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Hey…Sometimes we wonder about the best way to start working online, and which may be the best platform to start with being scam less, having the best training without all the technicality, and somewhere you can get of the ground, without any difficulties.

Trying to start an online business?-Since you might wondering where and how to start!! “Worldprofit” is a Canadian base company, that give you training in affiliate marketing, and commissions for products and services they offer to members, Wealthy Affiliate do basically the same, and but has a way different technique in their training approach.

Here I will give you a comparison review of Worldprofit, and comparing it with another company name Wealthy Affiliate, who offer the same services, and more, as in different….. (WA) has some of the same offers, and some that is different for FREE that you will love to have, believe you me.

Worldprofit has some offers that Wealthy Affiliate do not have, as a member of both platforms, I’m able to give you a comparison of these two platforms.


What is worldprofit?Worldprofit | Comparison Reviews

Worldprofit is an all in one business platform, base in Canada, Own by George Kosch Capt (Ret’d) MSc. Co-Founder & CEO, and Sandi Hunter.

Worldprofit is one of the largest in western Canada. Worldprofit do website hosting, also deliver online training in working at home business (online), mainly in Affiliate marketing. Members has unique tools, service and software to make affiliate marketing easier.

You can bring any affiliate program to this platform and promote in all the traffic resources and program they offer.

Is worldprofit a scam?– No worldprofit it is not a scam, they do deliver the services they offer legitimately, and yes you do get paid for your sales (commission)

Worldprofit has one of the best traffic Generation, and deliver traffic in solo’s, rotators, classified ads and more than you ever need in traffic, one of the main reasons I’m a part of this platfrom.

What is Wealthy AffiliateWorldprofit comparison review

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform, own by Kyle & Carson, it was launched in 2005, and quickly raise to over 100,000 active members sharing their success stories, expertise and experience in affiliate marketing, and how to earn a passive income. Offering comprehensive training, that has 24/7 support.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very best online, Making the success of it members paramount, and driving the company up in a rapid pace, leaving others behind that was in the business years before. This company has been able to get some of the best reviews, that has people who looking for a legit online business, joining every Minuit.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?- Certainly not, the internet is overloaded with information for all, Wealthy Affiliate is a reputable company that has a million reviews online, don’t take my word, take a min. and check for your self.

What are the comparisons?

I’m a member of both company, and have knowledge of what they both offer, they have some different resources and services, you can join both for free, get your own website, and upgrade if your budget permits you to, or if you’re looking to unlock other benifits on the platforms. However,!! there is a whole different experience when joining, and this is where it’s very different for me.

The training starts from day one for both Worldprofit and Wealthy Affiliate, and there all is on different topics that is beneficial to all online/affiliate marketers.

When Joining Worldprofit you Choose a domain and receive a HTTP website, get some bonuses, Affiliate links, most of these is landing pages, you also get traffic sources, most safelist and traffic exchanges to drive visitors to your site immediately. There is a whole lot of other traffic offers, that is paid services.

These are some you get for free when joining at worldprofit

  1. 50,000 visitors
  2. SEO optimizer Pro
  3. PLR product vault
  4. Free mini blog
  5. Bitcoin master course
  6. Bitcoin Gold


Comparison of Free to Silver/platinum VIP Membership at worldprofit.

The Worldprofit Home Business System is designed to provide you with a number of ways to make money online from trusted reputable sources. Worldprofit offers three different Memberships to teach you how to build an online business and earn at the same time. The Membership levels are Associate Membership, Silver Membership and Platinum VIP Membership.

  • Worldprofit Associate Membership- FREE

The Worldprofit Associate is a free membership that includes limited access to a Member area, webcast presentations, a promotion referral link, limited traffic and software resources. Associate Members qualify for 5% commission for paid referrals. No support or training is available to free Associate members.

  • Worldprofit Silver Membership:- $99.95 USD Monthly

The Worldprofit Silver Membership is the basic starter Membership for those on a budget who want to start an online business or build an existing business and need help, resources, training, traffic, and products or services to sell. Silver Members qualify for 20 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.

Cost: $99.95 US per month, or prepaid terms available at exclusive Member only pricing, inquire for rates.

  • Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership -$150.00 USD

The Platinum VIP Membership is geared to more serious individuals who want to build their online business with the benefit of having all the inclusions of the Silver Membership, PLUS unlimited access to the extras in the Platinum VIP Membership. Specifically, our suite of webcast/video software, our popular Webcast / Web Conference suite of products as well as the Autoresponder, E-Commerce Enabled ClickBank Store, Traffic Injections, ad packages, and more. Platinum VIP Members enjoy a number of premium services, bonuses and upgrades at no extra cost.

Platinum VIP Members qualify for 40 – 100% commission depending on the product, service or vendor.

Wealthy Affiliate offers are a little different and in my honest opinion, they gave a little better advantages with their services. When You join, you have a lot more meaningful tools, to build you for a long term online business, Wealthy Affiliate offer encyclopedic training, where you build you own wordpress website, place your own Keyword rich content with your own images and video, building your website to last.

Wealthy Affiliate platform comes with a Keyword Research Tool, that rank your website and content in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. this is another advantage you have with Wealthy Affiliate University. You can place your keywords in the browser below, and perform an immediate search.

Wealthy Affiliate has some free offers as well after joining, you have a fair chance to move around, tour the platform, before thinking about upgrading to the next level. Here is a chart below, for you to compare what you’ll get for free, and the all other offers, should you upgrade to the next level.

Start blogging for free

Wealthy Affiliate give you a discount on the first month of your premium level, then $49.00 monthly, another reason why I use this platform, since keeping capital cost down in paramount to any business.

Here is A Comparison Table

Which is best- Worldprofit or Wealthy Affiliate?

Worldprofit | Comparison ReviewsIn my honest opinion, I cannot say which one is best for you, they both have training that may be beneficial to you depending on what you looking for, for me…. I’m a member of both because of the different services they offer, so I capitalize on the offers Worldprofit has, that Wealthy Affiliate don’t have and do the same in the reverse.

WorldProfit definitely has more tools, since they have been around for way longer than Wealthy Affiliate. their are a little more expensive, but its really worth it when checking all the tools you will be receiving.

Upgrading to yearly, really worked out cheaper, that worth it for all its worth.

This give me an advantage in Affiliate Marketing when joining the two together, while you can use them both in any niche. They have different disadvantages and advantages, that you can utilize to your advantage for a successful thriving business.

I use Worldprofit mainly for the traffic sources like banner rotators, link rotators, etc. Just generally traffic, that isn’t available at Wealthy Affiliate.

WorldProfit happens to be in this business for over 25 years, so the platform develop over 2 decades, all the neccessary tools is available, except to Keyword Research Tool that happens to be at Wealthy Affiliate

I use Wealthy Affiliate to build out meaningful content using the best Keyword Tool, have more than one sites, building a long term business, enjoying other tools that is not available at Worldprofit. Its cheaper too.

My Take-

Now that I’ve Given you Worldprofit Comparison Reviews with Wealthy Affiliate, you can now make an honest decision as to which you should join, if you’re now starting a business online, or even if your already working online, I recommend you do your own research on both companies. Where you will gather better knowledge on them, don’t take my word alone, Remember, This is only my honest opinion, every body has their own.

Check Worldprofit reviews, go to too, do the same with Wealthy Affiliate, Check reviews, there are many online about them.

The reason for me writing this is, I know it will be unique, is to help other affiliate/online marketers see the comparison between the two, since I’m a member of both, and able to share my views on both Worldprofit & Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this was useful in some way, should you have any questions, feel free to ask, I love feedback, I’ll certainly respond to you, in a hasty manner.



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4 thoughts on “Worldprofit | Comparison Reviews| Does This Platform Really Work?”

  1. There are so many programs out there that have so much to offer, many bring to the table such a difference and have steps that are put in place to help where help is needed. Now there are also scams out there that we must be so careful of. Thanks so much for an informative post with tons of information.

  2. Both programs have a lot of advantages but I find Wealthy Affiliate provides the most value for the money invested. A person who commits two (2) to five (5) years learning and building a business within Wealthy Affiliate will not only be earning a generous income, but will have the skills to duplicate the process at any time. Thanks so much for providing this information. All the Best.


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