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Hey Guys, have you ever thought about becoming “Website Hosting Reseller”?..With today’s job market being so uncertain, many people would like to start their own businesses. But, because of the economy, a lot of people do not have the money needed to start a business. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you should consider becoming a website hosting reseller.

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Starting a hosting company | How Much Dose It Require?

Starting a hosting company does not require much upfront cost, nor does it necessarily require much experience. If you do have any type of related experience, you may find the process of starting a reseller business to be a bit simpler and you may have more options as to how to begin. There are software plans, though, that can walk you through the process and teach you about opening a business through a certain web host if you have no experience.

Many people who become hosting resellers are also web designers. There are countless web designers all over the internet, which makes it very difficult to earn a living doing freelance work. By partnering your web design work with a hosting package, though, you will be able to gain more clients. Your design work will get seen throughout the internet–and it may even serve as a means of referring people to your web hosting. People who are impressed with the websites you create for your hosting clients will be more likely to sign on as clients themselves. Also, because your hosting packages will include website design, you can charge more and earn an increased revenue.

Seek out Clients In Your Local Area

Most website hosting resellers tend to seek out clients in their local area. This isn’t a requirement, of course, but it is often easier for resellers to obtain clients from their local market. Web hosting is very competitive, with larger companies spending great amounts on advertising on major websites and search engines. It is difficult for smaller resellers to compete with that; therefore, capitalizing on the local area by contacting social and professional connections can often gain clients for resellers. There may also be inexpensive (or even free) advertising opportunities locally, such as in hometown newspapers and city-wide magazines.

It isn’t difficult to begin making money as a hosting reseller. You could choose to begin very small at first, then build up further as time goes on. For instance, let’s say that you could purchase a large hosting package that contains 1,000 MB of disk space and 1,000 MB of bandwidth and that the cost for this package was $15 per month. Now, you could divide your package up into ten client accounts with 100 MB of disk space and 100 MB of bandwidth for each. Charge $10 for each of these packages, and you earn $100 per month. Your only cost was the $15 package cost, so your monthly profit would be $85.

Reseller web hosting is a great way to start a home business without having to put out a lot of money upfront. With some advertising and some effort, you can be on your way to some great profits.

Website Hosting Reseller |Start Now

Customer Support And Its Importance In Web Hosting

A large number of web hosting companies have emerged with the increase in the popularity of online businesses. These businesses can deal with sale of different types of goods or services. Each business has it’s own set of requirements which it needs from the web hosting company in order to run it’s business profitably.

There are an amazing number of web hosting providers available today. Each of them provides different storage space, features and tools at different prices. It has become very difficult to determine which provider is the right one. While price, bandwidth, number of emails provided and storage space are some of the main criteria considered, the importance of customer support from the web hosting company to it’s clients cannot be ignored.

Most of the Budget web hosting providers are just concerned with providing the basic hardware and software support for their clients. This can be justified due to the low monthly installments they collect for hosting the clients’ websites. If you are looking for additional tools to run your website and other supplementary help from your web hosting provider, it would be advisable to rent or buy storage space from a good web hosting company even if it is priced a little high.

Customer Support

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes a good web hosting provider from others is the customer support it provides to it’s clients. Most web hosting providers don’t invest much in this area. Hence, their services can be found lacking in this section. Good customer support should provide help in tasks like integration with payment gateways, installation of SSL certificates, autoresponders and RSS feeds, etc.

Hence, before buying or rent space from a Web Hosting Company, it would be better off for you if you call their customer support executives. Find out from them what their areas of technical expertise are and their experience in solving problems related to various websites hosted on their servers. Make sure the web hosting company has some support staff situated at the place of it’s location.

These are some things which might cause unforeseen delay in solving your problem. Another such case is if your host is just a reseller web host and he must contact the original web hosting service to ask for solution to your problem.

Customer support is in fact the most important point to consider when renting web space because it dictates the ability of the web hosting company to put your site back into operation quickly if you counter any problems.


Finally Guys, there are so many potentials online to make money it’s unbelievable. Since working online I’ve seen so much that can change your life in many ways, for the good and bad, As many online aim is to scam, scam, scam. But as I continue to do different researches, I’m still seeing many places where there is legitimate money to be made online with ease and without being scam if you only know the correct place to be, and stick with it, I can now direct people safely of where to find the correct place to work and make money online in many many areas.

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  1. When I run across articles such as this one with a different way of making money online, it makes me know that there is so much I have yet to learn about building an online business.  Have you had success with reselling online sites?  How hard is it to personalize a site built by someone else?  This is something to watch out for more information on for me, and I do thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  2. Hi Earl, Thanks for such an insightful topic. More and more people are turning to the internet for ways to earn an income. Building up a home-based business, locally, from the ground up, is a great. Having good customer support will take you far in getting and maintaining clientele. There is getting to be more and more competition on the internet all the time.

  3. Am here being so curious about how one can become a website hosting reseller. Totally new term to me and would love to know more. Am shocked really because I thought starting a website hosting company requires a heavy capital investement. But you have intstead proved me wrong. Indeed the competition for free lancer jobs is not an option here. Web hosting seems to be a viable idea and would result into something muh explosive. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very interesting article about being a web host reseller. Not something I would have thought about. I assumed it took a large network or way more tech experience than what you are describing. 

    What companies would you suggert using for such an adventure? When you used the example of purchasing the 1,000 mb then splitting up, are you talking about purchasing from a company such as Bluehost or something similar?

  5. It is so amazing how the way we are doing business is so different from back in the day. With the internet the opporunity is many. We can make a good living from the comforts of our homes. This type of business may require some work but once we stick with it we will have success. Thanks so much for sharing and showing others the power of the internet and how they can make a good living without leaving their homes.


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