always that sales is NOT guaranteed! So don’t be mad if you did not get a sale, check your product and make sure that is not a scam.

Conclusion-My Take-

I have been a part of Udimi.com since 2016, since I’ve joined, it has really helped me with my list, Yes I’ve spent over $1000 at Udimi on my list, most of the sellers are right in my alley having exactly to list I need, which is “make money online” niche.

I got lots of sales and lots of optins on different affiliate products, as I stated! you may not always get sales, or the clicks might not be a good fit for your product, that’s all in to game, but I also stated if you find a good solo provider, stick with them until it changed, that seller might just have to right traffic for your products.

In this 2020 honest review of Udimi.com. I will certainly give this site a 4 1/2 stars out of 5, I will definitely recommend if looking to build your list for sure, If you choose correct you’re almost certain to make a sale or two.

Even if you don’t make a sale you’re almost, able to build a list for sure, a list that you can always offer different products that they might just be interested in.

I build my site and a legit Online business At Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform to work online, Udimi helped me to build my list to which I promote my affiliate products to.

My list continue to grow otherwise, but I still use Udimi since I always get results from them, be it sales or optins. These sellers have some good list, I ain’t going to tell no lie about that, and the beauty is, the sellers from all over to world, but your traffic mainly comes from USA.

Here is a 2019 walk walk through  VIDEO by Affiliate obsession, (Keth) showing you exactly how its been done by him. exactly how it should be done by anyone.


So Let’s have a little discussion=

With to info. you’ve just received, what do you think about Udimi?

Would you give them a try for to purpose of list building?

Do you even have a list? if not, you should start building one, it is important when marketing online.

What about to quality of your list? is it dead and buried? clean it up however you can, as I stated those sellers that I have used, always have quality list. I don’t go looking for to cheapest to buy from either, so I always get some results.

Any Q’s you may have on this article, shoot them in to comments box below, I certainly will return with my A’s on your Q’s.




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13 thoughts on “Udimi.com Review| 2020 Udimi Review Inside”

  1. Thanks for an interesting review as always Earl. What struck me was that you confessed to spending $1000 on this product since you started with them.

    In order to get a better sense of the value proposition are you able to state or assess what return you would say you have achieved on the at $1000 dollar investment in terms of the $$$$$ you have earned through your improved lists or sales?



    • Yes I have gotten ROI, I got sales but not only the sales when I buy but remember is a list I’m building too of which I will continue to make money off of that same list. Think about it long term.

      If you never spend on traffic you’re losing out, While I continue to leverage free traffic, I also use paid traffic that have value.

  2. Hi, Thank you so very much on for you review on Udimi 2020.  I have tried to use this solo adds befor for Affiliate marketing and it was too difficult for me, but, after reading your reviiew i understood how to use it. Now i can go back there to use it knowing that i can select the buyer i want, check the status of the seller etc. Thanks

  3. Hi there and thank you for your review on Udimi. Quite frankly I have not heard about them although I am still very new to Internet Marketing. Your post has taught me some new things as well like solo ads and this whole new way of generating traffic. I have always only known of organic search engine traffic and paid traffic like adsense but this is a whole new area to explore. Thanks again for sharing this.

  4. I spend a bit of money on traffic but this broker idea from Udimi is really cool!  I am definitely going to check this out and give it a try.  The affiliate marketing business is about having great product and sending traffic.  Great concept and well presented, every one should check out the video, it is really well explained.  It a bit like the Jaaxy of traffic in the way it rates sellers and conversions.  Cannot wait to give this a try!

  5. This is the first time that I have heard of this program but what you have written seems to be worth the investment even if you don’t have any clicks with at least you get to build a list that you can make other offers too. Building a list is so important because this increases your chance to make the sale.

  6. Great information. Udimi is a best place to buy and sell advertising. Prime offers great features for both buyers and sellers.


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