WorldProfit’s Honest Review | Scam Or Not?

In this WorldProfit’s Honest review I will honestly give you a clear review of what this company is all about and all that is on offer, This in interesting enough for you to continue reading, you wouldn’t believe it, I certainly didn’t. READ ON, IMPORTANT.

As always, Blessed Love, Thank You, For Visiting My Site.

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What is WorldProfit




Legit or Scam

Pro & Con

Recommended?- Absolutely





Owners– George Kosch & Sandi Hunter.

Address– • 17505 – 107 Avenue • Edmonton, AB, Canada • T5S 1E5.

Type Of Business– Hosting, Affiliate Program and Traffic Generation.

Price FREE REGISTRATION- $99’95 Silver Monthly, 60% discount Yearly…..Platinum VIP $150’00 Monthly, 60% Discount Yearly

What is WorldProfit-

WorldProfit has been online for 25+ years  helping and training aspiring entrepreneurs in their success online. WorldProfit is one of the largest Canadian Hosting and Traffic generation Company who also has an affiliate program that comprehensively teaches people how to make money online today and in their future, WorlldProfit is a business for “ALL” or any type of businesses.

WorldProfit Traffic covers all businesses but mainly in the make money online niche. This company has amazing experience Entrepreneurs from all over the globe, that make money online on a daily basis, with them providing the necessary training to make all it members successful indeed.

Over the years WorldProfit has been able to evolve into a place where you have everything under one roof, and where every Internet/Affiliate Marketer will love to be if they only knew about this Company. This company give you absolute no reason to leave with all the tools and resources ready to use.

WorldProfit's Honest Review | Scam Or Not?


  1. Hosting
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Traffic Multiplier
  4. Lead Magnet
  5. Solo Blaster
  6. Affiliate link Blaster
  7. PLR Vault
  8. eCover Creator
  9. eBook Rebrander
  10. Custom eBook Creator
  11. Clickbank Store on your own Domain
  12. FREE Classifieds Ads
  13. WP Graphics Studio
  14. WP Marketplace
  15. Affiliate Center
  16. Gold Banner Rotator
  17. Clickbank Promo Kit
  18. Magic List Builder
  19. Ad Tracker
  20. Diamond Rotator
  21. Landing page builder
  22. Lead generators
  23. Promo Code Centre
  24. Money maker kit
  25. 20+ Traffic streams

These are just a few to mention, there is a lot more, these are just the important ones I need to mention, should you visit the site you will be able to see much more that this platform has to offer, trust me when I say, you would be amaze at what is on offer for a mini fee if you should Upgrade, it’s like $2000 dollars worth of tools and resources for $99.95. it’s a nobrainer the reason why I say it’s unbelievable when you hear, unbelievable when you actually see that it is true as well.

Prices For Membership

FREE REGISTRATION- 5% commission

$99’95 Silver Monthly, 60% discount Yearly- 20 to 100 % commission…

Platinum VIP $150’00 Monthly, 60% Discount Yearly- 40 to 100% commission


Affiliate Marketers


Online Marketers

Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Business Owners

Anyone who looking to make money online and dependable and trusted traffic sources to their Websites.

Legit Or Scam

I have been with this company for a period of 5 years now, believe me when I say, if their were scammed I would’ve been writing about it as well. All the scams that I’ve been scammed, I now write reviews to those scammers and sites, saving people from them and I also write Good reviews on the companies I actually tested for myself and think people should really know about, for it will be easier for me to write about them, without even doing any research being I was a part and knows all about it from my own personal experience.

These review now drives traffic to my site, giving me back some of the cash I was scam, WorldProfit ain’t no different, they certainly fell where they should, and that is scam less area. So this is my review about them (WorldProfit) as well in all fairness. I only do honest reviews, never trying to give no fluff for people to buy or purchase something, the review remains mine, and base on the information given you can draw your own conclusions.

Since I’ve starting working online I’ve bin scam many times looking for the right place to work and make money online, I’m not ashamed to say I also follow some shinny products that promise to get you rich in no time, being in financial difficulties, I fell for some of those crap products that failed me and my pocket in the end.

I was scam so much to the point where I can now see a scam from another planet, yes really, that is true, and you can pick the planet that is the furthest from us on Earth.

I’ll just give you 2 simple points that you can actually see and know that WorldProfit ain’t no scam.

  1. You’re Greeted with live Monitors at the door, I mean reputable people that has respectable careers and wouldn’t put their faces for no one out there to see if WorldProfit Was Scam.
  2. WorldProfit has been helping people for over 25 years online, people are actually with this company for more than a decade, I ain’t reach that decade yet, but God spear life I will make that fuh sure, Scams do not last long, they start with one Website and with-in a short period of time that site disappears, and come up somewhere else under a different name.

With those 2 reasons I’ve given to you, there is absolutely no reason for me, you or anyone believes this awesome platform WorldProfit is a scam, if that was ever a question in your head, you can safely dismiss or delete it like now. ok?

No company that scams people online survives for such a long time with the same domain name after all those years, Just Think about it! I say no more.

WorldProfit's Honest Review | Scam Or Not?

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Everything under one roof
  • Emaculate Support
  • Live Monitors (found no where else)
  • Boothcamp training weekly
  • Exclusive paid for leads on hand
  • You Can message all from One area call “Prospect Manager” mail your associates exclusive leads and those on your autoresponder list with one click.
  • Email commander- Certified email inbox delivery, this give you a 98 to 100% delivery ratings.
  • Over 200+ PLR product, that you can use for yourself, (learning) sell, or just give away to build your list.


You don’t have access to C panel- that is handle by support, they speedily do that for you, not every hosting package or services is with C panel, you don’t have certain access to your site. So we can call that a Half or quarter con. As I stated before, the support is awesome living up to the name support being very supportive.

I honestly still looking for a con. There really aren’t any, small problems always exist in companies, nothing that I should really mention to you guys, I’m still thinking of something to come up with, I’m sorry I really can’t find any, Should I find any, I certainly will update this review, letting you guys know in keeping with the honesty of this review.

Conclusion & Closing

In closing this article, I would really like to let you guys know that WorldProfit is a company that is online providing so much for next to nothing, meaning you get a lot more than what you actually paid for, bonuses you received when joining actually knocks you out the park.

While there is a lot of people out there knows about WorldProfit, there is still a lot do not know of this platform or it will be over loaded, trust me when I say that it is a gold mine online.

I join this company and lost membership due to my negligence and other reasons, I had to make sure I get back on this Platform since no one else could of compare, yes I try others and there is absolutely none, none, nada that actually come close, WorldProfit is leading way in-front in this aspect.

I’m now not only a part of Great, amazing and experience entrepreneurs, but also a part of WorldProfit’s Monitor Program, that gives me way better insights of what this place (WorldProfit) has on offer that many still searching for online.

Any and all aspiring entrepreneurs should get on board, as for newbies, don’t be scam out there for the shinny products my people, I will definitely leave links for you to join or visit the site to receive some of the awesome FREEBIES, LIVE ONLY OFFER, and if you decide to upgrade you will receive the FAST ACTION BONUS.

In this Review I certainly will give WorldProfit 5***** out of 5***** Since I find it to be the best (AIO) all in one platform online.

JOIN NOW and have access to all these great tools and resources to get the job done successfully. Already Working online? no problem, Bring all your affiliate links as well and promote it here. I bet my life Where ever you are don’t have all that WorldProfit have to offer you, starting for FREE, get on board, you will never regret it.

I’m very proud to spread the word on this, cause I know it’s the best when coming to having all the tools and resources under one roof. and being legitimate.

Should you have any questions about this article, feel free to leave your questions in the comments box below, I will be more that willing to answer your question ASAP




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30 thoughts on “WorldProfit’s Honest Review | Scam Or Not?”

  1. Hi, as you mentioned, it is so important to not only share the bad and the ugly companies but to also share the good. It makes a nice change to read such a positive review on a company designed for us to make money online. 

    I personally hadn’t heard of World Profit before, but it sounds like a company that has stood the test of time, and looks after those that join, providing all of the material and support needed.

    This review will be of massive help to so many.

    Wishing you all the success

  2. Hi

    It really sounds like an interesting  program to get into and with your honest review showing all the pros and cons then you can see why. You do not have 25 years of experience  if you were scam artists as you would have been closed a long time sa go. If the training is good, easy to understand and up to date then I can see it providing a valuable service then I can see it causing no harm. The question is then is it as good as other program that offer similar  training?



    • Thanks for that question, they have iron clad backing having been around here for 25 years, that is the thing that really got me. training to back up every corner, visit the site, collect 50’000 FREE visitors, and just tour the site as to see what it is all about. nothing to lose.

      Thanks for you comments

  3. Thank you for being straight forward and honest. I find an irony in this quotation: “These review now drives traffic to my site, giving me back some of the cash I was scam”. What a brilliant way to give back to the scammer! 

    Experience is the best teacher – “I can now see a scam from another planet,”. I was scared to be scammed again but it is encouraging to know I was not the only person, and we can do something about it. 

    You write a very convincing review as I believe WorldProfit is a reliable online company, and it is not a scam. Blessings. 

  4. For these guys to have been around for so long they would have built a lot of credibilities because it is not easy to keep a business running for that long. I am a blogger and I think this platform would be of great help to me based on what they have to offer. The membership fee though is a little expensive but I guess it is probably because of what they have to offer.

    • Yes you got that correct, platform suitable for all, a lot of people signup every day, you get a lot for that fee. its is very reasonable base on the amount you get.

      Thanks for you kind comments

  5. Hi, thank you for the review on World Profit. The fact that it has been around for more than two decades is a sign that it is not a swindle. The loads of support and resources that are available for the members’ use is commendable, meaning that members could realise their goals of achieving success in the online business. The membership subscription appears to be on the high side though.

    • The amount of tools and resources you certainly get a lot for that, those are only some I mention, just visit the site and see how much more you get for that money.

      The thing is, they have an affiliate program, tool and resources to make you money like today, you can start promoting in mins, not like a blog site where you have to wait to get traffic.

      Thank for your comments

  6. WOW, I believe I have heard of this platform before sometime back and it is pretty amazing the good report that you give of this program. In this day and time where scams are so high its good to see that there are legit platforms out there like WorldProfit’s that have not only made a name for themselves but are helping persons to have success in the online world. Thanks so much for sharing as this has me thinking.

    • Yep, there are legit places but is to find them, and really is the bad ones make it bad for the good ones, having people being scared being scam so many times, so Peter pay for Paul. thanks much for your comments.

  7. Great content, this article is very helpful when you are trying to decide to start your own blog, step by step

    I think all of us have the same question. “it works” ?   But if you believe in yourself and you have a guide”step by step” , getting tips ans support, just go for business  WAY TO GO ! 

  8. Thanks Earl for the info on this company. I am surprised that I am not familiar with them since they have been around for so long. I must have heard of them but never took the time to check them out. I have saved your link and will be checking them out further. Thanks again for the heads up on this program.

  9. Thank you for that review.

    I know that I had never heard of them before so it is really good to hear this type of review about a company as there are not many of them around. 25 years of success is not easy to achieve and you have definitely written a very comprehensive article about this program. I am so pleased that you have shared this information so that people can make good choices about their online business. 

    Thank you again

    • Yep, That’s my aim, enlighten people about the scams and the good places, since a lot of us always fall on bad grounds for the first. i review all who scam me and who are the best as well.

      Thanks for your kind comments

  10. I was not familiar with WorldProfits before, but they sound like they offer a great deal of value for the money you would spend for it. As you shared, the fact that they’ve been around for a long time with reputable people leading the company show that they are not a scam and will deliver on the things they promise.
    I really appreciate you sharing your honest opinions and experience with this company! That is awesome you have been with them for 5 years and that you have seen great things come to your business because of that relationship. I am an affiliate marketer, so I’m always interested in learning about great services offered by great companies. Thank you for all that you have shared!

    • Thank you much for your comments, I’m trying to share this since I don’t think a lot of marketers knows about this. and I’m finding out that more and more.

      Thanks for your comments.

  11. Hi Earl! 

    I liked your article about WorldProfit. I am a WA (WealthyAffiliate) member for a little bit more than a month now. I am more than happy that I chose a Wealthy Affiliate.

    But I have questions. I am a beginner at digital marketing. Do I need to consider staying only a member of one program? Or is it better to join two or maybe more programs? And what is Pro’s joining a few programs? or maybe it not worth and it is going to interfere with even learning?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Thank very much for this question, it is really worth an answer.

      One of the mistakes we affiliate/online marketers make is jumping all over the place try to find something that really pays, but what do we benefit? nothing really in most cases, never sticking with something that can really work, should we only put in the work to make it work. YES.

      WorldProfit offer are way and vas different to WA. What I have at WorldProfit I don’t have half as much Tools at WA, but what I have at WA I don’t have at WorldProfit. 

      WA I have Blog Site, WP I have an affiliate site, Blogs sites take time to build, an affiliate site you can promote immediately, and make money the same day. I drives traffic to all my sites with WorldProfit, they have loads of it and WA don’t have that, get my drift/

      WP has been around for 25 years, so they have been able to build up an unseen arsenal that no one can really match, every single thing under one roof it is unbelievable.

      So while you may like to have multiple streams of income you can lose many streams too. Be stable in what you choose to work with.

      Hope that was helpful

  12. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. It is nice to see that there is a platform that helps to train entrepreneurs to become successful in online business. After going through this post and seeing the benefits of Worldprofits I think it is a platform that every young and aspiring entrepreneurs should join.

  13. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. So much interesting facts about Worldprofit’s for Affiliate marketer to explore. As an affiliate marketer, I have never been open to a platform that has features like this. The most interesting thing about Worldprofit’s is that, it has the ability to suit diverse users. Keep the good work. Warm Regards

    • Yep, a lot don’t know about this and many signing up for this program, how do I know? Cause I stand At the door as a Monitor to received them. so I know

      Thanks for your comments

  14. hello dear,
    thanks for sharing such an insightful review on  World prophet, I must say that I so much do compliments the time and effort spared from your busy schedule to carry out such a tentative review on this platform and sharing your candy opinions and find this with us trust me your opinions will go a long way to preventing people from being coined by such untrustworthy platforms…
    thanks for the awesome review I look forward to seeing more

  15. Great article about a wonderful platform and I love the services they offer. Being an hosting sites is not easy because there is so much expected to be given and from what you have written Earl, I like what they offer. Giving a 60% discount for a yearly subscription gives room for some really nice amount to be saved by the individual. However, how good is the hosting part of it, is there a good storage program to avoid lost details while membership period last? Also how do they go about the email marketing to avoid being dropped as spam mails?

    • Bella I love those questions, They are one one the largest hosting company in Canada too, so they certainly do, They have some powerful servers, but not just that, there is a system they use call “Email Commander” its Mail Gun, Send Grid and Turbo SMTP, that’s connected to your autoresponder and prospect manger to ensure you have 98-100% inbox delivery. 

      Thanks for your comments and questions, I hope you read my reply


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