What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

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Hey Guys Read this before buying this! What is 7 figures Franchise about? This is a question being ask by some Affiliate/Internet Marketers, and generally people who looking to make money online and come into contact with this shine all done for you products, that is said to be making $1,168,766.43 a year, and being sold on JV zoo.

I do reviews to help my readers in some way or the other that they might need when buying a product, or maybe a marketing tip, I always wish and hope that it is useful and help in some way.

In this review I am going to give you an informative Idea of 7 figure franchise, that is said to be the turnkey Solution with all done for you promos. As always this is my review.

Just in a few with the information I’ve given to you, you can also, and will be able to draw your own conclusion…..right?

Product Name: 7 Figure FranchiseWhat Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

Founder: Michael Cheney

Product Type: Traffic generation training + resell right for Michael’s Cheney products.

Site: http://commissionology.org

What Is 7 Figure Franchise? You Should know!

7 Figure Franchise is franchise type product, to make it more simple, it is a business you’re buying from someone who already establish its Brand.

For instance Burger King has a franchise that when you buy, you promote and establish with the same models require by the franchise owner as to keep that franchise valuable, making the owner passive income in some cases.

This is said to be a turnkey all done for you promos business, that make the owner $1,168,766.43 a year, that you just have to plug in and play (make money). Imagine that.

Cost For Product-What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

This in no way cheap to me!! Why? check out this ridiculous price-

  1. Buy the 7 Figure Franchise by paying a one-time payment of $1997
  2. Or the 2 part payment plan “$1100 now and $1100 within 30 days”
  3. Upsells to $4,997, this also you can pay in parts.


Here’s Your Entire 7-Figure Franchise Package.

By now you’re probably not so excited about this ridiculous 7-Figure Franchise offer, after seeing the price, you’ve forgotten everything you’re getting. So here’s a quick recap on everything you’re getting as a 7-Figure Franchisee!!! And the said value of each Item in the package.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

Break down, 7-Figure Franchise has 7 components-


How Does This Works-What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

To set this up is a simple 3 step process, remember I said to you that this is all done for you promos, you just simply copy and paste with this, its all done for you.. You basically just-

  1. Buy 7 Figure Franchise
  2. Get Traffic
  3. Get Paid

I must say you have to do the work as an affiliate Marketer to get sales as well, Micheal Cheney ain’t bringing nobody to buy your stuff after buying from him, this is basically what you do after buying 7 figure franchise.

  1. Go through the training on how to drive traffic & promote affiliate products
  2. Drive traffic to The Commission Machine’s landing page.
  3. Obviously You’ll get paid whenever someone purchases through any means of promotion used by you.

Do’s– With this Product

  • Do a proper research on this product before buying.
  • Go to JV zoo, and check refunds and sales percentages.
  • Do research on other products of Micheal Chaney that might be in the same package.

Don’t’s– With this Product

  • Don’t get lost with sales pitch, and fluff
  • Don’t worry or even read the reviews on the sales page, these people are usually friends of owner or seller.
  • Don’t continue to subscribe since many mails will be coming to you about other products of Micheal Chiney.

Buy this Product? Can I make money With This?

When ever giving reviews about certain products, I don’t recommend buying, I actually leave it up to my readers base on the information I’ve given to you.

If you have expert Marketing Skills with all the necessary tools and a large audience to promote this to, not to mention got some money, I don’t know!! Maybe you’ll make money, but if you’re a “newbie” I’m almost certainly sure you wouldn’t make a dime, today, tomorrow or ever with this.

The training to implement this is not too bad to set up, but then the back up support is not sufficient for guaranteed success with this. Many promises not kept, lacking of dependable, support and trust for me.

So like I said!! make your own decision on buying this, base on if you’re well equip, for the promotion and selling of this expensive franchise.

Scam Or No Scam-

I really don’t think that this is an out right scam, meaning… if you have money to spend and invest on marketing, as I said maybe you’ll make money, I really can’t say, I don’t have that much, maybe you do.

The owner of this product, Micheal Cheney is real person, Lives in Scotland and well-known on JV zoo, However!!! I think this is a lower version of scam, since all the promises and all that is said about this franchise to be making 1000s quickly and immediately, is very unrealistic and far from the truth as far as I’m concern. Showing figures like what you’re seeing below really doesn’t help.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!

All the fluff is just fluff, it is too easy to make that money off the bat, who will give you their hard earn accomplishment, to just copy and paste, and become a millionaire like him? Still wondering all now, you draw your own conclusion. showing those figures and lots of bonus, kind of fulling the eyes as to lead you to your pocket.

Conclusion On 7 Figure Franchise-

In this review of 7 figure franchise, I certainly think this is an unrealistic expensive product, that I wouldn’t buy, I bought another product, commisionology, there some other products like, Commission Black Ops, The Commission Machine, Copy Paste Commissions, Commission Cartel, and really… Their all similar to each other like a product re branded with some different features.

Before recommending product like 7 Figure Franchise, that is going to cost you, and cause break the bank… I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead!!


Why– I recommend WA (Wealthy Affiliate) sine I really and strongly thinks that none can compare, I’ve been here and there, scam by scammers, join many sites and platform, gaining good and bad experience in this Online Marketing world, never Have I found a platform like this.

Even the experience Marketers are joining this after learning about it. WA is own by Kyle & Carson, that mainly concern about theirs members success, they ultimately have that same success if their members are successful, unlike some others online that just selfish, hiding the real marketing skills, looking to rip you off.

Micheal Chiney is a successful Marketer, but he’s not giving you all the fine tricks and the real code for his success with 7 figures Franchise!!

Unlike Kyle & Carson, they always give you the best support and personally there for you at all times, not only them but a large community of awesome people rooting for you, people with many years of experience and skills that guaranteed your success, giving you their best advice, sharing knowledgeable content and blogs.

I will share this Get Started VIDEO with you, just to give you a tour of WA, giving you a clear Idea of what WA is all about, and tools that can definitely get you up and running quickly.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!
Welcome Page &Walk Through Video of Wealthy Affiliate

There are many to offer here on this platform for FREE, after JOINING HERE,… should you upgrade for a tiny amount to 7 Figure Franchise, you will unlock a barrage of training, Multiple Websites, Domain name, Hosting, and to back all of that, you get a FREE keyword Research Tool, to get all your content and blogs ranked in search engines.

I really hope this was helpful to you, I also hope you understand there is an alternative that is much cheaper, much better, best for newbies and experience Marketers, before spending on expensive products like that, use it here, upgrade to premium, use the balance to advertise, before you know it, you already making organic cash without spending half of what these products cost.

Any questions you may have, I urge you to leave it in the comments below, I’ll surely get right back to you.



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18 thoughts on “What Is 7 Figure Franchise About? | Scam or Not? |Review Here!!”

  1. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. when ever i hear of seven figure franchise, the first thing that comes to my mind is scam. i would not recommend to any one. thank you for this

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work online for a long time as a marketer.In this case I have to sell various products online and many recommend different products.I like your 7 Figure Franchise and I reviewed it and want to sell it through my marketing website.I don’t know how much money I can make from here, but after I sell the eggs I’ll share those new things with you.

  3. As soon as I saw that Michael Cheney is behind this product I knew that it was not something I would touch with a ten-foot barge pole. Cheney is a very unlikeable character but we better not say that too loud. I once did a review of one of his products and I was threatened by his lawyer with a cease and desist order. I suppose I could be flattered that he thought I was worth the effort. Cheney works off a premise he calls “edutainment”, which involves making fun of anyone who questions or challenges him. I can only reiterate your findings and recommend instead Wealthy Affiliate, which has proper training, great tools and a lovely community of most genuine people. 

    • Yep!! That is why I always mention that, is my views, you can draw your own conclusion base on info. received.

      Thanks for your comment. 

  4. Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer, I always look for make money online products and programs. While doing some research I came across your detailed and thorough review on 7 Figure Franchise.

    Based on my experience, most of the people who look for make money online opportunities are the ones who are already struggling with their finance. The price of this product is quite expensive and for sure not many can afford it. As you mentioned, too much hype and unrealistic claims are other red flags for me.

    Nowadays by just believing in the sales page claims and buying products often results in disappointments. I have no doubt that this review is going to save many people’s time and money.

    For me, 7 Figure Franchise is a big NO-NO.

    • Oh yeah!! you got that correct. it is a no no for me too, but I’m sure he got people to purchase.

      I know he is a top marketer. Thanks for that comment.

  5. Great Article. I love that you give as much info as possible. I also liked that you refered people to look deeper into it. This is something we should all do when looking at any business opportunity online. Look in depth and you can avoid costing yourself lots of money. I am cusious about something though. You said in your article that if someone had the money to spend on this program that they ‘could’ make money with it. And I know you avoided swaying us one way or the other. I have to ask though. If you had the money to invest in this would you or would you invest more in another business?

    • Not in that one, I don’t think I will get the returns, some people would take the chance with that, but not me, if you notice, I ask my readers to make their own decisions base on information i have given. I also give an alternative for those who thinking like me!! Thank for asking the question. 

  6. Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know what 7 figures franchise was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, 7 figures franchise it cost much money and I like Wealthy affiliate. Is Wealthy affiliate really work in 2020? And how will I get traffic to my website designed in WA? Is it possible to make with free membership in Wealthy affiliate?

  7. I watched a video when the tutor said “If a prospect says the price of a stuff is too cost, then he or she is the wrong prospect.” Indeed, that kinda makes sense in a way. Since 7 Figure Franchise has a whole lot of value added, I am sure it will be worth the price. However, not everyone can afford it. I never knew there were upsells too.

    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a cool place to get started with making money online. I just wanted to know, is there an email marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks.

  8. Hi! Nice article, must say that a lot of these so called entreprenuers offer their knowledge for hefty fine, but what they basically do is thst they make a “program” with their knowledge, and sell you this, and all you do is pay a lot of money and try to resell it, nothing else is there for you. Wealthy affiliate on the other hand gives you a full look and they teach you abot hows and whats, no matter what niche you are in to.


    Primoz P.

  9. Your program seems too good to be true. I’m already a WA premium member with a niche, but just starting out. I like the go slow and build up your business in a solid manner. Would your program still benefit me? How would it benefit me? Would it accelerate my progress and earnings and by how much?

    • I really don’t think you read this article  completely!!!! You can read it again please, if you do you will see what program I’m involve in. Thank you.


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