Review of Wealthy Affiliate University|Scam or Not?

Here is where I will give you my honest opinion and Review of “Wealthy Affiliate University” (WA) also what this platform can do to miraculously change your life online, whether your’re a newbie or a guru as some may call themselves.

This platform gives anyone working online a new experience that you wish you had stumbled on before!! I would like to give you a birds eye view of Wealthy Affiliate and all it can do to make your online business reach higher heights.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one (AIO) affiliate marketing platform, that will allow you to create, grow and manage your business in any niche online and to any level.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has nearly 1,000,000 members that are a part of your network as soon as you join the largest affiliate marketing community in the world that hands down help you, when its urgently needed.

Has services like- 1000+ Training tutorials, live classes, personal and expert support, website hosting and many many more, see more details below where you will see, my clear review about this amazing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate- Details & rankingsWealthy Affiliate review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website builder: 4.9 out of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0

Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0

Research tools: 4.6 out og 5.0


Price: Members, FREE premium members, $19 first month, $49 monthly after the first month, $359 yearly.

5 out of 5 Stars *****


Review of Wealthy Affiliate University.The owners of the site of this platform Kyle & Carson is the most and kind owners of any platform your would ever come across, there are very supportive in every way, they are part of your community and willing to answer all questions, can message directly, very trust worthy,

Always there to ensure your success in the shortest possible time for newbies, and even experience marketers can have new training and have different methods in an online Business, making it more successful and giving it more authority.

Getting access to the CEOs Kyle & Carson is unmatchable by any affiliate platform on the internet. whether you’re a free or premium customer, don’t take my word, I will leave LINKS for your to check for yourself, do the necessary researches and see for yourself, the many reviews from many people across the world that is already making money on this wonderful platform.

These Owners value the help and support taking people through the whole process, to a successful online business that will last for many years to come.

They also reward your with a trip to Las Vegas, yea a trip to Vegas with all expenses paid, after achieving a certain amount of referrals, these guys are so into making their customers comfortable and in doing so making themselves trust worthy to their customers as well.

Wealthy Affiliate Support- Best ever.

Wealthy Affiliate support system is the best by far in my honest opinion, they have a community of  1000s, people with great experience that are willing to help at anytime of the day, morning, noon, or night, no problem,

The thing is you can ask a question to anybody on the platform and get a reply in no time with accurate response, is that helpful? it sure is, many times we all stump on stuff we know nothing about or misunderstand in the training, no problem, just pop the question in the community and surely you’ll get your answer, isn’t that amazing? your success is their priority.

I’m now also a part of that community and also lend my support to anyone who may need it, I would just love everyone to have the same great experience I’m having here, it is truly the best place for all your Affiliate Marketing needs.WA Reviews

If your ever feel like there is a problem…..No problem.

Direct access to the owners,

Any questions on blog post (help in minutes)

Website & hosting support (help in minutes)

Comments (help in minutes)

Live chat (help in seconds)

Mentoring/private massaging (help in hours)

Wealthy Affiliate Training- Where things technical becomes easy.

Not only you get comprehensive training, but all the tools to make you successful for sure if you only do your part, which is just following the lead of these guys, Kyle & Carson who ensure you Learn proper techniques and strategies of today, that will work tomorrow, it is critical to anyone success in the internet marketing world.

Wealthy Affiliate expose you to the latest and most modern training in affiliate marketing today, new training every day and old ones updated for the community.

Anyone can follow this training with no or very little problem with something your might not understand, that can be address in a min. or sometimes seconds, you bring one and only one thing to the table, and that is your selfwill  and determination to succeed. be real, nothing comes easy, you have to put in your work as well for you to see the necessary results.

There are 4 simple steps to building a business online-

1- Choose an interest

2- Build a website

3- attract visitors

4- generate finance

These 4 steps are all easily possible @ Wealthy Affiliate with a few clicks, your can build your own website in any niche right here @ WA

These are various type of training that are available to you @ Wealthy Affiliate.

(OEC) Online Entrepreneur Certificate (50) lessonsReview of Wealthy Affiliate University.

Affiliate Boot camp training (70) lessons

Live interactive video classes (Weekly)

Video & text tutorials (1000+)

Course, lesson and task base Training

Again this is training for all affiliate marketers, be you a newbie or already working online for a while now, this training is not one to miss, trust me when I say, this is what give me great honor and pride to give this review.

These are some of the training available to you for free below, I will also show you a sneak peak of the Bootcamp training you will received should you upgrade. can’t show all since there is way too much for me to show you all of it.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Here are some reviews on this course.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Bootcamp training starts here, this is just the start, just 7 of 70 different courses.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

The SiteRubix suite- Build, Grow, and manage your own website.

Build your website in 30 seconds, watch video BELOW.

Build wordpress in 30 sec.

Siterubix Features

1- Site Content-  The ultimate writing platform when creating content.

2- Site Domains- find register and manage your Domains..

3- Site Builder- Build you own website in 30 seconds

4- Site Support- 24 hours support for your site.

5- Site Manager- Access you website and site health

6- Site Feed Back- Get feed backs on your site

7- Site comments- Get comments on your page and post.

These are just a few mentioned above, and there are many many more, too much for me to mention all the features of Siterubix has, I would love for you to take a Tour for yourself and see all the tools your can access on this platform to grow any online business.

These are some other features if you unlock the premium level.

  • 50 WordPress websites.
  • First month of Premium discounted at $19.00.
  •  Access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Course lessons.
  •  Access to all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons
  • Access to all 13 interactive classrooms
  • Access to the Live Weekly Webinar Training with Live Q&A session
  • Unlimited FREE keyword research.
  • Full daily website backups
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Anti-Spam protection.

This Chart Shows

WA review

Being Great in any niche calls for the best tools to make this possible. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in, everything under one umbrella, no reason to go anywhere else for help.

Here is a walk through video BELOW of how you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

Build wordpress in 30 sec.

==> CLICK HERE to start the best comprehensive training in the industry of Online/Affiliate marketing

Keyword Research

Site Analysis and research

Research training Fundamental to any business

Never have I seen a keyword search platform and Site analysis on any platform, This gives your great advantage over your other competitors, you can search for these keywords and get all the stats. On that keyword (KW) including traffic, QPR and more, we know keyword is important in your content for SEO purposes, so amazing.

Again you can ask any questions and I will be more than willing to get back to your soon, I’m also a part of this community and will to help just like the many other on the platform.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate University. And Why- Closing remarks

Since I’ve been working online, I have been scam many times. with all these get rich schemes and programs, paid for personal coaching that promise much, much more than your actually received, in some cases is a straight scam, those that sounds too good to be true, like getting 100s in minutes, I’ve fallen into that and lose money to the stage where I actually give up, but in my head I knew that there were legit money being made online and is just to find the right avenue or the right place and support.

Then is when I decided to do extensive research to find that place where I can grow that legit business online.

WALLA…. I found Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate University. that had great reviews and definitely strike me to be one of the best if not the best, to grow your Online business from scratch to a successful business online. This has definitely changed my life and I definitely feel that I have found the right place.

Wealthy Affiliate review.

My Final Take

After making comparison with all the others that I was involved with, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to start your on online business just like mine, you will not regret it at all, if you ran into this, and will likely to start… you’re God damn lucky, and if your were running around and feeling to quit just like me, and run into this, then you’re God damn lucky too, you can but lucky today, only if you take action by starting now, Just CLICK HERE to be that lucky person, don’t take my word like I said, but go and take a free tour and see all the great tools Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Check for reviews yourself, and you will see this is a 5 stars platform, no scam either, the internet have lot of info for all, feel comfortable with your investment, do your own research on Wealthy Affiliate(WA) online, you will see its is the very best platform to start making money online even if you just came out of prison:)) or has no online experience.

In my Review Wealthy Affiliate is no “SCAM” and is the place to be with maximum training and support, if looking to build a successful business online.

I can continue to go on with all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, but I will take another few days to explain more. JOIN HERE NOW, and take a walk through. or Go to this Get Started page and video, take a few mins and see for your self.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate University.
Welcome Page & Walk Through Video of Wealthy Affiliate

Feel free to leave comments, any questions at the bottom of this review, if you feel I’ve leaved out valuable info, you can also ask below, I’ll be more than happy to reply to your questions or comments very soon, let me Get some of your own reviews about Wealthy Affiliate platform.


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  3. I stumbled over WA about five months ago while I was reading some survey sites review. I spent a day researching this platform and trying to figure out if it was worthy or not; luckily I made the right choice to expand my knowledge and become and affiliate marketer. It takes time and a lot of work but the end results it’s what makes this journey so motivational and enjoyable. 

    • Oh yeah! all now I’m looking for a bad review online and can’t find none, I made the right choice too, and yes it take time, no one get rich legitimately over night.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. I have been a WA member for awhile now.  I read your review with interest.  Its a thorough honest look at the entire program.  As you wrote, I stumbled on the program and wish I had stumbled on it years earlier.  I particularly liked the section “Where technical things become Easy.”  At first, I made the assumption that I could not grasp the concepts necessary to create a website let alone an online business, but each training I took help me realized that I could do it.  I hope your article stimulates lots of people who find WA to jump in and learn the technical stuff that the training provides.  If I can do it they can do it.  Thanks for the article.  Its everything someone needs to know to want to begin Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us .I have been doing affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website for a long time and this page has brought a surprising change in my life. This platform has allowed me to create, grow and manage my business online and at any level .Wealthy Affiliate University is never a scam and I have received all kinds of training for business success, and Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with many tutorial videos as well as helped me take my website to a good level. And I think the best way to make money in the online world is to be able to make a lot of money from Wealthy Affiliate University and Wealthy Affiliate at home. There are services like 1000+ training tutorials, live classes, personal and expert support, website hosting and more .

    Lastly, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will know the details and take the Premium membership on the Wealthy Affiliate website and will definitely share their success with you.

  6. Let me share a little experience with you on this site, I registered as a novice, built my website and after about 2 months the site did not load. Honestly I did not know what went wrong.
    I contacted the site support, trouble shooting started; they did not stop until the issue was resolved. They kept on with my site, created a dummy website and ensured it was resolved.
    They are customer focused and like I told you I came here as a novice, everything I know today in affiliate marketing, I learnt from their platform

    • How wonderful is that, I feel the very same way, I wasn’t a total novice but learn so much more, its unbelievable.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information.There are plenty of videos on YouTube about Wealthy Affiliate.We learned about Wealthy Affiliate by learning about Internet marketing.Like most, there is a lot to be learned about working here.Success comes from learning.Undefined is one of the best media for beginners who want to do online marketing.I am proud to be working here myself.

  8. I do agree that WA is a great community with lots of great training and valuable tools like the keyword tool Jaaxy and the ability to give and receive site comments. I find these tools very useful. How long have you been a member? How successful have you been and how much time do you have to invest to achieve your success? Lots of questions I know but I am very interested in how this membership site has worked for you. 

    • It has bin wonderful, I feel as if I’m going some where, only a member 2 months now, The love and passion I have for, whatever time it takes. never have I build a website like this in 2 months, comprehensive training is responsible for that. 

      Thanks for asking  


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