What About Maxous? Honest Review| Scam Or Not?

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I’m a member of this platform, (Maxous) for some specific reasons, and people ask me all the time, What about Maxous? for this reason I’ve decided to write this blog, as to give all who asking and need to know all about Maxous. you will have a clear view about  in a few min. but wait!!!!there is more, keep reading, you wouldn’t regret.

I’m a member of Maxous for over 3 years now, I’ve use the platform for many reasons, some might be good for you, and some just doesn’t fit for me. All can be fitting for you, I’m just giving you my honest opinion and review, being a member.

In this article I will give you my honest review on Maxous and all they have to offer, Scam or Not, hope this will answer some if not all the Maxous questions you may have, wish its of great substance to you. Regardless to what the case is, you are here, so is all the Maxous information you need.

You can make a decisive decision after reading this review, if this is an opportunity for you or not, you’ll have no need to ask, What about Maxous?

Should you have any more question after this, just leave the comments below.


Who is Maxous.com?

Maxous is a digital marketing company and social E commerce platform that offers a complete product line and monetary recompense on sales. This company was founded by.

  • Owner- Edgardo (Eddie) Vélez.
  • Address- MAXOUS LLC.
    2550 PALM BAY RD. STE: 103
    PALM BAY, FL 32905
  • Website- www.maxous.com

This is a unique Social Ecomerce platform like no other, like I said some may be very fitting for you like me, and you can have it all too, and I’ll explain in this article, since I’m in two worlds Maxous & Wealthy Affiliate.

Maxous employ the power group buying to influence to negotiate the best prices you can ever get for members.

You don’t only earn as an associate, you also save on practically everything you buy on a day to day basis. They have collaborated with different companies, to give their members big discounts on.


What Do They Offer?

Besides earning commission, Maxous membership and compensation plan. The different companies they have collaborated with, allows you to earn discounts, and coupons, on various items when purchasing a product or service from companies like these and more.

What About Maxous? Honest Review| Scam Or Not?You get discounts on things like-

  • Travel- Car rental, Hotels, Vocation package and Flights.
  • Auto- RV rental and Sales, Service & Parts, car buying and more, like Insurance.
  • Electronics- Computers, tablet, Camera, Printers, video games and more in this category.
  • Food- Cookware, Wine & beverages, Groceries and practically anything pertaining to food.
  • Apparel & Accessories- Bags & accessories, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & watches.
  • Health & Wellness- Health clubs, medical, weigh loss, etc.
  • Beauty & Fragrance- Cosmetics & fragrance, Spa as well.
  • Business & Office- Office furniture, Office supplies, etc.
  • Cell phones- Accessories, Plans and Phones.
  • Entertainment- Books Games, Movies, Music.
  • Flowers & gifts- Gift Card, Flowers & Plants, toys and gift basket.
  • Sports & Fitness- Fitness equipment, Fitness trackers, Golf.

Those are just a few discounts you have access to, they also offer

  1. Autoresponder
  2. Training Library with video
  3. E books
  4. Marketer System Facebook Google Twitter, Instagram and more.
  5. Affiliate Program
  6. Blog
  7. Multimedia Sharing
  8. Blog

While many programs offer savings, few, if any, offer a comprehensive package that affects one’s budget as a whole. I think this is the reason I’m with them, mainly for all those discounts.

You get paid on your personal referral network up to 4 tiers.What About Maxous? Honest Review| Scam Or Not?

Global 4×8 Team Network> earn a recurring monthly income when members join your team worldwide.

100% matching Bonus> Earn 100% matching on what your personal referrals earn

Global Profit Sharing Bonus> Share worldwide Maxous Profits by earning a percentage of this global pool.

All in all, they provide a way for you to save money in everyday living activities in what ever you eat wear, so you can pay for your membership.

Maxous combine E commerce, social media and financial services, the world first global revenue sharing network. And offer its members cash rewards, base on transactions world wide


Membership levels| What Do Each Level Has To Offer?

Free Membership- Live Agents 24/7, Personal Brand Builder Tools, Collaboration Groups and Forums, Live Coaching, Live Webinars, Autoresponder Landing Pages, Blog, Multimedia Sharing, Training Library Videos.

Silver Membership $20/month- Max-Marketer System: Facebook,Google, Twitter and More social platforms, Affiliate Program, Global Advertising Network, live Video and Audio Chat System, Desktop Share, silver benefits and a chat room

Gold Membership $50 Monthly- Gold Membership you get 25 ad listings, gold benefits and 1 chat room. Along with all the benefits the lower level received.


Is Maxous A Scam, or Not?

I can say with absolutely no fear, that their not, I have personal received pay from them, if they did not pay me it would’ve been in this review as well, you can actually see and speak to any coach via Skype, they have good ratings too.

So who say it a scam, be careful with them, they might be the scam, having something else to offer, or just didn’t make it at Maxous. At first, I didn’t realize what was on offer, it took me some time to really get a grasp on what their really offering.

Any platform you join and looking for success, you definitely have to put in the work, nothing good come easily people.

I would say decisively and with authority that their not a scam.


Alternatives | Another Platform That Goes Well With Maxous.

I’m a member of Maxous and a member of Wealthy Affiliate, this is the platform I really liked. What Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is amazing as well.

I was first a member of Maxous and then learn about Wealthy Affiliate, I join Wealthy Affiliate just about 6+ months ago, I have never seen a platform like this before either, for me, and I say that because you may have your own opinion on this, but I like them being together, there is no way I can fail with these 2 together.

Wealthy Affiliateis own by 2 successful Marketers, Kyle & Carson, who has thriving online businesses, These Guys is all about members success, their always there to lend you that support you need to succeed, You only have your self to pay back after receiving that support. When they lend you that support, all they ask of you to do is, follow the training take action.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you from jump start how to be successful in an online business, even if you’re a complete newbie just come out the bush.

Wealthy Affiliate also have a large supporting community of well over a few thousands that always online to help, share their experience and expertise too. In helping others achieve their golds, you will absolutely achieve yours.

They both have unique offers, one have some things the other don’t and visie versa, training in abundance on any topic you can think about, I have a library with over 1200 training programs, as long as you put the necessary work in with all those training, you bound to succeed.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I build my own wordpress site in 30 sec. Now I’m just filling out that website with meaningful content filled with Keywords for SEO rankings. Isn’t that amazing?

This VIDEO shows how to build you own website in 30 sec. with free domain and hosting.

free internet training online.
WordPress site build in 30 sec. (VIDEO PROOF)


Yes!! Wealthy Affiliate also offer a FREE keyword Tool FREE keyword Tool, where you can search for your own keywords.

Place your own keywords in the browser below to perform your own Keywords search, where you can see how much traffic it receives, and how many sites you’re competing against with same keywords.


They also have a 3 level membership, the chart will show all you get for FREE, you can also compare what you get with all the other membership levels.

Start blogging for free

There is too much for me to mention all Wealthy Affiliate Has to offer, remember… this is a Maxous review, so I place a VIDEO BELOW  Where you will get a walk through, peak and tour of Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Maxous Review
Welcome Page & Walk Through Video of Wealthy Affiliate


Here is a comparison table on the 2 companies, as I said before this in my opinion and my honest review on Maxous, base on the information I just give to you, some might just have a different opinion, I’m sharing on my behalf and no other.



I would recommend them still, since I’ve told you the reason why I’m there, “Discount Benefits”, you can do exactly the same, and see how that works for you. Its certainly working for me, when combining the 2.


In Closing-

I will not dare tell anyone, who, not to join, I just told you about the unique offers they both have, I also said that I’m a part of both all 2, and I capitalize on the many offers when joining them, I will say for a newbie, Wealthy Affiliate is the best for you, the best Free Start that no other have to offer, and yes I said no other.

What About Maxous? Honest Review| Scam Or Not?
Maxous review

Are you happy with you computer like the guy on the right? Do wanna be like him? JOIN HERE  at Wealthy Affiliate or JOIN HERE at Maxous and you can be like him or as Happy Gilmore :>)….   Exited, Satisfied, having a sense of trust and confidence.

Where do you get a better platform to join for free, with those initial starting tools? No where can you find such.

Maxous is where I get all the travel, food, auto, groceries discounts  from, the money saved is used to pay the membership, so with them I can’t lose either.

You do your own research, check reviews on both of them and make you own decision, I’ve given my advantages and disadvantages I have with them both.

I really hope this was helpful in some way for you, any additional questions, shoot it in the comment below, I’ll hastily reply to you, I’m certain I can answer any question on both Maxous and Wealthy Affiliate, since I’m a member of both.



Certified Online Entrepreneur

email @– earlofpearl@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “What About Maxous? Honest Review| Scam Or Not?”

  1. Hello Earl.
    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few months and I am so busy taking their courses that I could not do anything else at the moment.
    I find you very brave to be able to take care of two platforms for which you seem to have admiration.
    Good luck with your projects.

  2. Thanks for a great post that is very detailed and informative with tons of information that will help your readers to understand what this system is all about so they will know how to move forward in their decision making.

  3. Thanks so much for an informative post that has helpful information in helping your readers. There are so many scams out there and we should do our homework before spending our hard-earned dollars. Thanks again for bringing clarity to this program.

    • Yeah, I had Join before I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, it is a totally different to what I was looking for, that program a very different to WA, just a few similarities,
      What I really do enjoy, is the great discounts on so many stuff, it save me a lot more than the membership fee.

  4. It is good to know that this program is not a scam but like you said hard work has to be put in because rewards do not come easy. Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer so for anyone who is looking to start and run a successful business online then as you have recommend Wealthy Affiliate this is a good place to stat and run a successful business I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for these few years and LOVE the RESULTS that I am GETTING.

  5. Hi Earl

    I’ve not heard of Maxous before, thank you for sharing the information about them. Do they accept members from all over the world? I am based in South Africa.

    I am a WA member and have lost money on other online platforms previously, I was very wary of signing up with them. I’ve been a member since October 2019 and have this to say: Wealthy Affiliate is a breath of fresh air and offers the most incredible training and facilities I have seen online!

    Wishing you every success with your online business.



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