Ultimate Commission Club Review| Must Read Review

Hey Guys this Ultimate Commission Club review you certainly need to read, as I’ve found good and bad places and platforms online, I will and must enlighten my fellow entrepreneurs. In this article I will give you a complete review of this training program and DFY system that you can actually set up in one day and start earning quickly. You will certainly be able to make your own decisions after reading this review. Here we go….This one is short

Ultimate Commission Club Review| Must Read Review



Product- Training Program

Product Creator– Leigh Kosky

Recommended– Yes

Ratings– 5 Stars

Price– FREE 

What Is Ultimate Commission Club

Ultimate Commission Club is a training platform that teaches you how to get all set up with Autoresponder, Landing pages, and Traffic to start promoting and making commissions from ClickFunnel products.

Not only train and teach you, but it’s all done for you ready to start making commissions in the fastest possible way with Clickfunnels online. 

How Does This Work? 

This is pretty simple, after getting registered you start your training to earn immediately, as I said it’s pretty simple, registering with Clickfunnels, Aweber, and UDIMI is the hardest part of getting this done, as I’ve stated earlier this is a DFY system so yes registering is the hardest part.

The funnels are all DFY, they all share funnels just having to put your affiliate links in all the landing pages. Now you can build these funnels yourself, but why do it yourself when it is already done for you.

This is one of the fastest programs I’ve seen to get you moving fast with everything starting for FREE. 

Features/Training Courses You Will Be Receiving

Steps/LevelsLessons In Steps/levels
Recommended Products1) How to get Traffic (Traffic LAZE)
2) Improve your success with crypto
3) How to create awesome ads.
4) Make Money with Domains
Replicate The Business1) Create Your Own Funnels
2) Affiliate Links
Getting Your Site Set Up1) Getting Your Domain
2) Connecting to Clickfunnels
The Emails-1) Your Email
2) Autoresponder Set up
3) Email Sequence (DFY)
The TrafficSign up for traffic sources
Using Your list| How To?1) Sign up for Jvzoo.com
2) Sign up for warriorplus.com
3) Sign up for Clickbank.com
4) Review new offers on muncheye.com
Community and Support1) Join the Facebook group
2) Introduce yourself
3) Get involved with every discussion
How To get this Done Quickly1) Sign up for Trello (Free)
2) Use DFY template board
Using ClickfunnelsHow To use Clickfunnels
Extra LessonsHow To create a Facebook group

Resources Needed

  • Get your 14 day free trial here so you can make the necessary pages and be an affiliate.
  • Use Aweber FREE trial to create your autoresponder sequence and send broadcast emails to your list
  • With g-suite you can have a professional email to send and receive email from your business
  • With g-suite you can have a professional email to send and receive email from your business

What Is The Price?

The training and system is totally FREE. There is only one level, no upsells, Club leader Leigh that created this program and just looking for success stories.

Legit Or Scam?

This Program is totally Legitimate with no question. The platform that’s involved in this program is Clickfunnels. Aweber, G-suit and UDIMI. I say no more concerning the legitimacy of these platforms and all they stand for.

Pros & Cons


  1. Easy and comprehensive training to follow.
  2. Done for you system.
  3. Bonus training that helps in any program
  4. Everything Starts for FREE


  1. You need to start making money with-in 2 weeks or so after setting up. While all starts for FREE, there is a time when it incurs a Monthly payment for Clickfunnels and Aweber.
  2. Double or Triple opt-ins for leads! So when these leads opt-in you can set for single op-tin to your list but if you choose to have them confirm subscription (Recommended) then they have to opt-in with email, confirm subscription then still have to opt-in to Ultimate Commission Club. So they are basically opt-in to two lists.


  • Get this amazing booking on affiliate marketing for FREE just cover shipping. This will change your entire mindset on what is capable online.  Of all the books I have read this is first on the list.


This review is short since it centered on promoting Clickfunnels only or should I say mainly. You will be able to be a part of other affiliate programs in the process, like Aweber, UDIMI and so on.

I know there are real legitimate places to make money online, but there are also a lot of scammers, reviews help us in avoiding these unscrupulous people that are looking to take your hard earned money as soon as you slip. 

In this review I rate Ultimate Commission Club with 5 stars and highly recommended as well. This is for many reasons knowing to find a legit place to earn online Starting for FREE with high potentials. At Clickfunnels there are many products to promote and Clickfunnels do a lot of Marketing for you.

Tell me with all honesty! Where you ever go online and doesn’t see a Clickfunnels ad? Russell Bronson is practically all over that you can think about running ads. These ads help anyone that’s in the affiliate program.

Programs like these you never find when starting to work online, instead you always have to find some product that under performs or does nothing as it promised us to do.

I really feel proud doing reviews on places like Ultimate Commission Club knowing that it’s legit, easy to set up even if you’re a complete navis, and can really make you money online fast with no website or the tech work and building a list in the process.

Not to mention there are also other bonus training that you can apply not only to promote Clickfunnel but also will help you succeed in other programs. You can use ClickFunnels, Aweber, UDIMI and G-Suite in other programs and businesses.

If you have any questions on Review, feel free to leave all your questions in the comments box below, I will be sure to return with your answers and join in the discussion as well.


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Commission Club Review| Must Read Review”

  1. Well while nothing is for free I believe that this is good platform at least to try because there are loads of scams that is making a killing of people. With all that you are getting from this platform being a 5 star why not give it a try?

  2. Thanks, Earl. I’ll set some time to check this out further. It does have a lot of good content as you outlined and ClickFunnels is one of the best website and sales funnel builders out there. Thanks for sharing this information.


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